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9/28/2009 c1 pragna
"Hunted" is a compact action oriented short fiction. The unfolding of situational terror is efficiently captured with descriptive language. It appears that the central theme of dealing with predictable but at the same time experiential immediacy of terror is impacted the characters in this fiction and brought the plot on the surface without undue complication. This indicates that the writer is inviting her audience to feel the tension of the narrative and have an experiential terrorizing moment with the characters.

One challenging point is that the characteristic conflict is somewhat halted and has difficulty reaching the adequate depth and may be for that reason the characters in this fiction suffered some superficial tensions. For example, one of the main characters, the sociopath and the killer in this fiction seems like more of a caricature than bloodthirsty deranged entity.

Overall, this is rather clear that the author really organized her narrative well and did her best to exercise her strength as a descriptive fiction writer with an uncanny ability to capture dynamic moment with high emotional impact.

Grand travail créateur!

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