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for Why Ely?

8/21/2012 c5 Gaaras Beloved
Why would he have sex with someone who attempted to rape his friend?
6/18/2012 c16 24Desi Dangers
You have no idea how much I love this and how much I love Ely. Characters like him always make it worth the read and well I have to say that I loved Gabriell as well. :D

I read this all in one sitting it was so fantastic and I am just hoping...even after a few years...that this will one day be updated. XD

Any way it was really great and I loved the story and the theme and the plot. it was really a fic that I would love to see more of and to be able to find a story that is awesome as this one is rare for me...I'm picky and like certain things. XD
3/26/2012 c16 6magnanimousSquirrel
Cute. ;)

I want it to fast forward in the epilogue to when they're all old together.
8/10/2010 c16 1willow's rain
I love this story please update soon!
12/19/2009 c1 5Bloody Peppermint
This story is good! I really do like it! Ahh yes you misspelled car! You put it as cary!

I guess we both are catching others mistakes!

This story is pretty cool! I love that the main characters have a larger age gap. Those are usually the kind of stories I love most! Well I shall post another review after a couple more chapters! Buh-Bye for now!
12/16/2009 c16 Abella Diavolo
OMG! i luv this story! u r a fuckin geniouse! If only u could find a strait version of ely in real life... lol!
12/13/2009 c16 2Miliana
The end? Darn, I loved the story though. One thing, in chapter 16, when Gade says, “You’re banded from ever seeing him again." It should be banned, not banded. But i have an idea your horse's name: Artemis.
12/13/2009 c16 OrangeiPodxD
Hm, how about Marma for your horse?

I really love this story by the way :D
12/9/2009 c15 OneDayDeramer
I just read the whole slew of chapters on one sitting and loved every minute of it. You have a lovely style and a way with words that a lot of writer lack. You're only weak point is editing. Every once in a while you have a typo or you leave out a word/detail. For example, in the last chapter you never actually stated that it was Ely's father that came to the house, but the conversation did reveal that eventually, so I suppose it's ok, but I did find it a bit confusing. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to your next chapter.
12/9/2009 c15 OrangeiPodxD
Holy snot I'm reviewing!

I love this story so much, xD its funny and totally awesome.

Can't wait for the next chapter, puppies (and man on man)! YAY!
12/9/2009 c15 1AlphaBeatKayGee
Uhh... intense...what a douche of a dad...so puppies and manman..I'm excited...update soon!
12/9/2009 c15 dorome
I must admit the end confused me a bit, but i guess this was your intention. What excatly does his fahter want, and wha is it about to dress up and wait in the car?

Otherwise i liked the chapter. Sounds like Gabe's family is quite funny. And Ely is as cute as ever.
12/8/2009 c14 dorome
Ohh, i like this chapter. I really can see how Ely is going ballistic on Gabe's dad an tell him off. So cool. And i liked how his father took it. makes him a better man to see aand admit his fault.

The shopping was fun too. I think i really might like his outfit.
12/7/2009 c14 OrangeiPodxD
Oh my god, I love how Ely just blew up at Gabe's dad, it was awesome...

Love this story to no end ^-^
12/7/2009 c14 AlphaBeatKayGee
An update! This one was intense! I love Ely! So...update soon!
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