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for Love and Sacrafice

10/14/2009 c2 1Illiteracy
her relationship with sam felt so..fast.. hahahah! aww paul doesn't sound like a loser anymore... maybe he just did in my head... anyway! interesting story. lookin forward to seein the love blossomin:D:D:D ahahah

oh dude. there are some errors in both chapters. nothing that double-checking cannot fix:]]
10/14/2009 c1 Illiteracy
funny how you made paul introduce himself:)) sounds just like a loser:D

...still deciding whether it's the nice kind of loser, or the annoying kind...
10/3/2009 c1 54wishing.on.echoes
This is a good piece, though some editing could be used.

There were a few grammatical issues.

Overall, this was nice.

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