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for тнe pιraтe and тнe мerмaιd

2/22/2011 c8 2Stephyb14
aw that is so cute I love happy endings
8/22/2010 c1 62Tathwem Essenuejal
YOu still have that same heart melting way with words, but for me it got a little too love-dovey if you know what I mean. Don't take any offense to anything because I know this is how you intended it as a love story and I'm just a guy who isn't very much into too much romance. It was still very well written. I noticed a few spelling mistakes and plot errors. The mermaid finds a way to explain to the pirate about the beast even though she had no voice at the time other than that I didn't notice anything.

Like I've said the plot isn't my thing but your writing is beautiful and is definately would reccomend this to a lot of people. I might even buy it because people don't write like this anymore. It is a shame, but you restore my hope in the present day writer.
2/4/2010 c1 1authorLH
Awesome story, I loved it!

-Lain :]

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