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for 7 Brothers

12/30/2020 c16 Wow
What a great story! I loved all the plot twists and cliff hangers. Stories with overprotective brothes are the best
11/18/2019 c16 Someonespecial
This is a very tense and mysterious book, with action around every corner. I hadn't even noticed I was on the edge of my seat. Everything is very exciting and the plot is just amazing. I like every event that happens, everything making me sad, angry, frustrated, and confused all the time. Cliffhangers make you wide open-mouthed and large eyes trying and realizing each connection with the big actions; the dreams itself between the actions. The vivid dreams Codie has makes me wonder and learn all about her special ability. 10 star rating. It's just a very exciting book for everyone to read. Love it. Read it. Review it, of course, so more chapters can be updated!
11/26/2013 c16 Icecubefrozen
I knew I shouldn't have started reading this when I read you last updated over 4 years ago. But I couldn't help it and now I HAVE to know how it ends. Please finish this at some point! Is it a book? Because it should be. It's amazing!
3/15/2011 c16 jessicarp1
I love your history, keep writing.

I canĀ“t wait for next chapter.

3/13/2011 c12 NotHomeAnymore
I love it! And i hope you keep writing :)
3/13/2011 c1 XshadowxdemonX
This makes me wish that I had a slightly over protective brother and my over protective sister
3/13/2011 c16 pille-ip
Yay, a new chapter, a really interesting one at that! Can't wait to see how things develop. Update soon!
12/13/2010 c15 Becca
You better not make this a love triangle. Make her go with Jason. That's who this romance is about. I will stop reading if you make it into a love triangle.
12/11/2010 c15 ACKLAX3
ah GREAT chapter! i loved it! i'm glad your back and can't wait for more:)
12/9/2010 c15 star95
awesome chapter!

omg what a cliff hagger though!

update soon please!
12/5/2010 c15 Phil
I am in your story! IT WAS AMAZING, its funny originally i wanted her with Jason but it is changing. I want more story so you better keep writing.
12/3/2010 c15 Kick
LOVE your story...cant wait for more!
12/3/2010 c15 6LaughsWithTears
... Sorta creepy, isn't it?
8/1/2010 c14 5Da PeanutButterMonster
Please please please update soon. i really wanna know what happens in the end. and what up with Varner in Codie's dreams? she's not going to leave Jason for Varner is she?
6/9/2010 c14 1cheerleaderdani
pleeaasee update!

You cannott make it cliffy like this, and then not update for nearly 2 MONTHS!

If you don't update, I'll do to you what Codie's brothers may or may not do to Jason.

Justkidding. Kinda. So, update bitch!
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