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5/29/2012 c1 witeaya
i want to read this but it feel a bit off without reading the first book first but its incomplete?

dont know whether i'll read the story or not.

so the sequel can stand alone without tliw?
5/28/2012 c1 salvatore ferragamo
hey, not sure why you've written sequels when you haven't finished tliw?
12/31/2010 c5 1obsessivity
loving this and i know i shouldn't read this because i didn't yet finish your first story
9/1/2010 c29 1dusted
UGHH! Ever since Riley arrived at the White House, everything just fell apart. Janey cheated on Chris with Riley, SIENNA cheated on Spencer with Riley, Riley told everyone about Sienna's past... Because of Riley, Sienna nearly killed herself, and Chris and Janey's relationship was ruined. -.- Ugh. Stupid Riley.

I kinda imagined Sienna just storming out of the White House and getting into her car and just crashing it. .

I have a friend who cuts herself. I've been trying to get her to stop, but... She can't help it. :/
8/31/2010 c16 dusted
I KNEW IT! The way he reacted when Spencer said Sienna's name. And he was blond! XD Gosh, I feel so bad for Spencer, Riley, and Sienna. Spencer has no idea about Sienna's past, like that fact that she has a daughter. Riley and Sienna have to deal with not being with each other anymore. Old feelings surface again. God. D:

I've been spending all day reading this story. I was going to read TLIW but then I saw you re-wrote it and not all the chapters were up yet, so...
6/17/2010 c35 12Bitterblue23
OMG OMG OMG OMG. There's only one way to describe it: Heartbreaking. Aww, God. There are no words to describe what this made me feel like. But, what about SPENCER? As much as I like Sienna, I HATE her for doing that to Spencer. HATE HER. And yes, I know that She and Riley are perfect for each other, but...I HATE HER. I'm sorry, I really am. This whole story/book/whatever thing was tragic, AMAZING. I COULD NOT stop reading. I practically haven't gotten a full nights sleep for the past week. I didn't properly study for my maths test, and I haven't been doing school work, for the time I've spent reading this. But, SPENCER! I wuv him. XD It's SO SAD! I HATE you *not to be taken literally, but you know what I mean...*

Aww, God. SPENCER!

Toby. XD
5/24/2010 c1 Dibss

so i was going through someone's favourites list and i found quite a few of your stories... i just started this.

i found the first chapter intriguing :] you drew me into the story and made me want to know what the characters are like. and then i found out that this is a sequel :/ (i had an inkling it might be because of missing info here and there but still)

so now i'm wondering if you're planning on taking this down before 11th June (the day my igcses end) because i REALLY want to read these lives i walk AND WILT but i don't have too much free time right now?

but please DO tell me if you're about to remove them or something... scr*w exams i'll pull an all-nighter to finish good books :]

anyway, nice work so far!
3/22/2010 c35 4iheartshoes
aw, what a perfect ending to my favourite story (:

riley + sienna for life
3/21/2010 c35 148tangledwebweweave
alright...yay! it's done. you can take a breather. :)

i know you can't please anyone. really, it's up to you in the end. it's YOUR story.

but, i feel like there was like no point to this story if she just ended up with riley. (please don't get mad at me!) and yes, he does make an awesome dad, but i guess i just don't like him as much because their situation was almost exactly identical to mine and it just hit a nerve.

it's really cute how you ended this though. ironically back in NZ. which she said she would have never gone back to. i wonder why riley didn't mind leaving college and us of a? hm, just a thought.

good lines. and thanks for acknowledging me :)
3/21/2010 c35 2silver sky memories
I'm so happy that it was Riley and Sienna in the end. Arie and Max are cute. sorry I took so long to catch up, I don't really know what's up, just too many things have been happining lately I suppose. I feel as if everytime I try to do something a million things attach to my focus and start pulling it to shreds. I'm glad Amelia finally told Spencer how she felt. I wish I knew how things ended with them and with Chris and Janey but then again this wasn't their story.
3/20/2010 c35 1ohspastic

ZOMG IT'S DONE! there's another sequel? :P

3/20/2010 c35 lanielucylou
gahh LOVED IT~! yup, it ended exactly the way i wanted it to. thanks for writing, can't wait til the sequel! :):)
3/20/2010 c35 lilaclia
I would like to start off by saying, you are my favorite author here. No, not one of my favorite authors, but my ONE favorite author. You are so great at writing, why didn't you get a SKOW yet? I adore all of the characters you have here. No matter how much you tried to make them dislikable, they all had one redeeming trait, from Zach to Jake, they all have at least one trait that made them admirable.

The characters you developed here might be words typed out, but the way you write them made them feel like they were actual living, breathing people. Why? Because your writing lets the readers feel the emotions the characters are going through. The way your write everyone's POV is amazing, because you have a great way with words and word things so carefully and it makes a huge improvement and does a lot in the long run.

The plot was great to me, and I like this better than WILT because ... I don't know. I just do, this is something amazing and I really, really hope you publish this one day because what you've got here is better than half the things published authors have out. This is definetly not simple because there were so many twists and everything was completely unpredictable. You could have made this like some average cliche high school story or college, but you didn't focus on their school but went beyond that. I love this, and anyone who flames you ... just don't know what they're talking about. You made this so unexpected and made this story so good, that it's unbelievable.

Damn, and I listened to that song a few weeks ago. that was smart, but I never really connected it to the story that much. sure I noticed some similarities, but I never thought it would've said the outcome. You must have had fun with that, putting up the lyrics and knowing all that.

I am completely satisfied with this ending. I would've liked this either way, even if you did kill off a main character or left Sienna lonely. I know you would've wrote it great, and I like this happy ending. Sienna ended up with Riley, who was there since the beginning. Riley and Sienna have this bond that seems unbreakable and I'm glad that, hopefully, after all of that heartbreak and tormenting each other, they can finally have their happily ever after together. No, it won't be perfect, but at least they'll be together and that's what counts. Darn, they are real people to me, lock me up in an asylum, I don't care. they are seemingly real to me.

I adore this story and to think it's come so far. The character development was great. The pace was just right and nothing seemed too rushed or too slow. I love every aspect of this, it's creeping me out honestly. This started off as Sienna walking into a house where she would live to start fresh, and then years later it ends off with her walking into a different house, for her to start fresh again with her new family.

Max and Riley, I love how you described their relationship in those few lines. Riley was a big ass, but he changed and grew up. He didn't hate the world, and stopped centering everything on himself. I think Riley was the character that changed the most. Spencer ... boy, oh boy. This guy , I adore him. His love for Sienna was so strong, that despite everything she put him through, he stuck with her. He may have thought Sienna was so important, but his eyes opened, thanks to Amelia and he's hopefully moving on. Sienna is a great character. People might call her selfish, but think about it, isn't everyone? She just wanted her life to be at peace and have the best she could have. Just because she left Spencer for Riley doesn't mean anything, it just means she went for the guy she loved the most. That's not a crime and I definetly won't hate for it, it makes her a better person in my eyes. She didn't lie to herself and knew that she wouldn't be as happy with Spencer as she would be with Riley and if she stayed with Spencer, she'd only hurt everyone. but with Riley, everyone would be hurt only for awhile, before it became happy again.

My FAVORITE story. I absolutely loved this and I'm finishing this up so I can read the other one. darn, I enjoyed this and it's sad to see this being over but I knowing that there's something new to look forward to, brightened my day. It might not be the same characters, but oh well! Thanks for sharing this amazing story with us and OH dedicating the chapter to em. Is it wrong to say I stared at that sentence for a minute before reading the story. I didn't think my reviews would be THAT meaningful.. but thanks a lot! Your great and I hope that you won't stop writing until you have to, because you should seriously think of pursuing this. Great story, I loved it as much I could love a story. =)
3/20/2010 c35 4The Gentleman's Pirate
I can't believe it's over, but at least it's not gone. The sequel will keep us going. :):):)

TGP? Were you being lazy, or out of time? Either ways it's cool. :D

I love guessing, and I love being right. I'm very good at reading ppl, but only when I put the effort in... maybe I should do that more?

Well loving it, but I haven't time to read the sequel now, mom's dragging me off the buy a new swimsuit. (yay!)

ttyl :)
3/20/2010 c35 3dontneedyou

Well, I'm incredibly glad it's not completely over. I'm very happy with this ending. I'm so COMPLETELY happy with this ending. My dream came true...she ended up with Riley. :) And I think he's a complete sweetheart, once you get past the ass he is in the beginning.

Thanks so much for writing this story and posting it, it was seriously a wonderful read. I loved it from start to finish. I'm going to miss these characters, but the sequel is just going to be in Ariana's POV, right? Well, hopefully we get to see Riley and Sienna some too. :) Ah, why am I so darn sad that it's over? I know you have a sequel and everything, but I'm going to miss this so much. Seriously, seeing it my inbox was like opening a gift for me. That's how much I loved it. I like how it all came together with the song and everything. It's real smart. :)

Well, anyway, I'm going to go on to the sequel and read that first chapter. I know it's going to be good, because probably anything written by you is good.

I adored this story with all my heart.

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