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2/13/2010 c26 2righthere431
...so it Ariana Riley's?
2/13/2010 c29 3ShadowBrilliance
You're right. I didn't guess at all Sienna would kill herself! I honestly thought she'd attempt to but...I let that little prediction go after a little bit. Hmm...I knew there was something about Christian! But I never could put my finger on it...thanks for clearing that up! Lol, no, seriously. But, anyways. I also knew (It was obvious because of all the Riley POV's), that he was hurting Sienna, and that he didn't give a fuck how he would do so. Anyways, this almost blows off my theories! Lol, usually...I'm right! THis was unpredictable! One of my theories was in here, but then I forgot what it was a little before I started a few sentences ago in this review. I'm too lazy to look back and read all that DRAMA! Lol, but, I loved the detail in that!

Wrist slits make my stomach drop...=/

You gonna watch the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver? (CANADA, WHOO!, I was borne there). Hey, just 'cause I'm 100% Ajian, doesn't mean I gotta be born there! I am a Canadian Citizen! Lol, random fact of Kymberlie Thien Kim/Taylor Khloe Nguyen/Le. =) I love how long my name is!

Anyways, update soon (If this is not the end.). OOh...I wonder about little Ariana. (Did I spell it right that time? I have my own way of spelling names!).

One month. One Week. Three Days. 5 hours. 35 minutes!

It is February 13, 6:48 pm!

-I Heart ?-
2/13/2010 c29 lanielucylou
SO DRAMATIC. hahaha i was going crazy reading this, soo much stuff was going on. it was great.

hmph. so Riley was lying about lying to Sienna the whole time? he really had feelings for her for the past 6 months? but if that's true, why would he lie to her? the only thing he achieved was driving her to committing suicide! i still love him though (is that wrong? ...probably :D)

so wait...is Sienna dead? wasn't expecting that one..if she is, that settles the love triangle, i guess..

phew, that's a lot to take in. Amelia really needs to speak, although i don't blame her for watching the drama, i would have too. can't wait til the next chapter!
2/13/2010 c29 8SpasticLittleGirl
I slightly guessed Sienna would suicide...but then I thought it was stupid, because Riley and Spencer would kill each other trying to get her, and it would be one of them who would die...

OMG. Last night I dreamed that you updated, and YOU DID! :D I'm psychic :)

Let's hope Spencer can knock that door down before it's too late. I don't want Arianna to lose her mummy :(
2/13/2010 c29 lilaclia
Oh my lord . is it sad to say that this is my favorite chapter that you've written ? in my opinion . i loved it, it was FILLED to the brim with drama. WOW , Christian is bi-sexual. Surprising, but also expected . :| And Janey CHEATED on him. WITH RILEY ! That was a definite shocker. Who would've guessed? It's expected of Riley, practically being a man whore, but JANEY ? I thought her and Christian's relationship was almost perfect. They seemed so good together. But with him eyeing other men and women, it makes a huge issue. I feel bad for Spencer, he deserves to know that his best friend was bi. At least, because then he knows he was getting checked out. But JANEY ? Why ? And according to Riley, she pretty much threw herself at him. And Riley, I'm so disappointed in him . Allowing your second cousin's girlfriend to cheat on him - WITH YOU ? What in the world ... and how he just wanted to get back at Sienna . WOW , Sienna doesn't deserve any of this. From all of them, including Spencer, she doesn't deserve it at all. She's been through hell already and he has to come back and recreate her from her ashes only to burned again . I hate Riley . but I also love him . Why do we hate the ones we love ? Now Spencer . he's my favorite character now , I absolutely wish the best for him . I hope he gets his Happily Ever After in the end. He needs it , so does Sienna. I just hope their end is good. Even if its tragic, I know it'll be great. Okay, well, I don't know about the wedding anymore ? DID SHE KILL HERSELF ? is she dead or trying to kill herself ? I'm pretty sure she's not dead yet . WOW , she went to desperate measures. But I know I wouldn't be able to live through that. She had everything she wanted, and it all got taken away. Even though it was partly her fault, its not like she can forcibly make herself stop loving Riley, she still went through way too much . So not fair . I think in the next chapter, there's going to be lots of tears, apologizes, realizations and shockers - maybe . Christian and Janey , are pretty much over . In my eyes. Spencer and Sienna , they still have hope if they live. A tiny microscopic piece of hope. Riley and Sienna , sadly they still have a chance because they still care for each other deeply . But I disapprove of their relationship , although I wouldn't mind if you decide to leave them together. And everyone's moving out . That is what I think , they won't stay in a place where there's so many dark memories. I wonder what will be Arie's future, will she meet Riley . Yes . Will she live a peaceful life ? Better than her mom's . I just can't help but think about what the end will be ... It's going to be unexpected, because that's what the whole story pretty much was.
2/13/2010 c29 1ohspastic
Christian's bi! hahahahaha, i would never have guessed.

This chapter was intense! It made me cry :( Again, i applaud you for your wonderful writing :D I swear, it gets better and better each time.
2/13/2010 c29 10Sorraya T

THAT IS THE BEST CHAPTER SO FAR! the way you weaved all the stories together was so sophisticated and clear!

thank god janey was told what a bitch she is. seriously, that was so loww what she said to sienna.

aw :(:( but i love siley :( not that spenna isnt good, but you know i love rilleey

though he was a bit of a bitch in this chapter. not nice at all.

OH MY GOD you are LUCKY not to have experienced them. Hickeys are so irritating! Seriously, they actually hurt a bit too. well at least they do if the guy giving is a bit over-enthusiastic... :/

Fucking hell Janeys a bitch. She cheats on Christian and lies about it, and then goes off at him for his sexual orientation, which he has no choice in?


aww but sweet riley was so... well... sweet :)haha spellcheck huh? good work lol :P

hehe thank you. ranting is ratherr enjoyable.

here i'll give you another one.

2/13/2010 c29 6nfgcassie
I'm still a little curious about Amelia.
2/13/2010 c29 2deathanddawn
ooh... christians bisexual! lol. thats pretty interesting...


and sienna is going to die!

and where is ariana?

oohh... and i hope that sienna ends up with spencer... TEAM SPENCER WINS


please update really soonn... coz we are at a crucial part of the story!

also, how many chapters are left? andwill there be an epilogue? as in, '10 years later...'


2/13/2010 c29 2silver sky memories
o.m.f.g. ... wow. so much happened. Riley is an ass. I wonder what Amelia was thinking throughout all of this... and how did Spencer Know Riley and Amelia had sex? poor Sienna, I hope she lives for Arie's sake but, the chances of someone surviving that kind of blood loss is pretty low. has Riley ever met Arie? Spencer was scary his chapter. and Chris is semi-GAY! wow. oh and I love this chapters song... this is the story of a girl who coed a river and drowned the whole world and while she looks so sad in photographs I absolutely love her when she smiles. I literally listened to that song 79 times in a row once.
2/13/2010 c29 6ranDUMM

WOW, intense chapter :/ I don't remember there ever being anything about Sienna dying *narrows eyes*

And I can't think of all the secrets. Only the dad one... oh wait, Ariana and Bianca. Damn, this is exactly like TLIW :P

Anyways, nice chapter!


p.s. I thought this serious chapter warranted a serious review :)
2/13/2010 c29 slippedaway
omg. drama time much? i liked it though, not too over-the-top. Believable situations come crashing down, and people do irrational things. And revert back to old habits. poor, poor spencer. what did he do to get himself tangled up in this mess? sigh. i'm still taking it all in...
2/13/2010 c29 Guest
ah! what a dramatic mess! sienna's back to her depressiveness. saw that one coming. man i wanna slap riley for telling her that he was just trying to get back at her. seriously plz LET HIM BE LYING! i love sienna and riley together! i hate him being a douche bag. i loved the chapter except for the end. i really like the twists about christian. The truth is out for the most part (YAY!). i was waiting for riley to declare him and sienna have a kid though. that would have fit perfect in the chapter. also what the hell is sienna thinking trying to kill herself she has a daughter, who loves her. you can't pull shit like that when you have a kid. SILEY FOREVER!

my smiley power is lower cause riley was a douche bag
2/13/2010 c29 p
OMFG! i love riley and sienna together. he better have been lying. also nice twist with christian.
2/13/2010 c29 Hemii25
Oh my god. That was too much to handle. Holy shit, samantha! That was art! Art! You weaved a whjole bunch of effed up people into a perfect, twisted canvas! I'm crying! I am seriously crying. and I hate riley. I hate sienna. I hate janey. I am a little attracted to christian. I have a thing for gay guys...ignore that. There's no way you can let sienna die! She has arianna. She's a mommy. omg poor spencer. I feel so bad for that tall giant. My keyboard is slippery becaus i have tears on my hands. OH GOSH UPDATE NOW! Please! My head hurts.

Janey would’ve dumped his ass if she’d known she was going out with someone who wasn’t completely dedicated to staring at breasts.

It wasn’t the kind of thing that you popped out on the first date.

That was beyond funny. I laughed. I haven't laughed in a while. Thanks for that.

Happy Valentines Day!
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