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2/13/2010 c29 148tangledwebweweave

Omg, that was like the best chapter. I hope Spencer gets her back, screw Riley! I didn't actually think you would do Christian as gay/bi, but I guess the signs are there. Janey is screwed up, wow. I love Amelia still. I hope they still get married. The fight was amazing. I love man fights!

I really thought Sienna was gonna be like, "BECAUSE HE'S THE FATHER OF MY BABY!", but that didn't happen. Darn. Haha.

And I actually predicted the suicide thing a while back.

Good job, keep going!


-No, I was talking about June, four years ago. A thousand bucks, and she still wasn’t as easy as Jane.” Holy fuck. No. No way. He wasn’t talking about that. He couldn’t.

-Magnets scattered everywhere, slips with old grocery lists fluttering to the ground like dead insects dropping lifelessly, their wings not enough to hold their weight.
2/13/2010 c29 2HelgaBertoni
Loved it, update soon!
2/12/2010 c28 2deathanddawn

in answer to ur questions, well... i can only suggest an answer to the last one.

well, who will everyone end up with?

i dont know. like i've already said, sienna's going to turn lesbian... and riley and spencer will go gay together.

whatever... lol

xx unLuKy
2/11/2010 c28 Alanisaur
I'm sorry if you feel insulted with my Twlight observation, I feel your pain Twlight was totally... BLAH! Did you like it?

- Spencers finally finds out!

- Riley shoud go see his daughter!

- Next chapter all the secrets come out! Hopefully! Pretty please!

- The moment of truth is discovered!

Oh my gosh, this story just keeps you on the edge of your seat! I love it so much! Thanks for the update and also update soon!

2/11/2010 c25 2righthere431
Hmm why did she cry?
2/11/2010 c28 8SpasticLittleGirl
Awesomeness! I was going to review last night and tell you about some of the mistakes there were about having 'I' instead of 'Spencer' at some places, but you've fixed them up already! You're phychic! :)

Naaw you still get some brownies :) But I'm having some. I just had to endure an hour of maths homework. Algebraic fractions. Yuk.
2/10/2010 c28 6ranDUMM
*sticking out tongue shape thing like this: :P for ever*

normal person reviews are kinda boring


i'm kinda confused. cos you said: ranDUMM: Thank you for that normal person review! (I miss the crazy person, though that review was very insightful) They didnt do the deed! Hahahahahaha! You were WRONG!

and then you said: Your reviews are so in depth. I'd rather have your lovely involved reviews telling me what is good, what needs fixing, who you hate, what you love, than a hundred reviews saying "Great chapter, Sienna's stupid. Update soon :D"



;) nah i'm just kdding :)

i hate getting stuff wrong when i KNOW what the answer is . not that i knew that they weren't gonna have sex, but you get what i mean :P

does anyone EVER get what i mean, hahahaha

anyhoodles; here are my answers (i'm trying not to put spoilers in):

What did you think of this chapter?

it was great :D (ROFL spoiler free ;))

What are you thinking next chapter is going to consist of?

umm spencer breaking up with sienna, then all the secrets coming out etcetcetc, amelia mayeb coming out with something *cryptic* (ROFL spoiler free AGAIN, how good am i? :D)

What's going to come out of the closet next chapter?

hahaha um ... EVERYTHING? :O

Is someone going to come out of the closet next chapter?

ariana, bianca, spencerdadsuperawesoems (well... figuratively :S)

How is Spencer going to react?

um yeah . etc :P

Why hasn't Riley seen Arie?

cos he's an a-hole? haha no, umm... i actually honestly don't know the answer to that :S (am i supposed to...? :P)

Can anyone remember the flashback earlier on?

which one?

Will the wedding still go on now that Spencer knows Sienna has cheated on him?

yeahp, spencer thinks riley forced himself on sienna, so he forgives her and everything turns out 'okay', which like, kills riley ("figuratively")

And most of all, who's going to be together in the end?

wel let's just say, i HATED that riley and sienna got 'together' in this chapter :( ahh wells :D

okay well. hope you like this review. i'm kinda contemplating going over it and changing some stuff (aka the whole thing) so it makes more sense/doesn't freak you out/doesnt make you think i'm a loser (which i am bte), but i cbb, and you can deal with it :D

it was a great chapter btw :)
2/10/2010 c28 Hemii25
OMG! Spencer is gonna freaking murder him...not that he's murdered anyone before. hehe. Hickey's are super embarassing. Though, I can't get them unless someone tried to eat me. Ah, being chocolate flavored has its perks LMAO. I've been saying that all week.Amelia is so weird. Sitting on the floor. UGH. When is she going to hurry up and act sane (I hope you hear the sarcasm in that).

HURRY UP AND UPDATE! I'll kill you if you don't... And I know where to find you. MWAHAHAHA.

-emii25 xD
2/10/2010 c28 3ShadowBrilliance
...hmm...=(. I frown. Lol. Kymberlie is all, ah! Lol, Kym's been talkin' in third person lately, don't get confused! Lol, sometimes I do that =). Oh my golly...

I already (with all the other readers), know why Spencer's been gone! HOW COULD EVERYONE BE ALL ACCUSIVE! Oh...right...they don't know...

OH my golly...I hope it all...urgh...update!

One Month. One Week. Six Days. 10 hours. 34 minutes.

It's February 10, 5:09 pm.

-I Heart ?-
2/10/2010 c28 148tangledwebweweave
OMG, FAVORITE.ARTIST.EVER. I was gonna suggest a song of his! :)

Talk/yell? And thanks for wanting to hug me. It's okay, I like the spoilers! :)

This chapter was really good. A little too much on Riley, in my opinion. Maybe because I miss Spencer too much. There's something up with him. I feel so bad for Spencer, he doesn't deserve this at all. He's been so great to Sienna. I can't believe they almost freaking did it.


Amelia needs to get with Riley, Jane with Christian. That would satisfy their needs, C looks like Riley anyways. I don't know what's coming next.

Great job, keep it up :)

Here are some quotes I loved:

-Kissing Sienna was better than sex with any girl. (like a guy thinks like that!)

-A year since I’d maimed my physical self, three since I’d destroyed two hearts, more fragile than fallen rose petals. (last 6 words!)

-I’d broken up with Sienna on her birthday. Holy fuck. I was pretty sure that this raised me to a whole new level of asshole. (LOL)

-The seconds were like torture, slowly hacking away at my sanity. (beautifully worded)

-She released the last finger that had me connected to her, and in that moment I felt something slip between us. As if the ties had been cut already.

-Life was the one question Amelia had no answer for. (so wonderful!)
2/10/2010 c28 lanielucylou
so let me get this straight. Sienna has feelings for Spencer and Riley, Amelia may have feelings for Spencer and/or Riley, Janey has feelings for Christian and/or Riley.

just to help you out, when you meant to write 'him' you would write 'I'. i'm not sure if that's a FP error or your own, but they're mostly when Sienna talks to Riley and Janey.

i'm trying to figure out if Riley told Spencer that he left the hickey because he wants Spencer to end it with her or because he thinks Spencer deserves to know.

"Is someone going to come out of the closet next chapter?" so someone might be gay? haha wow, not something i was expecting..
2/10/2010 c28 29litgrl-luna
oh well, hahahaa, i really liked this chap. awaiting the nxts arrival! Im excited this is getting very interesting... lol, so much drama! ;P
2/10/2010 c28 2silver sky memories
i shouldn't be this happy that the truth is finally coming out. but still I feel bad for Spencer but then again I don't know what happens next or if that's even real I know some people like to use the 'then I woke up' trick, I don't think that's what youre doing but yeah. and why was it that throughout this chapter instead of Spencer it said I? Riley even slept with Amelia? he's such an ass. but a very likeable one. I feel bad for Amelia because I know how it feels to like someone who is dating one of your best friends, and how it feels to know your friend is kinda cheating on him. at least with my friend she broke up with her boyfriend before she actually did anything but it was because she liked another guy.
2/10/2010 c28 6nfgcassie
Arie is Rileys! That actually makes me happy. I know he's an asshole but it seems like Sienna and him belong together. There's alot that Sienna hasnt told Spencer and I think it will start coming out. It obviously starts with this. He'll have to learn about Arie (and her being Riley's) at some point. Keep up the great work!
2/10/2010 c28 lilaclia
Perfect , Riley just had to go and talk .Why, Riley ? Why . But I really hate the idea of them cheating, it's not fair to Spencer, at all. I actually liked this chapter a lot, it was worth the wait. having it in Riley POV, put a lot of things in perspective and we could see how he felt about Spencer and Sienna and the whole she-bang. i think the next chapter is going to have tons of YELLING, defending and accusing. Boy, Spencer doesn't deserve any of this. Sienna and Riley ... wow. Uhm, i think Spencer is going to reveal his sister, maybe, and Riley and Sienna's kid secret will definitely come out. Oh yeah, for sure. I have no idea, who would have to come out of the closet, unless it's Riley and Sienna about their cheating, or their feelings for each other . Spencer, well, he's going to let her go with some reluctance. he doesn't deserve this, and in the end it feels like Riley's going to get the girl. Riley hasn't seen Arie because Sienna knows that when he does , he'll become attached and might strengthen the bond between Riley and Sienna. I can't remember the flashback... sadly. Nope, wedding will go on. he'll try to look past it, on the wedding day or days before, guilt will get to Sienna or she will see that Riley is the one she has to be with, and she'll cancel the wedding and run to Riley. RILEY AND SIENNA will be together. Poor Spencer, but I saw it coming, Riley was there first and they were the main couple in TLIW, so it only makes sense that they would be together here too . great chapter, only SEVEN more . :(

Oh well, all good thing must come to an end . :(
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