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1/29/2010 c23 10Sorraya T
That's great :)

haha NO WAY I LOVE HIM :):)

my god yet another 2 AMAZING chapters :) you have an amazing talent!
1/29/2010 c23 lanielucylou
i can't believe Riley slept with Janey! he did that to his own cousin! is he acting like his old self because he doesn't have Sienna loving him anymore? grr riley is an asshole. can't wait to see what happens next. keep writing, you're good! if riley is ariana's father it would make things so interesting and dramatic..gah hurry up please! :)
1/29/2010 c23 KitKatKutieXD
Oh wow. Good chappie, I think. Ahahahah, Amelia's reaction. awesome. Oh my FREAKING God, EWHH! Janey DID IT with him! Oh my Gawd! Poor poor poor poor poor Christian! Omg, damn! Gasp! And Riley might be the father of Ariana! Omg, so much drama! Keep it up!

1/29/2010 c23 8SpasticLittleGirl
I think Riely is just trying to piss Sienna off. He's just a jerk. HMPH. Yeah, I know, I never thought I'd say that either. But yes, I said it!

Spencer is losing his fat-man-ness :) But only because he used to be depressed. I don't know...I always connect "depressed" with "anoerxia" (however you spell that) So yes, Spencer is no longer fat! :) But he still likes to fix cars ;)

OH NO. Today was first day of school :( Not cool. But coming home to your update brightened my day :) Good to know you're in writing shape :)
1/28/2010 c23 29litgrl-luna
LoL we are col
1/28/2010 c23 1HeartsOfDiamonds
I really liked this chapter for some reason, probably because Ariana was in it. Just wondering, around how many more chapters until this is finished? Great job. Update soon.
1/28/2010 c23 Hemii25
I didn't even know home paternity tests existed. I would've loved to picture Sie and Riley at the Maury show, crying about no knowing. xD I'm twisted.Okay, since you come up with new pairings, I have an idea.

Amelia x Jake (don't ask. I like her as a bestfriend better than Maia =P)

Riley x Jane

Spence x Sienna

Christian x Ariana (But WAIT! He can imprint on her. Everyone knows when you imprint, it's no longer pedophilia.)

Ha ha, don't listen to me. Congrats on the 400. Thats the number where I stop caring how many reviews I receive now. Once you reach 400, you've already beaten a small FP record. Most stories never make it over 200, so yeah, congrats.

1/28/2010 c23 3ShadowBrilliance
Oh, rada! I knew that Janey and Riley would fuck one day, just didn't think it'd be so soon. What is Christian doing that's consuming so much of his time anyway? I have an idea about the results of Riley and Janey having sex...actually, two ideas, I'm pretty sure that one or the other (or both), will happen. Ima wait. But, I have no doubts. I'm almost always right =). I hope that Riley gets to meet Arie, and that Sienna tells someone else about her, too. I wonder how Spencer would react to Sienna having a child and never telling him. Hmm. Guess I'll find out later on. Update soon. =)

-I Heart ?-
1/28/2010 c23 2righthere431
I kind of hope Ariana is Riley's!
1/28/2010 c23 colourmyworld
The picture burnt into my head. That is so hard to say. I think just the name Sienna. :]

I do think once you are out of school to publish any of your amazing work, cos it's all amazing.

Like I have told you on almost every review :D

Hell yeah, I'm obsessive.

COME ON! Write away!

My lovely amazing person who updates in the morning before school and leaves me with thousands of question, makes me cry everytime someone in the story is sad, and makes me angry when some is angry. Only writer who effects my emotions so much that it effects my whole day. And also the writer who is my inspiration and about the only one who encourages me to write and gives me amazing tips. Cos I would give anything to write like you.

Love you, and thanks for writing.
1/28/2010 c23 Silve Sky Memories
so. I reread my review and sorry about all he typos. I'm terrible at typig especially when typig a lot fast.

also, I remember why I felt like I was forgeting to write.

the image I have of the story.

I picture Sienna holding a smiling Arie. Also I picture Riley sittin across from them. they are on the ground at a park or something... yea wishful thinking... maybe?

so yeah.

bye again.

Silver Sky Memories
1/28/2010 c23 2silver sky memories
wow. I literally yelled " JANEY what the hell are you doing?" while reading this. so Riley is a jerk but an adorable jerk that just wants to be with Sienna, so that ALMOST makes up for it. Spencer he seems whiney and needy and Sienna does deserve someone better than him. he has no confidence and worries to much that Sienna will leave and he's annoying. Amelia is very rational and I like that she actually thinks things through. Janey, wow, she just doesn't think much. I guess if I had paid more attention I wouldve seen this coming, she was always checking him out. Christian is still really shady, I'm curious to know more about the strained relationship between him and Riley.

when Sienna mentioned 'the thing she brought in the car" I thought "a carseat? is she going to be taking Arie home? That would be AWESOME!" but then it was just the test kit which is good too I guess. she has to be Riley's. but if Sienna stays with spencer then I don't want Riley to know if he's he father or not, cuz if he's the father and sienna is with spencer then I have the feeling Riley would sue for full custody just to annoy Sienna. but sienna really needs to tell Spencer about her past and about Arie, then maybe he'll realize that him a Sienna aren't as perfect as it seems.

I love how you write. I is some of the most realistic fiction I've ever read. youalways manage to come up with these shocking twists and turns that are so unexpected yet perfect at the same time. as always I came upon the end of the chapter to be disapointed that again I'd have to wait for the next installment.

spencers family is also a real mystery, along with the discovery of spencers anger issue with Riley. maybe his dad said something to him hat cut deeper than everything else and be snapped? that would explain why the rest if his family won't talk to him either... hmm...

Janey- her family won't talk to her because she's dating Christian? or was his someone else when she was even younger?

and whatever happened to the girl sienna was talking to at graduation? wait, was that even this story? yeah, it was. I think... don't laugh at me if my mind is makin stuff up on me...


wow this is probably the most I've ever written in a review.

and it's probably just because of the extra motivation at the end o he chapter... I need motivation or I don't do work well. I love to procrastinate, just something I inherited from my dad.

on a more personal note things are goin a little better. I just finished exam week and have a 3 day weekend so Im happy. I have to work tomorrow but I'll live...

so I feel like I should add something more to this but I can't think of anything...

hmm... I'm not crazy... well maybe a wee bit... anyhow Amelia does like Spencer. I'm almost positve... now I think I've mentioned all the main characters... so I think that's all I've got for now.

-Silver Sky Memories-
1/28/2010 c23 3dontneedyou
Hey, thanks, I like zebra stripes! Also, kinda scared if someone I knew stumbled across my picture, so I'm taking it off for a while, until I get more courage. I'm talking about awkward to the max if someone sees. I don't even want to imagine.

When I hear or read TLIW I imagine someone not knowing what to do about themselves. I imagine them having to change themselves or live a different life in order for them to forget things, or to be different. I don't know, that's just what I see.

Hey, my review's the 400th (I think). Congrats on that! Lovely chapter, I'm liking Riley a bit less. I think...

1/27/2010 c22 2righthere431
Awesome chapter as always.
1/27/2010 c22 meeee
omg I rly love this story plz update again soon :)
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