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1/26/2010 c22 8SpasticLittleGirl
YEP :) Spencer is a fat-man who likes fixing cars :) Wait...isn't a spencer like...a thing that twists knobs or something? O_O I have no idea...but I'll need to get that picture out of my head...

You've been writing slower! Better get back into writing-shape! :)

Ohmyno, school starts on Friday D: When does school start for you?
1/26/2010 c22 6ranDUMM

:D:D Great work ;)

Why does Christian act weird sometimes?

What's with Amelias 'aversion' to Spencer?

Why is Riley really being an ass?

What's with Spencer's hate for his parents?

What happened there for him to be using past tense?

I am NEVER going to fnd out. UNTIL MY EMAIL WORKS! *angry*

bye :)


wait. or I could just read the story I guess.

Haha, I'm insane.

Kind of.

This is a really gay review.

Okay whatever bye :P
1/26/2010 c21 ranDUMM

Huh. I forgot to review this chapter. Woops. My bad Anyways, it was pretty good, nothing much to comment since it was a pretty filler chapter :) Gotta read the next chapter though, BYE!

1/26/2010 c22 148tangledwebweweave
LOVE that song.

Overall good chapter. I liked the last one better though. Sorry. Riley STILL doesn't have my sympathy. haha.

I'm too out of it to guess anything, but I miss Spencer!

Here they are though:

-Christian acts weird because he's like Riley-trying to hide his feelings.

-Amelia doesn't like Spencer because she's in love with him.

-Riley is being a butt because he's hurting and he knows he messed up and doesn't wanna show his feelings.

-Spencer hates his parents the same reasons Sienna does.

About the "f" word, LOL. It fit though. Lots more anger, I suppose.

Great line:

"It felt too good to have some muscle other than my heart hurting."

I have no idea what you mean on my review thing, lol. Keep on going. :)
1/26/2010 c22 3ShadowBrilliance
Ah! You're welcome, I love helping people out! Honestly, I didn't even know I was helping out with your writing, lol. Just thought my reviews were what I meant them to be, little tokens of my appreciation for your brilliant writing, you know? Anyways, liked the chapter, Janey is fastinating to me and personally, I hate cellery, or, just the smell. Not my favourite veggie...at first, this chapter confused me, because I didn't read who's POV it was in (thought it was Sienna's), so I imagined the scene totally somwehere else, but then I went back and read and then it made sense. Kind of a boring chapter to be honest with you, not many events really. I love the way you've been updating so soon recently! Keep doing that!

-I Heart ?-
1/26/2010 c22 Hemii25
You replies to me are mean. I'm going to commit suicide.

I kid! I kid! Um... I am actually flattered at the familiatity you regard me with in your author's notes haha. I sounded smart just then.

Why does Christian act weird sometimes? Because he's running away from his sexuality. He's gay for Riley. He feels dirty because Riley is his cousin, but he's still gay for him.

What's with Amelias 'aversion' to Spencer? She's gay for spencer. Which is actually straight... so... She's straight for Spencer.

Why is Riley really being an ass? He's insecure and in love. And I think he's going to end up with Jane.

What's with Spencer's hate for his parents? Uh... I do not wish to be called stupid once more =P.

What happened there for him to be using past tense? Um. Isn't the whole story in past tense? *goes to check* Huzzah! I am correct.
1/26/2010 c22 1ohspastic
i feel so dead and i love you for posting another chapter.

made my day *smiles*
1/26/2010 c22 XxButterflyxAngelxBabygirl
Those were some great chapters! Go Sienna! I wonder what will happen now. I hope you can continue again soon!
1/26/2010 c22 2silver sky memories
the only bad thing about your stories is that I always want more when I reach the end of the chapter.

does Amelia have a crush on Spencer? o that would be good. I'd like Spencer then. Riley and Sienna. Spencer and Amelia!

well am I completely crazy? or is this actually possible?
1/26/2010 c22 l
OMG amelia and spencer either have a history or she likes spencer. they can be together then riley and sienna can
1/26/2010 c22 colourmyworld
good way to start off me day :]

no cliffie



but im not moving back -sigh-

just a holiday cos my cousin had her baby about 4 days ago and and its my grandfathers 81st birthday


love you

thank you for writing

my new english teacher now knows about you and she told me that when you get THIS story published and the other one, to tell her for the school to buy them :P

love you
1/26/2010 c22 29litgrl-luna
how r u confused? lolq
1/26/2010 c22 3WatchMeHunt
OH I just love Riley! and they HAVE to get together. You were sneaky because now you have EVRYONE guessing and questionning and hungry for more. I'm just waiting for Sienna to come back home...see Riley shirtless and see the scar. And oh god, with the whole 'Spencer doesn't deserve not to be hurt' thing in the comment to righthere431 at the end just has me waiting for him to be an arse and Riley to our hero, lover and baby-daddy. I did this for your review count and just to remind you I'm loving the story, loving the writing and have to say its the best thing on this website. B x
1/26/2010 c22 smiley sam
here's hoping you reach 400! yay! i'm sorry to say it, but poor riley. what the heck is up with him? I MUST KNOW.
1/26/2010 c22 3dontneedyou

Reach four-hundred reviews that is.


I know you need people to get over their Riley obsessions, but I just can't. :( WHAT'S WRONG WITH MEE.

Why am I acting so weird today?

The why is Christian acting so weird sometimes is the biggest thing prodding my mind! WHY?

And Riley's actually being an ass for a REASON?


I love your writing.

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