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1/26/2010 c22 KitKatKutieXD
ou like this chappie! lots of info! Good! that means lots of drama! yay! Omg, had an exam today, which was easy, but im fried. This made my dayy! Cant wait to read more! I`d love to see Amelia`s reaction to Riley! Teehee! And omgg, Riley has to meet Ariana, but hmm...not yet. I wonder whos gonna have a better reaction, Spencer or Riley...hmm... And Spencer has to know too! Hmm but again not yet...Love christian+ janee...anyway, update soon!

- Katt
1/24/2010 c21 2righthere431
Poor Spencer!
1/24/2010 c21 KitKatKutieXD
Haii! Awwh I love this chappie.
1/24/2010 c21 3dontneedyou
HEY! :)

Nice chapter you have here, eh?

With all the Spencer...you put in there. Eheh...

Oh, Maia and Jake have issues. :/

I liked the chapter. :)

1/24/2010 c21 3ShadowBrilliance
I love Spence and Sie together. I REALLY hope that Riley'll let go of the past, or, forget about a majority of it like Sienna did. He might be an asshole, but I want him to be happy, too. ='(. Lol. I loved this chapter, and Maia and Jake, as well. They're a really great couple, I just want to hear more about them in the future. Maybe a spin-off story? Ah well, update soon.

-I Heart ?-
1/24/2010 c21 1ohspastic
aw *heartbreaks*

not to sound all cynical or anything, but i love what's going on right now. What's a romance story without a little (or a lot ;D) angst? ;D

Great job!

p.s. came back from vacation to FOUR new chapters! (Y)
1/24/2010 c21 lanielucylou
wow. you are a really great writer! i love your stories.

i'm just so frustrated though! (
1/23/2010 c21 8SpasticLittleGirl
Well, keep trying! And I should add that you're updating WAYY faster than Hemii25. Which means she needs to get her act together. Help me bug her?

And yes, Spencer is the name of a fat man :) I didn't know it was a female porn star name... O_O That's awkward...maybe it can be the name of a fat bi-sexual porn star? LOL. Ok, I need to stop. This is going to ruin the way I see Sienna's Spencer.
1/23/2010 c21 Hemii25
“Do I look real gangsta?” LMFAO! Last time someone asked me that, I punched them in the face and got kicked out of The Boys & Girls Club for life. Good times. Good times.

Okay, so Spence doesn't like the parentals... psh, get in line. It's not like he'll murder them xD.

I like this joke.

I was thinking I should just write a review that says "Good." because I wanted to be mean, but I'm nice. =P. I hope that makes you feel meaner...in the bad way haha.

Update soon.
1/23/2010 c21 2silver sky memories
the last few chapters have been interesting and yes I've been reading hem. I just haven't been in a real coment-y mood lately. life sucks.
1/23/2010 c21 148tangledwebweweave
I just laughed so much during this chapter. And MAN do I LOVE Spencer! He's just so perfect. I wish a guy was really like that in real life. I'd snatch him up real fast. LOL. (not that he'd even look twice at me) But, anyways. A LOT of good writing in here.

"Or was he really that fucking conceited that he couldn’t begin to imagine there was a girl on this planet that didn't want him."

Maia was kinda like randomly put in there at first for me, but I really liked it quickly. I kinda think Jake should be over with Maia...like, really? And I still feel NO sympathy for Riley. Get over yourself. Sienna's happy.

Btw, "The Day After The Night Before" reminds me of the Carrie Underwood song.

Good job, again :)
1/23/2010 c21 29litgrl-luna
omg i finally updated my FP story "Civil War" with it's chapter two.. my bf was gong crazy 'cause i hadn't posted it yet..LoL. He's more excited then i am when you post and new chap... (which is pretty damn excited if i may add)
1/23/2010 c21 colourmyworld

Thank you for starting my day off all good :]

No cliffhanger

thanks for that

i love you

todays gunna be awesome

and its bloody hot here!

what happened to all the rain?

i cant wait to freeze my butt off in auckland :D
1/23/2010 c21 10Sorraya T
No it isn't! It's amazing! haha yes better than published books :) It really gets the emotional side of the story across, and makes a reader really feel it!

this chapter was brilliant :) I love how Sienna wanted to wear Spencer's clothing. It was really making a point to Riley :) Though I still do love Riley... haha :)
1/22/2010 c20 29litgrl-luna
LOL yeah i did! :) ( personally, just between us, i got to a comp it was saved on..) I'm cool like!
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