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3/17/2010 c34 2righthere431
This chapter made me happy yet sad at the same time, thanks for writing this!
3/17/2010 c33 righthere431
Even though I didn't want Sienna to be with Spencer, I feel bad. I hope someday he'll get happiness. This chapter made me cry too! It was amazing.
3/16/2010 c34 lilaclia
I am left in awe. How in the world are you able to write and edit something so well, and update that quickly? I have been elsewhere for awhile, and didn't see this update from two days ago. Obviously, I regret that now. So, what happened in this chapter? Well, Spencer's thoughts and views were relayed and he tried to kill himself. Just like everyday, a walk in the park ... Okay, NO. that was completely random and I didn't think he'd go to those extreme measures. the only person I ever considered that would ever kill themselves off would have to be Sienna, because her life was a wreck so many times. But Spencer, a surprise. I like the way you wrote his thoughts out and his calendar thing, it meant he did have hope for a future with Sienna and was looking forward to it, until she broke it off, of course. And what else happened? Oh yeah, Spencer and Sienna hooked up... I love how that sounded so plain and normal, but that implicates so many things. They got together! WOW, it was expected after she broke it off with Spencer that she would come to Riley, but still. What it means is still ... pretty big. And no, I don't think that it's wrong for Sienna to go to Riley right after filing for divorce. Why? Because Sienna loves Riley, never once since she first loved him has she ever really stopped. She might have said that she did, or felt that she didn't feel anything for him, but in reality - fictional reality - she loved him the entire time. Which is why I didn't hate Riley, because the two of them genuinely cared for each other, and at times it felt like Sienna's love for Riley was greater than her love for Spencer. Maybe people liked Spencer and preferred him because of his caring and kind personality and disliked Riley because of the hurt and pain he caused and for just being an ass, but him and Sienna were there first, before Spencer really developed strong feelings for Sienna and their bond is incredibly strong.So, the situation with her filing for divorce and running into the arms of another man, does not seem slutty at all because their case is completely different. Spencer tried to kill himself. It was brilliantly stupid. Yes, trying to escape and get shot in order to die is a smart way to get killed. But, did he really not think it through? Did Sienna really center his universe that much? Did he breathe solely for her? No, so I find it stupid. Maybe I'm biased because I adore him, but oh well.It still would've been interesting if he died. I liked Sienna and Amelia's relationship. They have an understanding and don't need to talk very much in order to imply something.It must've sucked for Sienna to know that the man she just broke up with killed himself because of it. Major guilt session there, and I loved the way you described it. Especially Amelia's reaction. Amelia is a great side character. She never really centered in anything although the suspicion with her liking Spencer was always there that it went unsaid, to have that suspicion proven true is shocking. And he didn't even know. that made it amusing, odd ... I really adored her speech, it was one of those speeches where the person knows exactly what they're talking about and saying it in a way where they are trying to knock some sense into a person who is seemingly hopeless and confused. It's to the point and I loved it. Who knew she had it in her to say that to Spencer? She's a great person and I love how she opened his eyes to everything. There's still hope for him yet. Although, in real life, if he as in jail for that long, people would judge him and finding a job would be hard, since they've claimed him to be a murderer. Spencer is starting to think that life may be possible without Sienna and he could have a future, things are looking up for him. Riley is on cloud nine right now, this is everything he's been waiting years for and been emotionally tortured over, and his dreams and hopes have finally come true. Not only has he gotten together with Sienna, but he met their daughter. Key word, their. From your descriptions, he was having the time of his life and I really fell for him when he swore to himself that he would love Sienna's second child as much as he would if it was partly his own. Arie is a cute little girl and i can only imagine how much of a family moment it was for them. The last part, with Sienna seven months in, was really, really, really well-written. He is Spencer, I think. Because she hasn't taken notice or communicated with him, it's like he's disappeared maybe ... ? Or it goes deeper than that. I loved this chapter, and I really wished I reviewed earlier. Well, there's one chapter left. And there is going to be a continuation, right? One that comes after? RIGHT? Because I know I am so going to miss this, because it seriously is something to look forward to when you're slaving away at school. If this is my review for the second last chapter, I can only imagine what it'll be like for the last one ... God, It'll reach the 10 word mark. I could make a story with these reviews ... Anyways, you know you're amazing at this. And I' surprised not more people have heard this, people should. Next chapter will definetly be one thats sad. No matter what happens in it, it's sad. But, this was an great chapter, and I loved it, as usual.
3/16/2010 c34 9arsenic3
quick review...the meeting between riley and arie was beautiful...srry gtg
3/16/2010 c34 6nfgcassie
This was probably my favorite chapter yet! I love a father/daughter bond. There's nothing like it in the world. And it seemed to come easily to Riley. Yay!
3/16/2010 c34 1ohspastic
That was seriously one of the best chapters i have ever read.

I could continue on and on about the funky (good) stuff in this chapter but i've got to finish my homework and it's nearly 10pm :(

Fabulous chapter!
3/16/2010 c34 2deathanddawn


yayy... i guess after your reply i wasnt confused anymore.

and then i read this chapter...

and i wasnt confused! it made perfect sense... until the last few lines.


you just had to be confusing. so did spencer never exist? was it all just sienna being weird?


cant wait for the next (and final!) chapter.

will there be a sequal to the sequal? lol. make it a trilogy?

and then i realised that TLIW and WILT have the same word first letters- and they're all in reverse. gawd i'm slow, you probably already knew that or whatever...

byebye till next time/chapter

xx unLuKy
3/16/2010 c34 8SpasticLittleGirl
HEY. WHAT ABOUT ME? oh wait...my bad...words seem to mould together after reading your chapters. They're so long!

Anyways. YAY FOR RILEY, SIENNA AND ARIE! :D And ooh...Amelia and Spencer! ;) Keep it up!

And I want a sequel to this :) I don't care if its TWIL or LWIT or WHATEVER. I JUST WANT ONE. Or you could have a quartet. And use 4 new letters for the second two. :)
3/16/2010 c34 148tangledwebweweave
did i ever tell you that when i get a notification and open this that it's like unwrapping a present? :)

this was SUCH an amazing chapter! i can't believe it's already over. wow.

no offense, but i really hated the way it ended. I LOVE SPENCER AND SIENNA :(. i didn't want that to get messed up and stuff. i guess because i don't like change.

i think the "he" is spencer, because they used to always annoy each other with the showers in the beginning, but it could be so far back that it's zach or riley. you never know with you!

i really love the way spencer & sienna were. and i mean, REALLY. riley & sienna are just...complicated. like, he's too complex to make it right with her. like maybe they're too similiar? idk. maybe i'm just bias.

i think that was really genius of you to have spencer do that. i actually never would have guessed that. i can't decide if i wanted him to die or not. but i hate how fast she freaking rebounded. WITH HIS BABY! :(

i think that everyone is getting messed up because sienna brought SO MUCH DRAMA to the table. and i still can't believe spencer is in jail! idk what to do about this anymore. but i can't think of anything else. like, there's so much i could say, but idk WHAT to say. you know? anyways.

thanks for including me. good luck & keep writing always!

i can't really pick my "favs", because the WHOLE thing was so good, especially the beginning.

here are some that popped though:

-You couldn't look into someone's eyes without them looking back into yours.

-I felt like my heart had to be the only thing in the room that was beating, it was all that I could hear.

-Her heart was sinking. It didn't stop; it kept going down, down further right down to her toes. She felt as if she were contemplating the jump from a rather high building, staring down at the footpath one hundred stories below…

-She gave me a look that clearly said like hell.
3/15/2010 c34 lanielucylou
loved it! :) sorry for the short review, I have to get to bed, but really, it was great. Thanks for updating so quickly. So far, it's turning out the way I want it to..let's hope it doesn't change, eh? :)
3/15/2010 c34 3ShadowBrilliance
Oh my golly. It's almost over? Hmm, well, at least this chapter ended on a good note (In my opinion). =) Well, maybe Amelia and Spencer were better to be than Spence and Sie, right? Well, that's what I think. I mean, Riley did see Sie first so...

Anyways, another good bye letter is appropriate for the next, and last chapter! (Like the herroe letter for WILT in the begining, and the goodbye letter on TLIW etc.). So, wait on that?

I'll review next update! Just do it son!

-I Heart ?-
3/15/2010 c34 10Sorraya T

lol yeah he is a little bipolar :P haha thats alright thoughh, im bipolar. :) i actually am, and that happiness he felt in this chapter is pretty damn similar to the highs i get :D

naww :( but its so good!

i hate having to sort out time gaps properly :| so damn irritating.

hehe YAY

then I'll just have to give you another rant:



(hehe there, a nice long one :D)
3/15/2010 c34 colourmyworld
Great way to start off my morning.

Thank you.

Record time reading one of your chapters today!

20 minutes , gasps.


I kinda dont want to read the next chapter.

But im going to have to huh?

And oh god, what the hell am i going to do after you finish this?

Im gunna have nothing to he excited about!

ARE you going to do another story after this?

Oh and by the way, you'll be getting a really long review for the next chapter, but you know me well enough to have already guessed that :P
3/15/2010 c34 Hemii25
Lol. I remember that. The shower they had together...right after they were talking about Sienna's really big frecke being a mole-which Reese was offended by. There's a difference. Like you can't feel my freckles, but you can definitely feel the mole on my back. Yeah, i give random gross info, too. xD

How about an early Easter present and give me the next chapter free of charge? It'd make me the happiest fangirl alive. :D

If not...Update TOMORROW!
3/15/2010 c34 4The Gentleman's Pirate
I knew she liked spencer... told you!

so, update? :)
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