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3/15/2010 c34 3dontneedyou

I can't believe it's almost finished! That's making me so depressed, goddamn. RILEY! RILEY! RILEY! FUCKING YES! When this is finished, are there any other stories that you are going to start on? Well, I'll put you on authors alert anyway.

Sienna...I think she made a good choice. I mean, everything came into place, it's like OH! For some reason, I'd always thought that Amelia liked Spencer, but I'm like, nah, probably not. Spencer got kinda messed up now. I know he loves her, but really, he wanted to die because of it? Ah, love can mess you up in so many ways.

Riley meeting his daughter...that was so beautiful. No idea why, it just made me kinda smile. You know? Like a slight smile. Not a big smile, cause big smiles mean that I'm about to laugh. No, it was the smile where I'm like, aw. :) K, yeah I know I'm acting weird, stop.

I'd like to make your ego bigger, so I'm going to tell you once again that this is an amazing story and you're an amazing writer. Seriously, consider getting published. There are many published books that aren't even a quarter of how good this is. Or maybe if you don't want to publish this story, write something when your older, but with intentions of publishing. I don't know, just find a way to get your work out there! So I can buy it! Geez!

Okay, one question, how long on average does it take you to write one chapter? Just wondering, thanks. :/ I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Even if I'll cry cause it's the last.

3/14/2010 c33 2silver sky memories
wow I feel bad for Spencer but i have always liked Riley better... it took me awhile to actually read the entire chapter because I've had trouble concentrating on one thin for long lately, a lot on my mind I guess... so yea I can't think of what to write about this chapter but I agree with the breaking up thing, it just needed to happen. Riley is so sweet when he's not being an ass. so yup... -ashley
3/13/2010 c33 29litgrl-luna
okay, this gets better, and i can deal with Riley not having anything to do with it. cant wait for the next chap. :)
3/13/2010 c33 2WhistlingPekoe
I cried. That was honestly probably the saddest break-up scene I have ever read, because it was so tragic.


Riley! Good boy. Umm... now I just want to know what's up with Amelia's Spencer aversion? Was it because she knew what he'd done? Hmm.

You're a beautiful writer/just in general.
3/13/2010 c33 3dontneedyou
You people? Sheesh... :)

Did I tell you before that you are an amazing writer? Yeah, actually I think I did. To be honest, I think I told you more than once. But sorry, I had to say it again. Because this chapter is further proof of that fact.

It was long, but totally worth reading. I almost teared up, and that's saying a lot for me. I actually read it in two parts. I was trying to read the chapter really quickly because I was going on a freaking road trip and then I'm like, holy shit! I can't do this that quickly! So I stopped reading, and now I'm back so I just finished the chapter now, so thanks for the ridiculously long chapter. Seriously, loved it.

This chapter was extremely emotional. First with the Riley thing and then her breaking up with Spencer. God, I bet she has a hole in her heart (figuratively speaking) after telling him that she filed a divorce with him. I just feel so bad for him. He gets shoved into jail and then the love of his life wants a divorce. I mean, I don't blame Sienna but nothing is going right for him at this point.

God, please don't make this story the kind where she doesn't end up with anyone, I hate that. Especially if you meet all the characters and you get so attached to them and then she ends up with neither. She should end up with Riley. He was the love interest in the first story, so it should end with him. Yeah, you can definitely tell right there that I totally voted for Riley on your profile. Haha. But yeah, you're probably going to do something completely evil or whatever you tend to call the misery you force onto your poor characters.

Anyway, I read on your profile that you saw Paramore live. Friggin lucky. :( How was it? Because Hayley definitely has the most amazing vocals ever. And also the best band. Seriously, it's like they're flawless.

So, I like this story. Sorry, understatement. I'm slightly addicted to it. Please update this pretty little dramatic story here soon. You know, I actually think I had a dream the other day that Riley ended up with Sienna. Okay, I think I'm acting weird. I'm real tired. See you later, alligator! (I know.)

3/13/2010 c33 XxButterflyxAngelxBabygirl
That was an amazing chapter! Poor Spencer! I hope he'll be okay. I wonder what will happen now with Sienna and Riley. I hope you can continue again soon!
3/13/2010 c33 4The Gentleman's Pirate
no, wasn't found:(

that's worser than the death penalty!

but i think that's the way the story had to go or there'd be no resolvement

*sniff sniff*
3/12/2010 c33 148tangledwebweweave
wow, i think i really know what's always coming. or maybe her being pregnant was predictible. i don't know.

i hate the idea of spencer and sienna breaking up. i do NOT want riley and sienna to get together. PLEASE, please, please do not let that happen. everything just seems so freaking complicated with riley and spencer makes everything better. i guess maybe that's the way you write them? i have no idea.

i don't think she should get an abortion, so she can "remember him" with her baby. i'm thinking maybe spencer should get out early. (and gosh knows, she'll probably be with riley just then) and something just is a tad off with sienna's relationship with riley. i just don't think it quite fits.

yes, this was a long one, and i kept on zoning out. i don't think that's your fault, because i have a huge headache and am trying to watch a 3 hour movie for my class. on top of my air not working in my house. ah.

but i kinda think this is almost the end of the story. like, what else could you do? you're at like no return (i don't mean it in a bad way, just saying) and i don't have really any ideas. hhm, but i'll get back to you probably.

keep it up!

and i tried not to do the favorites, but i couldn't!


-"...Floating like this, without meaning, it's starting to get to me, really bad. I hate that you're hurting, and I can't help but think that what I've done for all this time has only made it worse. I need you to know that I care. That I've always cared. I need you to know that I love you." There were tears in Riley's eyes, tears of desperation, tears of pain, tears of…so much more that words didn't describe.

-God. Was it just me, or is there something especially terrifying about a man falling to pieces.

-Tears from someone who never cried was like rain in the desert./So sudden, so unexpected that sometimes it hurt for the water to fall.

-He was looking right into my eyes, and I could see something in him that wasn't content with what he was seeing in me. "You don't need to be so closed up." He whispered in a voice that could be described as nothing less than completely passionate and heartfelt. Hurt too. I guess that was what I did to him. And that was only because of what he did to me all those years ago.

-It was a plea in the form of a comfort. It was the words that I'd known were there, the ones that weren't being forced onto me for once…and the question was, would my tomorrows continue to fall downhill, would where I leave tomorrow be somewhere down the track? Derailed, unloved…

-"You don't know how much I want to touch you." He whispered hoarsely; as he tried to cover up the fact that this was hurting him deep down in his heart somewhere.

-The bad thing about being able to read Spencer so easily was the fact that when his heart broke, it was so easy for mine to just follow in place.

-It's funny how when you make the break, nothing else matters anymore. All the smiles, the laughter, the good times you shared together feel like a burn on your mind, you don't want to remember them because it really hurts to look back on them and see that you'd been naïvely thinking that it'd all be all right. (THE MOST TRUE THING I HAVE EVER READ)

-But he didn't say that. He didn't say anything. He just continued to sit there with his head in his captured hands, his heart on the end of this string that I'd cut from me. What had once been the rings that I'd been prided to wear, were now sitting there on the table, looking lonely and pointless.

-"It's…I…" I bit my lip and held in the sobs that were consuming my heart. Nearly the whole way home, this blanket of emotion and hurt had pulled me under. It'd spun around me to the point that I didn't want to breathe, to think, to feel anymore. I'd considered what'd happen if I'd just crossed the centerline as I sped in the car, just accidentally. How the pain would be over, the regret…my life.
3/12/2010 c33 10Sorraya T

and riley is sweet again, which makes me happy :)

Don't insult my rants, I'm very proud of them! :) hehe

YAY blushing.


3/12/2010 c33 8SpasticLittleGirl
Yes. This one was worse. I cried so much I had to stop every 5 lines for 5 minutes because I couldn't see past my tears. So this chapter took me about maybe...an hour to read? Not good, considering I have a major science assignment due on Tuesday and I've only done the first quesiton...But this was more important, so I read it first :)

Aw...I have the urge to say "FINALLY!" about Sienna's break-up with Spencer...but that would just be mean...and mean isn't good. So yes, I cried for Spencer :(

WHY IS EVERYONE BREAKING UP WITH EVERYONE? Ok. I need to calm down. And finish science.

PS. All the friends I made read this said you should publish it. And they say they wouldn't care if you're a 15 year old girl. It's good and that's what counts. What they said is so true isn't it? Just thought I should let you know.

YOU'LL MAKE MILLIONS! It'll be the new Twilight. Except Twilight was really shit...no offense if you like it though...it was just so...fake. Now, I should go before I rant to you about how much I hate Twilght :)

3/12/2010 c33 Hemii25 part 2
I accidently pressed send before I even finished the chaptah.

"God. Was it just me, or is there something especially terrifying about a man falling to pieces."

lol. I'm going to quote you.

Crying Riley makes me want to cry. Gosh, this is romantic. I lurve you for writing this.

True Colors is my favorite cover by Glee. I saw the words "true colors" somewhere in this dramtic mix.

No! Don't tell him he can go!

Ooh. Her lungs are full of rainbow juice. What's the multi-colored liquid, though?

M, Puppy fat. How attractive. I walays thought it was baby fat, but maybe that's a eastern hemisphere saying...

This is random, but whatever happened to Riley's Poetry? I'm still reading. Gimme a break, so if it turns up...

"I was selfish to begin with. Your love has just made me obsessive."


O! Prison!

The awkwardness... It's because he dropped the soap huh? "You don't know how much I want to touch you." I'm sorry, that is extremely creepy.

Seriously? High security? For a big murderous teddy bear like spenceR?

=O he got punched!

Three month marriage. It's scary how nobody stays together these days haha. Will Riley know that the beby isn't his?

Well that's 20k Spencer will never see again. Unless he gives the ring to Amelia in the next book. But I doubt he'll do that. Maybe he can sell it for a much better ring. Or maybe Amelia can but her own ring since she's on the road to success.

Aw, Riley is sos happy about this divorce. I am too kinda.

Much lurve! Update soon!

3/12/2010 c33 Hemii25
Reviewing as write.

"Walk away, send me out? That would be the easiest way, wouldn't?" (Wouldn't IT...)

"It was sick; I'm a disgusting excuse for a human being…" Ouch... Sienna needs a chill pill.

I'm really pissed off at the way you make writing look so easy. :D

"But that didn't stop the tears." Cliche line, much? Lmao. I still love this story.

Aw, She's considering letting him be an active daddy.

I was just thinking about what it would be like if Sienna farted right after he said he was in love with her. Oh God, I have a mental issue. But I laughed so hard at that random hallucination.

Was it really possible that my aware presence was enough to make him stutter?

That is extremely romatinc in an SiennaxRiley way

Riley is really seizing the opportunity now that Spencer is gone xD.

Ugh, I can't find anymore mistakes. You suck =P...

AHA! "It wasn't the kind of thing that really seemed to be a possibility, I mean, comeon;"

I read that as cameo... shut it. I can;t read. But then I realized... You forgot a space!
3/12/2010 c33 1HeartsOfDiamonds
i feel so sorry for Spencer. I don't really understand how he ended up with 15 years jail if it was just in self-defence. but, i am sort of glad that sienna decided to break up with spencer, not that spencer isn't a good person but because riley and sienna go together so much better. and.. is it just me, or is Sienna super dooper fertile...?
3/12/2010 c33 3ShadowBrilliance
AH! I. Am. So. Sorry. For. Them. ALL. Wait, who the fuck would take a fucking home video when Spender unintentionally killed his father! That's just...RIDICULOUS! ANd not in the good way.

It was long! But, ironically, it took me less time reading this chapter, than me reading the others. That's weird...ah well. Sienna's pregnant...but, OHMIGOD, WHY! Why dear irony, WHY!

So...is there any chance of Sienna and Riley though? Why'd she have to fall in love with Spencer! Worse, why'd she have to fall in love with Riley! That's bad. Two loves. When Spencer comes out and Riley and Sienna are waving goodbye to their almost-eighteen year old Ariana, AH!

Update soon! And yeas! Before my birthday! March 23 babay! WHOO! Don't make us readers wait so long!

-I Heart ?-
3/12/2010 c33 3JaCi.RaE
(emitting crazy emotions in a semi-verbal half-assed attempt to convey the fact I am stunned) Very awesome chapter. So sad- she broke it off with spencer? SOB. and Riley? ! Oh dear. and not to mention pregnant... geez this girl just keeps getting slapped in the face huh? Poor thing. I feel bad for a fictional character. sigh. I LOVE SPENCER! ah, sorry. had to get that out. However, if I go back and read more Riley-related portions from wayy in the beginning I'll totally fall in love with him again. oh, and i can't wait for more! 2 thumbs up.
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