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10/28/2009 c3 nicolee
geez you always leave me curious hmmph lol but it's okay it's worth waiting :)

this chapter was cute. Spencer is adorable. :| what was with that phone call. does that mean Riley will be back soon-ish.. I hope so :D

aniwaii update soon pleasee
10/26/2009 c3 15Kit-Kat-KutieXD
FANTASTICALL! Ou Maia's BACCK in the game! =D I cant believe she found Sie! wo! that means riley's coming in son! wo! =D keep it up and update soon!

- Katt
10/24/2009 c3 kfjhbvasiuhvauvba
Whoa, Maia's kind of back into the story? I can't wait to see who'll be the next to come back into the story. That's a first, I guessed right about Spencer winning; and I thought it was cute how the prize was to take Sienna to prom. Update when you can!


Oh yeah, and when I asked about the places, I meant what made you pick California for the sequel or South Carolina last time? Any specific reason? Just wondering.
10/24/2009 c3 2HelgaBertoni
Loved it, Update soon!

P.S. When will the main dude from the first story come back into the picture?
10/24/2009 c3 148tangledwebweweave
Omg! That was completely amazing!

I loved the whole "prom" thing. I really thought they were going to "do it" twice here! Maybe I'm just used to the former story? LOL.

I think the past was a little too early, but you know it had to have a part in it soon enough.

I love Spencer with her, and it feels like this is a completely different story, you know?

Okay, I seriously, seriously thought he was going to lick down her shirt and then kiss her all over the table. Sorry, sick mind today!

The update wasn't too long, don't worry.

Great job. :)
10/24/2009 c3 Hemii25
OMFG! I LOVE Marmite! I tried it at a worlds fair (funny, it was in the UK section) on wheat bread. And you're so right. I had to buy my next helping off the internet. They didn't have it at Wal-Mart (and they have EVERYTHING at Wal-Mart). My parents think I'm insane because they find it disgusting-actually, everyone who I have forced into tasting it hates it, but SPENCER doesn't. I've never met anyone who shared my liking to it. So I'm a little happy that I'm not the only one...even though Spencer is a fictional character.

Someone from TLIW! I miss Maia. Is she coming in person soon? And I don't like hanger-uppers. Not cool. Does Maia knowing where Sienna is mean we'll be seeing my favorite character soon? *cough* Riley *cough*

Update Soon!
10/24/2009 c3 8XxShokixX
Awe the oh so cliched ice-cream fight, no story is the same without one!

This chapter was so cute!

And they finally graduated! Since I know nothing about American schools I was like...hmm I think its meant to happen soon..and it did! :D

O: Maia rang her! Where did she got her number? Is she like some super stalker in disguise? xD

Update soon please~

:D and keep up the amazing work as always
10/24/2009 c3 We Used To Wait
I liked this chapter :) The graduation girl thing was random and nice. There are those moments. It's weird. I have no idea what i'm saying. Um, are you going to bring that girl back into the story, or was it really a random moment?

Um, um, what else? I guess not much happened here but Maia's call! Jeez, why did she have to call? I'm so tired of her, but hey.

And something little is happening between Sienna and Spencer. I feel like it's kinda early for 6 months after a HUGE HUGE heartbreak, but I guess everyone is different.

i liked this chapter.

Huum. Okay! Update soon.

10/24/2009 c3 3ShadowBrilliance
Loved this chapter! Didn't skim this time! Lolrotf, update son!

I Heart ?
10/24/2009 c3 XxButterflyxAngelxBabygirl
That was a great chapter! I wonder what will happen now that Maia has her number. I wonder if Amelia knows all about Sienna. I hope you can continue again soon! I love this chapter! Spencer is so amazing!
10/24/2009 c3 4LaMeO1
you need to update right now missy. =p

i mean she's starting to fall for this dude and yeah he seems pretty flippin awesome but i'm not sure he's for herr ;]

but if not can i have him lol

awesome chapter as usual

flippin maia called...tell me she's going to come get sienna

o man


10/24/2009 c3 colourmyworld
I'll try not to scream at you.

10/23/2009 c1 mjsangelforever
nice story, but i can't read it w/out thinking of riler, because i really want riley and sienna to be together. i hope spencer ends up with another girl, and riley will come back, and all will be happy.

i really hope riley and sienna ends up 2gether. if they don't, well.. i don't know. it just wont be the same anymore.
10/22/2009 c2 yayawhynot89
Love it. I hope she gets her baby back though
10/22/2009 c2 6SnowflakesOnAshes
Aw. that was really cute. i liked spencers temper. it was a little spontaneous, but i have a feeling there was a reason for it. i think that spencer's going to win their competition, just because... LOL! i want to find out more about that Amelia chick, as well as the others. christians hardly been in the story at all... he seems kinda mysterious or something.

awesome chapter! Update!
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