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for Where I'll Leave Tomorrow

10/20/2009 c2 XxSpiceyXWallFlowerxX

She has to get the baby back

I know she wanted her baby.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/20/2009 c2 6nfgcassie
You got the sequel up quick! Is this just going to be about Sienna moving on? Or will we see Riley again? What about the baby? So many questions to be answered! =)
10/19/2009 c2 1ohspastic
ooh, spencer and sienna. *gasps*

haha, nice chapter! The fight over the shower was funny. I'm guessing that Amelia knows something about Sienna that the others don't... with the 'look' they shared at the end. :D

Riley riley riley. *sigh* I love him. He better be coming back *shakes fist* haha.

I want to see what happens next! :D

10/18/2009 c2 9arsenic3
hey, u had put up the question abt the titles the first one was TLIW and the 2nd one is just backwards WILT!btw im not completely anonymous just i cant be bothered to log in!

and how often do u update?
10/18/2009 c2 9arsenic3
hey hey,

just read the prequel and now this...question will riley ever show up in this story? i was so sad at the end of the last one...and why why did she have to give up her baby for adoption ...anyway good luck!
10/18/2009 c2 15Kit-Kat-KutieXD
Hey! Love the chapter! More more character in this one! Brilliant! Plus, it's getting suspenseful. Where did Sie go? What happened to Spencer in his past? I know it involves his parents...but what exactly? Love Amelia! XD Christian didn't show up :( Janey is just Janey XD Btw, about ur response to my previous review, wouldn't Sie know if Ariana was Zach's or Riley's by the hair colour? Unless you know, Ariana had Sie's hair...but then the eye colour? Plus, I'd love to meet Ariana soon, I hope she becomes a character in the story!

Great so far! Keep it up!

- Katt
10/18/2009 c2 8XxShokixX
Hmm...very interesting chapter. I know you prob already said this, but how long after TLIW is this story set? 'Cos if its a while later, wouldn't Sienna and them be finished school? Or am I just messing up the timeline?

Me thinks Sienne maybe went to see her daughter? Gawd, I fail with suspicions.

I hope Spencer wins the competition, by like slipping Sienna sleeping pills or something xD I just want him to prove a point by winning or something.

Spencer seems like such a mysterious character, can't wait to find out about his family background, since it seems to be the big thing with him.

I have no critism for you (as usual), but if I find anything I don't like I'll be sure to tell you :D

Update soon ^_^
10/18/2009 c2 Hemii25
Hilarious chapter! I loved the whole catfood thing because i once ate cat food with bread thinking it was tuna. *shudder* ew. I hear Spencer! But I don't know him well enough to stray away from Team Riley.
10/18/2009 c2 nicolee
I liked this chapter:) it's hilarious how they fight over the shower

there's still so many questions tht I want answered like where she went to on monday? instead of school

but I guess ill just have to wait
10/18/2009 c2 We Used To Wait
Oh, eww. Sienna was a bitc*. In a very annoying way, at that. But i guess they are all annoying, eh. Point is, she needs to stop it.

And that argument with Spencer. So Sienna can insult, annoy and kinda harass him (whether it was teasing or not), but he can't throw a tiny insult at her? Like he was supposed to know if anything offends her. With the way she acts, it's a wonder.


And I LIKE Spencer's temper. Although I just thought he was getting mad. I would get a little angry with some of the stuff that's happened to him in this chapter.


and the amelia chick is freaky. let's find out more!

update son!

10/18/2009 c2 theduckoverthere
LAWL I'm about flame anonymously just for you xD

If it weren't for the summary (But sometimes when you forget all about your past, it's when it has the chance to catch up on you...), I would've been completely OK with SiennaXSpencer...but...eh...Riley...
10/18/2009 c2 XxButterflyxAngelxBabygirl
That was a great chapter! I wonder what everyone's pasts are about. I hope you can continue again soon! I loved this chapter!
10/18/2009 c2 148tangledwebweweave
Thanks for the thanks! :)

I think Spencer won-and he watched Sienna sleep peacefully, longly looking at her, wishing to be more than a friend to her. LOL. That's my guess though!

I HATE those reviews, they annoy the crap outta me!

Great chapter! I LOVE the shower bit, completely priceless. I had to resist very hard not to laugh. Hope something amazing happens between them! Keep it up. :)
10/18/2009 c2 3ShadowBrilliance
I loved this chapter. :) But what happens to Riley? Can't you put something in there about him? Or one POV from him? OR make Riley related to someone! Wait, that's cliche. But I don't care! I miss the auburn-ish-dark-gold-haired devil dude! UPdate soon!

I Heart ?/Ajian Ninja
10/18/2009 c2 kfjhbvasiuhvauvba
With no particular reason I'd just guess Spencer won. Hmm, I was wondering what makes you pick the place she goes to? Any particular reason? Update real soon!

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