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10/18/2009 c2 colourmyworld
lovelovelove you dude.

where did she go?
10/18/2009 c2 2deathanddawn



but... i really gotta know. weel...

will sienna end up with spencer?coz i dont want her to? will riley come back?and she'd better get back with him.what about the baby?haven't heard from him(or her).




10/17/2009 c1 nicolee
started reading the sequel just like I said I would:)

I think I miss Riley:( I really wanted them to be together in the end of TLIW but your summary and this first chapter has got me intrigued. I want to know who the father of Ariana is too. well good job so far

I like Spencer too I guess he makes Sianna happy but I still like Riley
10/17/2009 c1 XxButterflyxAngelxBabygirl
That was a great start! Now, are they talking the White House as in like the president, or just something they call the White House? I can't wait to read more! I hope you can continue again soon!
10/17/2009 c1 m
it was ok
10/17/2009 c1 1ohspastic
ahh.. no! haha. lovelove. can't wait to see how this sotry unfolds. :D

just one tiny question. is riley coming back?
10/16/2009 c1 6SnowflakesOnAshes
It's not boring. Just uneventful, in a good way. though your characters kinda make up for the whole not much stuff happeningness. I like spencer, but i dont particularily like jane or amelia at the moment. though jane's funny! the bantering between her and spencer was great. i like that Siennas kinda got over herself, and i love spencer. he's so cool! way more awesome than riley. riley was an ovreprotective asshole... sorta... yeah... no... i really love riley... bring him back! whos is her baby?

update soon!
10/16/2009 c1 4LaMeO1

she's changed and i like it.

it sucks that she had to give up her daughter but will the father be revealed? she has to look like one of them

o man this was good

update soon!

10/16/2009 c1 1HeartsOfDiamonds
Nice start to the story. I was hoping Sienna kept the baby, but... meh. Good job anyway.
10/16/2009 c1 3ShadowBrilliance
Here is the HELLO letter you asked for!

Dear HighOnBrokenWings,

I loved this first chapter! I just feel sorry for Ariana being given away. Will she be mentioned much in this story? I hope so, and Riley, too. Riley doesn't seem like a Riley to me. He seems like a Luke or something. I'll reveiw every chapter you have! I'm glad you're back!

I Heart ?/Ajian Ninja
10/16/2009 c1 Hemii25
I have you know, my bestest buddy is now an artificial blonde (she's not obnoxious yet) XD. I've been googling blonde jokes for days. And my original accent is a southern one but it toned down when i was twelve, every now and then when I lose my temper I go miley cyrus on someone. LMAO. Never noticed the "Twang."

I like Spencer, he's funny. But I do miss Riley. Would that have anything to do with Sienna's new hate for blondes?
10/16/2009 c1 kfjhbvasiuhvauvba
I think it's a good start, and I liked the lyrics to the song in the beginning...good song. It's definitely going to take me a few chapters to take in all of the characters though. Where are they right now? I think I missed that tiny detail. And did the baby end up having light or dark hair? I must know! Update soon!

10/16/2009 c1 148tangledwebweweave
Whew! You are back to writing so soon!

Weird...Ariana is the main character of my story! That's unreal!

Anyways! Very, very confusing, not going to lie! It's a different writing style for me (I know, you're the same person) and idk about it. I loved the "raw love" writing-probably because I am a true hopeless romantic-but, keep on going!

I think the two boys are cuties!

Good luck. :)
10/16/2009 c1 theduckoverthere
Hm...new people. I like meeting new people. lol.
10/16/2009 c1 15Kit-Kat-KutieXD

Fantabulous as usual! :( WAHH! Why did she give Ariana up? I hope Sie gets her back! She's probably so cute! And you never mentioned if Ariana was Riley's or Zach's...I'm still waiting! =D Awh Spencer seems kool, but he's too blah rite now...kinda needs more character to him. But i thnk thats only cuz its the first chapter soo... And also, Sie's attitude is ok...but again, she cldve been more sad or watever. *gulp* is she starting to have feelings for Spencer? Oh no! What about Riley? *siighs* That girl. She is SO lucky, always surrounded by hawt guys. XD

Anyway, osm (awesome) job with this chappie! Good start! Keep IT up! =D

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