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3/12/2010 c33 6nfgcassie
I actually cried! I mean, I'll be so happy if Sienna gets back with Riley, I honestly feel like they're meant to be together. But that doesn't mean I don't feel sorry for Spencer. He's such a nice guy! Thanks for the super long chapter! =]
3/12/2010 c33 lilaclia
Before I start. Excuse my profanity and random outbursts that I know I will have.Oh my fucking gosh. That did not just happen. Not thats it a bad thing - but it shocked me to my fricken core. I had my mouth gaping open so many times that I can't even imagine how stupid I would look if I allowed in anyone in my room while I was reading this. I kicked everyone out when I saw the update and locked my door. First off, Spencer's sentence was, I guess, expected but I thought he was going to get 25 to life for murder or something along those lines. They - or should i say you - let him off easy and that was great because he could be with Sienna quickly, at least thats what I thought at the time. Sienna did a whole ton of reflecting in this chapter and looked back at everything and re-thought her feelings and thought of the future. It was a thinking chapter for her, and she made use of the time she had apart with Spencer. When you wrote Sienna's feelings of being apart from Spencer, it tore at my heartstrings because it was so well-written. The thing with Riley coming to talk to Sienna every night, outside her door was so emotional for me. No - scratch that. the whole fricken chapter was emotional for me! Anyways, when thought about her and Spencer, Riley, Ariana and life in general, it made me think. A LOT. When she opened the door, I felt like she let Riley into her heart, just a little bit more, because she wasn't ignoring him. The thing that I really admired about Riley is that when he confessed to Sienna, it so she would end up falling for him because of what he said. He confessed to get closure, to let all the emotions he was feeling out in the open. He wanted to get rid of the confusion and be definite in what direction he was going with Sienna. Whether to continue pursuing her and hold out or leaving her alone. It was true and I admire him for being true to himself and Sienna. If that whole thing was wrong and he just confessed for the heck of it. Well, frankly I'd feel stupid. Sienna confessed her feelings and their reasons for loving each other was revealed and what lay at the heart of their love is now out in the open, and the way your described it was amazing. The whole tomorrow thing , just blew my mind, It was so true and had lots of meaning and thought put behind it. Okay, when Sienna visited Spencer. Holy mother fucking shit. I knew that this part would be my favorite part in the chapter when I figured out she was visiting him. I just never knew it would cause so many emotions in me. She was pregnant, most of us picked up on that, because it was coming, I guess. But what followed ... They both know each other so much and can read each other with ease. They have this connection that is beautiful. And Sienna went and broke it all off. No, I'm not blaming her or saying she did anything wrong or whatever. No, she made the right choice. If she couldn't wait for him, then she had to do what she did. I just can't accept it. That's what makes your writing so great. She filed for divorce and I guess it happened. Spencer and me are in the same boat, we both are sad and so lost. Spencer's thoughts automatically went to Riley and that didn't surprise me because it was obvious he would think of him. I think Sienna just cleared off her relationship with Spencer, so thats gone. Forever. In the end, I think she might either end up with Riley or be a wandering soul herself. Exactly how she started off. The ending of this chapter was great, and I know this is now my favorite chapter. Not the one where Chris's bisexuality or Sienna cheating on Spencer was revealed but this. To me, it was dramatic and just plain amazing. I completely loved ti and I know I'l love whatever way you end it. When is it over, how many more chapters? Oh god, it;s almost fricken over. Yeah, you did reply to my review, and you don't suck at it. You're an awesome writer and updater, no worries about that. One last thing, I love how you write each of the POV's. You write it like you're the person experiencing the emotions, and you write it so well and descriptively, that it keeps the reader hooked no matter what. Awesome chapter, sorry for the long review! I love this chapter, it's amazing and I can't wait to see what happens next! It just gets better and better with each one.
3/12/2010 c33 colourmyworld
What are you doing?

Where the hell are yo going with this?

All i see is a dead end.

Ive always agreed with what you write in this story and ive always had some idea of where it was going.

Im lost now.

How can you do this?

WHY are you doing this?

I mean like...


Im sorry but thats not even realistic.

And new zealands full of gross things. They all kill their children with fucking washing machines.

Nothing new.

What the hell are you doing.

Please dont put her with Riley.

I'd rather she didnt love anyone.

Youve ending this soon arnt you?

Next chapter?


I'm crying bucket loads right now.
3/12/2010 c33 1ohspastic
Oh. My. holy. cow.

That was... surprising.

But to be completely honest, I think that deep down *points to heart* i knew that something like this was going to happen.

I loved the way you wrote everything. There's just this... thing to it. It seems so realistic. :D

3/12/2010 c33 lanielucylou
well if everyone dies, that would settle all of the issues, right? maybe you should try to work that into the plot..kidding, i'd probably become severely depressed if they all died, lets not do that :).

gah this chapter made me so happy! not only because i read it instead of writing an essay, but because i love Riley and he was so cute. i have a feeling an old flame will be rekindled..

poor Spencer :( 15 years is a long time though, i respect Sienna's decision.

aha! so she was pregnant. guess that leaves room for a sequel ;)
3/12/2010 c33 KitKatKutieXD
omg this chapter is filled to the brim with shiet! Like HONESTLY! Talk about DRAMA! woot! i knew she was preggie! but does this mean that she'll be keeping the kid? 'Cause i think thats what Spence was tell her rite? to keep the kid? And omg! does this mean that she'll be with Riley now? and Ariana? As a REAL family? Cause, you know, riley's honking rich. Ariana doesnt need her foster 'rents anymore if riles and Sie are together... OMG! Fantabulastic! Altho im sad that Spence is so hurt! That sucks! I wanted to cry so badly! I cant believe Sie did that to him! Like, wat if he tries suicide? Poor Spencer! to spend 15 years in prison doing nothing but mournin for her? That really sucks! Cause its not like he can fall in love with another chick...unless she's lke, a criminal.


3/12/2010 c33 2deathanddawn
Ooh...yay... it's me, unLuKy!

Umm... Well. I've read this chapter and practically cried :'(

But I'm dead confused... what the hell has happened since before the wedding? Coz I know I read those chapters, but then I got to this one, and well, confusion! So could you please, like, I dunno... send me an outline of the plot since the wedding?

Lol. I probably wasn't paying enough attention when I read it.

But, anyhow. I love this story and I can't wait to see what happens next.


3/9/2010 c32 Hemii25
Okay, now I'm just getting annoying, but...


Or simply send more spam reviews that'll bother you. Ones with random facts like, "Pigs don't sweat."
3/6/2010 c32 148tangledwebweweave
Great chapter. LOVE that song. You always fit those perfectly!

I'm sorry about your complicataions; I hope that your knee feels better. And you're welcome.

Okay, about the CHAPTER::

I really think Riley is going to do something drastic. And I mean really. I knew that the murder was the reason he was arrested (because of the clues before and you telling me, haha), but it was SO heartwrenching to read it.

Christian is confusing as hell and frankly, I don't really think that it's important. haha, I know, I'm mean. Sienna is absolutely broken and Riley BETTER not freaking make a make a move on her again, or so help me...

I feel (or want) Spencer to get off just because of self defense, but would the story end?

The throwing up was a bit of a surprise. Honestly, I automatically thought she was pregnant again, but would you pull that? I don't know. I never understand what you're going to do next. I do wonder if J & M are going to play a part though.

Oh, and about the names (and why we have them?). GREAT part. You are so thoughtful. I'm still thinking about that.

Good job & keep it up!


-After that I couldn't watch anymore. There was this voice she used exclusively for him, one that used to be used on me…one that internally tore me to pieces.

-The little bit of Sienna that I'd been beginning to grapple at had been snatched away from me. She was his.

-"Sienna, babe, please understand, I've made mistakes, you can understand that right?"

-"I love you so much, if this doesn't turn out well…" His voice was so low that it was nearly non-existent. Those words were cutting through her. -Through her heart, through her brain, through every part of her that Spencer had ever touched.

-Four years later and what was going on in my head didn't make sense. The few months of summer vacation felt like nothing when put in comparison to this, this was like torture, having each of my nails ripped of piece by painful piece. Only, the pain was deeper, in a place that couldn't be torn away from the constricting hands. Those hands – Sienna's hands – were all that were holding my heart there.

-This was like willingly walking into quicksand. I was falling into something that I knew – no matter the turn out – would destroy me in the end.

-In the fall the leaves would change their coats and spiral to the ground

-He must have recognized everything that was screaming out in her eyes in that one moment. "Don't cry, don't cry over me." His handcuffs rattled together as he brought up a remarkably clean thumb and smudged away her tears. Amazingly – minus the appealing cologne that she had always associated with him, and a little more of the typical scent of male sweat – Spencer still smelt like Spencer.

-It was making melodic whirling noises, going on and on like my thoughts of Sienna.

-Sienna was beautiful, breathtaking, all I really wanted, and she wasn't mine.

-I was royally fucked. There, I admitted it. Now what?
3/6/2010 c32 KitKatKutieXD
damn damn damn that was an awesomee scene! I cannot believe Spencer's dad! But wait, what the fudge? Why is he getting arrested? It was totally in defense! And did his mother and/or uncle get arrested in his place before or something? Awh! Finally, Riley's gonna doo something! Yay! Omg! Sienna's preggie again, isn't she? Woot! Spencer-mini! Anyway, update soon! =D

3/3/2010 c32 XxButterflyxAngelxBabygirl
Oh. My. Gosh. I haven't been able to get caught up in a while, and I am glad I did now. Oh. My. Gosh. That's amazing! I hope they find Spencer not-guilty. I wonder what Sienna will do with Riley now. I wonder what's wrong with Sienna. I hope you can continue again soon!
3/3/2010 c32 lilaclia
Okay, well today is officially my day to review everything that I've read but either didn't feel like reviewing or didn't have time to review for. For this story, I was itching to review. Honestly, I kinda teared up. And I can truthfully say that I don't really cry much. Things may get too me, but I don't really feel the need to cry, but you made me want to cry. I don't know whether it was sympathy for Riley, Spencer or Sienna. I just ... feel so depressed but excited at the same time. Is that even possible ... ? Anyways, it amazed me. And you do NOT reply to my reviews badly, I just write horrible, rambling reviews that are meaningless and hard to reply to. Okay, this will be long, I can bet. So first off, I love how long these chapter are! Whenever I get an e-mail update, I just get all excited and I have to read the chapter in a room by myself otherwise I'll go yell at anyone who tries to make me lose concentration. I love how you made most of this Riley's POV. Even though in my eyes, he is not a likable person - at the moment. I just feel like he's interfering with Sienna's life and most importantly her and Spencer's happiness. Although he had no hand in why Spencer is in jail, I still don't like him and I hold him responsible for why Sienna is unhappy, even though he is only partly at fault. It's amazing how Sienna feels the need to make everyone feel at peace and try to act like nothing happened, although it's the complete opposite. In most cases, I would think that it would be others trying to cheer her up. Riley is definetly seeing things in a new light. He isn't acting like a spoiled, rich brat anymore. He's admitting his mistakes. He's even regretting them and saying he's done horrible things. He's not so arrogant, and cocky, but right now he's unsure and doesn't know what to do. Riley is in complete heartbreak mode. He's going through a deep depression but he's still alright. I'm really happy that he understands that he shouldn't comfort Sienna and respects that she's now a married woman and is off limits. Sienna is a great person, I can say that confidently because she knows everything that she has done wrong, because she has done many wrong things and she still stands strong through all of the horrible things that life has thrown at her. She's overcome so much and is still standing strong while she watched her husband stand in court. It's amazing to me. I know that Spencer and Sienna's love will make it, through the trial at least. I am unsure about the end of the story, but I'm semi-confident that they'll end up together from how things are looking right now. The murder scene, I'm calling it that now, was terrifyingly great! It scared me, I have no idea whether that reaction was expected, but I was terrified. It was PERFECT! Like I said before, he killed his father because he sexually assaulted his sister ... so what ? It doesn't make a big difference to me, because I know that Spencer is a good person and is morally correct and wouldn't do something so drastic without reason. I hate his dad, but that should have been implied. Sienna is pregnant ... again. I think, at least. Unless, you're trying to trick us and it's just a sickness, but I'm still going with her being pregnant. Christian's POV was ... interesting. I liked seeing how he thought of everything and how things were going with Janey. Riley ... please. Don't kill yourself, but I still doubt that he will. I don't think he'll do something that drastic, but I'm still questioning it because he might. I'm so confused and filled with mixed emotions about everything. I love your story because it makes me react so much! Psh, obviously we don't care about the authors of the stories because all they do is write out the amazing stories and without them, the stories will be ... nothing. Sarcasm. I really so hope your knee gets better. wow, hospital and scans. :| That must have been so sucky and boring. This is almost over, sadly. I'm just so excited and I can't wait for the next chapter, but take as much time as you want. Great Chapter! :)
3/2/2010 c32 8SpasticLittleGirl
YOU MADE ME CRY. So if my keyboard dies, I'M BLAMING YOU.

Thank God Riley didn't set it up. I would be even more torn than I am now if he did. Because I just LOVE Riley :) But I don't know who to love anymore :(

WHY WAS SPENCER SO STUPID! Now I have to love him too coz I feel so sorry for him :(

You're not popular! Nah, jkes. I love you :)

Woah. Dislocated knee. Where'd you put it? HAHAHA. Yes, I'm lame. So how did you dislocate it?
3/2/2010 c32 10Sorraya T
Ohmygod :O

i hate spencers dad. what a dickhead. and i totally understand why spencer did that. i mean jesus.

poor riley :( even though its his fault that sienna left. but still, poor riley. and seriously, poor BIANCA. whe was just a kid :(

haha i actually agree :P


3/2/2010 c32 Alanisaur
Oh no, he is! Wahh! Spencer cant got to jail! He just cant! I cant even tell you where I think the story is going, because I dont know! Please update soon, this is just killing me!

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