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3/2/2010 c32 3ShadowBrilliance
Meow. =o. THe murder scene, wait, where'd Spencer hit his father? Hmm, a baseball bat can kill someone? Amazing! And why isn't Christian mad at Janey for SLEEPNIG WITH RILEY? Why is she so mad at him for not telling her his sexual orientation! That's just fucked up if you ask me. It makes me so grumpy, I needa take a poo. (Lol, it's from one of my favourite shows, CHOWDER!). Lol. Update soon! What're they gonna do with ur dislocated knee cap? How do they relocate it? Lol, make sure you update before my birthday!

Zero Months. Three weeks. Zero Days. 8 hours. 16 minutes.

-I Heart ?-

(P.S: I almost couldn't review, but I snuck on, lol.)
3/2/2010 c32 2silver sky memories
I'm so sorry about your knee. the ironic thing is my bet friend had to get surgery on her knee over the weekend, it had something to do with her kneecap. I'm not really sure why but I used 'zombie' to describe a lot of things, such as if I don't like something I usually say "well that sucks zombie nuts" not really sure why just kinda a joke between me & my earlier mentioned friend. so I'm glad for he update it gave some new information to digest... Spencer was acting in a form of self defense in my opinion and he shouldn't be convicted. and OMG is sienna pregnant again? well I'm thinking I should actually go to bed before midnight so I'm not a zombie at school tomorrow... seriously everytime i go to school really tired my friend (she's gettin mentioned a lot in this) walks up to me andloudly announces that I either look stoned or wasted... and then I always getto say gee, thnx I kno I look like shit... right so another awesome chapter and I'm off to sleep. good luck with your knee!
3/2/2010 c32 6nfgcassie
Wow. Not sure any other word could describe this chapter. I'm very eager to find out what happens for Riley. He may be an ass at times but I still love him and think he deserves a happily-ever-after.
3/2/2010 c32 Hemii25
Shit, fuck, damn, ass, bloody, hobknocker, bitch, boobies.

Okay, I just abused the whole disabled filter. I know what you're thinking. Boobies? Ahaha, it's a bad word in my house.

Well. I'd just like toy point out that Sienna was throwing up because Spencer knocked her up. Am I rioght? LMFAO! Imagine me saying it like "Royt"...Like a British man. xP Ice cream sundaes make me type super fast!.

Ahem. I'm kinda grossed out by what i'm imagining Spencer smelling like. Stop being so damn descriptive. AND THAT SELFISH BITCH! OMG. Who is she to keep Riley away from his own daughter?

She better let him see his kid. It's what I've been waiting for. Riley's so cute. I'm going to make my own in my mind. Imaginary boyfriedns are better than real ones. Much more trustworthy around other girls. xD. I'm a nutcase. I know.

But this chapter made me happy. I'm happy! You made me happy. Happy, happy, happy.

Thanks for it. Update SOON!

3/2/2010 c32 2righthere431
Ugh I hate Spencer's dad! I hope they find him not guilty but I'm getting my hopes up...
3/2/2010 c32 colourmyworld
I knew he killed him.

I have a slight feeling Riley is gunna kill himself?

Or something along those lines.

Poor Sienna. I get scared whenever shes near that man whore Riley cos YOU tend to make her do things most people try to avoid.

Going through my story idea with my teacher today :S

Hows your knee?

i mean..

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE! :P :P (my jokes are getting lamer by the minute...

Love LOVE you. :P

That sounds really creepy doesnt it ?
3/2/2010 c32 lanielucylou
I love how Riley's character is developing a lot more now, he's not as self-centered and cocky. Maybe he'll stop doing stupid things now (like interrupting her wedding and lying to her about his feelings). I hope he gets to meet Ariana soon. Wait, is he planning to do something big? The last POV confused me a bit..I can't figure out his intentions..

Poor Sienna. So have her feelings for Riley completely vanished? I don't think so, but who knows. She's married now. I guess that can change things..haha. Oh God, she's pregnant isn't she? What a twist. Must have been that unprotected night.

I'm still rooting for Riley, but I do kind of like Spencer, so either way works for me. Nice chapter!
3/2/2010 c32 4The Gentleman's Pirate
How do exams smell? How's your knee? How did you dislocate it? You'll notice i didn't PM you asking for an update. I'm a good girl :P

I have to do another maths paper 2 exam, cause it got lost :(. And I did so well in it!

Ah well, I'll live. Hope you'll live too...

How many times have you been in hospital?

I think I'm in love.

Oh and an actual review too - I figured that's what had happened. But because he's not the one who was being threatened, I think the law won't cover him... In Ireland self-defense will get you in more trouble, you can be charged with assault. with is totally stupid. I digress...

Poor Riley. Will Spencer get the death penalty? I think that's fairly likely dramatic wise, but in terms of the law, i doubt it.

There you go, a semi-decent review from me (for once).
3/2/2010 c32 3dontneedyou

I hope everything is better for you with your knee and everything. :) And I know eh, Fictionpress is sort of messed at the moment. Is it fixed now? I need to update.

So, I knew it would be something like that! With Spencer's dad. I can't believe that he's arrested though, now. For how long? And I still don't get it...how did the murder end up being taped? So, yeah...Spencer's kind of screwed now, huh? I wouldn't blame him for doing what he did though.

I've been waiting for this update. I got excited when I saw this in my inbox. I even sort of slightly (but quietly) yelled, "yes!" and my sister looked at me weird. So...yeah, pretty awesome, minus the awesome.

2/26/2010 c31 KitKatKutieXD
Damn. I've been off with my reviewing! my internet was going crazy for a while and I had a lot of emails to go thro. The last couple of chapters have been CRAZY with drama! Duude, if this was made into a movie, you'd be a billionaire. do you realize that? My God, she got married to a murderer. Didn't see that one coming. And at one point I actually thought that she'd run off with Riley before the wedding, you know, runaway bride? And in the last chapter i think, you SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! I actually though she DIED! thanks alot.

anyway, you better update soon! I wanna no what happens to Riley, Spence and sie! like, asap!

2/25/2010 c31 Alanisaur
Wait what happened to Spencer? Could he actually do that? No, I dont want Spenceer to go to jail. You messed up the fairytale ending! Update soo, dont leave us waiting with this cliffhanger!

2/21/2010 c31 6nfgcassie
You never cease to amaze me! I'm so ready for the next chapter!
2/21/2010 c31 148tangledwebweweave
I just LOVE Secondhand Serenade! He is my FAVORITE artist. "The Last Song Ever" would be a good song too. SO amazing :)

This chapter was AMAZING. You are working up to a new level! Goodness. The wedding song was completely breathtaking, so lovely. What song was that? Riley needs to go suck it. I love Spencer so MUCH more. He put her though so much. And yes, I know Spencer isn't perfect, but he's better. (except this really screws with my head)

Actually, at the end, I thought it was going to be like, Riley committed suicide. I was COMPLETELY blindsided! I can't believe Spencer didn't tell her about that. Did he murder his dad? Now I really want to know what happened.

I don't know what else to say. Keep them coming, this better not be the last one. Haha. Good job!


-Words were my choice of weapon, and usually I brandished them like a whip. It just didn't quite work like that when the spoon was turned around and I got a taste of my own medicine back at me.

-"Ewh, morning breath."/"Agh, alcohol."

-I owed him something bigger than my life. I owed him the entirety of my happiness. I owed him every last breath that I would make. I owed him everything I had to offer.

-Each time I looked at myself I seemed to lose another little fragment of the faultless beauty that had been plastered onto my face. I began to see me under the cracks. I tried to pretend to myself that it was okay, but something in the back of my head told me that it really wasn't.
2/21/2010 c31 4iheartshoes
you dedicated this amazing chapter to me? THANKYOU!

spencer? :O i knew he wasnt perfect haha. ive changed my mind, im team riley :) all through this chapter, i was like 'spencers a sweety - & a killer :O - but siennas gota get with riley'. i mean, hes the baby daddy and they have all that history (and chemistry ;)). aw how my heart went out to him, poor love.

son :)

2/21/2010 c31 3dontneedyou
What the fuck man. Seriously, I knew you were going to do something drastic like that. I seriously wasn't expecting that at all. Were you planning that from the beginning? I mean, UGH, NO! Just when everything was going good for Sienna. She needs a break. Nothing can go good for at least a little while, right? Haha, you play with your characters so much. I love it though. :)

And man, I feel terrible for Riley. I wanted them to end up together, but well...what's Sienna going to do now? What the hell, did Spencer really murder someone? And like, why would they suddenly find him on his wedding night? WTF, so not cool. Poor everyone. Well, phenomenal chapter like always. HAHA, this line - “Who’s the weird man?” THAT MADE ME LAUGH LIKE CRAZY. I don't know why, maybe I'm just shallow.

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