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2/21/2010 c31 9arsenic3
WOW...umm really WOW...the big gentle giant is a murderer?...for a second i thought something had happened to riley...im just disappointed that Riley hadn't been more excited to see Ariana...i guess he just wanted to use her as a "weapon" against Sienna...its going to turn out that Spencer killed his dad because of what he did to Bianca...hes going to get jalied for manslaughter or murder.. meanwhile Riley's going to take the opportunity to woo back Sienna...Sienna's going to be so lonely that she has sex with Riley...Spencer's going to be heartbroken... umm what else... and if its as far fetched as im making it out to be Sienna will be pregnant with Riley's second child and they will live happily ever after... i wish the story would go like that..but i have no power do i? and is it sadistic to wish that Spencer and Sienna get divorced quickly because i want her to be with riley? anyway hope that review satisfies u for 2 weeks...ciao
2/20/2010 c31 1HeartsOfDiamonds
okay... i'm a little bit confused. I just watched about 10 hours of Gossip Girl, so my brain has gone wacko. Tell me if this is right please. Spencer killed Blair Cobain. So he's a murderer? Riley tried to stop the wedding, but Sienna got married anyway. Correct? If it is, i really can't wait until the next chapter. Update soon.
2/20/2010 c31 colourmyworld
Half way into it

I have to have a shower and go to my cosins house for dinner

Leaving tomorrow morning

will finish the rest of the chapter once i get back :]


pfft, you said TWO mentiones :P :P

Haha, okay. Fine. Pfft. Whatever

2/20/2010 c31 2righthere431
Oh my god, I don't think Spencer is capable of doing a thing liek that?...is he?
2/20/2010 c31 29litgrl-luna
i liked this one. i know its wrong of me but im quite content with Spencer being arrested, even though we all know Riley had something to do with it.
2/20/2010 c30 3WatchMeHunt
(Why don't they let us review the same chapter twice damn it)


Just read the reviews...realised mine was small really *blush* but it felt long for me. Had to add, I'm also sure it was Justifiable Homicide...and this does exsist within the United State laws (I think)...so maybe there will be a loop for Spencer to avoid prison? The guy's great...the wrong guy...but a great one none the less :) so he doesn't deserve that.

You are a fantastic writer...the twists in this story are bittersweet and we all love them. How does it feel to finish a chapter like this? And all the raving reviews? How does it feel to read all these reviews...because I can never imagine...(to be honest, I could never imagine being good enough to write this story in the first place). How does it feel to capture that next great idea, the next twist? Sorry, just random thoughts I'm having here.

One of my favourite chapters (31), b x
2/20/2010 c31 8SpasticLittleGirl
Blair Cobain? Spencer's father? WHAT. WHAT. WHY. D: Did Riley set Spencer up? So that he would be away from Sienna? ARGH. I HATE YOU. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED?
2/20/2010 c31 3WatchMeHunt
My heart was breaking for Riley in this chapter...and I wish there had been some sort of moment together for him and Ariana...that they actually got time together...but I'm guessing that will all come later. As I read...I just kept a mantra running in your head...'it will all work out for them in the end...it will all work out for them in the end...despite all this...it will all work out for them in the end...THEY WILL BE TOGETHER'. I thought you wrote this chapter very well...captured everything for Sienna...the conflicting emotions...the tension. Just realised that all three of their names start with 'something'...i (random thought that I studidly never had before). And then I get to the end of the chapter and I'm like...what, What, WHAT! And then you reveal that other readers have guessed this may happen...and I feel very slow and 'I suck at theories when it comes to this story'. But I LOVE IT and it definately made me smile to find it in my inbox at one in the morning. Sorry this is so long :) but I'm just hyped up about this story...x
2/20/2010 c31 3JaCi.RaE

I'm speechless. dumbfounded. like, where did that come from? whew. still can't wait for the next chapter.
2/20/2010 c31 3ShadowBrilliance
What the-?

Hmm...well then! I'm sorta confused...BUT. That was unexpected. I thought this would be the end, I hoped it'd be the end, why, you ask? because I wanted Sienna to FINALLY be happy but NO somethin' had to come up. URGH! WHY! What did Sienna ever do wr- nevermind. Lol. Update soon, I wanna give Riley a piece of my mind.

One month. Three days. Seven Hours. 21 minutes.

-I Heart ?-
2/20/2010 c31 6ranDUMM

OHMYGOSH D: Wells... Spencer has finally been arrested...

And what a shitty way to end a wedding! Especially the wedding night! I didn't know you were going to do it like that... And even though it makes me sad, I think that that was a great way of doing it, it gets the point across and so much dramaticalityness and stuff. It was great! Nice work :D:D

2/20/2010 c30 ranDUMM
Hidey-ho! :) So I read this chapter a few days ago and forgot to review... == That's okay. I only remember when I read the next chapter and I was like, hmm aren't I a bit of an idiot :P Anyways, I'm glad she didn't die, I thought she was going to, but yeah. At least you kind of stuck by what you said you were going to do. :D
2/20/2010 c31 10Sorraya T

not for that whole dude coming back to your class thing, thats actually pretty funny, but YOU HAD SPENCER ARRESTED.


he's not gonna be very happy :/

Aww :( he got some dirt on spencer, didnt he? he was probs the one that called the police. hes bitchy like that.

HA. I KNEW IT. the baby will be called Jemima Agamemnon, and will be born with 11 toes.

Dude, thanks for WRITING.

that chapter was so swet for the most part, but cops and riley just had to come ruin it :| not nice at all. crashing on their party.

Rant time!

2/20/2010 c31 Hemii25
Oddly enough, everytime I'm reading your story, I usually accidentally find a song that I like that just intesifies it. From the police car scene, out of nowhere Videophone by Lady Gaga & Beyonce came blaring through my speakers, shortly after Viva La Vida by Coldplay which I also thought intensified the begining for me. Even thought the Videohone lyrics have little to nothing to do with the chapter, the beat is just so...arrested background music. It's super sad though. PRISON! Poor Spencer. You MUST UPDATE!
2/20/2010 c31 2silver sky memories
wow so much just happened and Riley kinda met Arie! your comment about 'go to sleep now' reminded me o myself telling my best friend that she has a tendency of staying up for days at a time and only sleeping like 3-4hrs when she does slept regularly. in a way I'm kinda the same except if I stay up an entire day I'm practically a zombie by the end and when I slept I'm dead to the world for at least 12 hrs. I hate goin to sleep... anywho... Spencer killed someone! I'm assuming it's his dad and the way Bianca didn't like the camera I'm guessing his dad sexually assualted her and took pictures or something? Arie is so cute, who is this weird man? that was great. I think I might underrstand why spencer was so forgivig all the time I mean killin someone is worse than some if the stuff sienna did but then again I don't kno his reason if he killed him so it could he justified. hmm I like it when Amelia is more relaxed and I loved the pet midget part thts halarious and sounds exactly wht some ppl I kno would say.
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