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2/15/2010 c30 6nfgcassie
Your characters are like real people to me. And at this moment in time, I am severly pissed at Riley! I hope he makes it up to us. I'm still a little confused about Amelia. And I wonder if Riley will ever meet Ariana. Ah the anticipation!
2/15/2010 c28 2righthere431
Oh crap, it feels like things are going to get more complicated!
2/15/2010 c30 148tangledwebweweave
i am so surprised that you didn't use a song!

omg, i TOTALLY thought that she died! was that a dream or thought?

ah! my heart TOTALLY stopped when you used my song! :D (it fits perfectly!)

i really loved this chapter, you described everything flawlessly. i don't care about riley, he's completely dead to me. spencer is SO ADORABLE AND PERFECT. noone else was really in this chapter. i'm glad they got it all out though. i want them to get married so badly! we finally learn spencer's last name! well, they had sex anyways, lol. i like how he was like "oh, well."

that was mean that you made it seem like she died!

good job.


-“No.” I couldn’t help but defend violently, staring back at him with the full force of my eyes. I had Sienna's hand in mine; her fingers were cold, nearly as cold as the icy metal band of her engagement ring. “Shit happens, alright?”

-God, just being without her was making the deepest parts of him ache. There was nothing when she wasn’t with him, there was no other girl he could be with that made his heart beat faster like that. No other girl’s happiness actually meant anything to him. There was no other girl he’d die for.

-I wanted to just break down and cry again. No news was bad news, and there was absolutely no news about Sienna’s condition. But I remained dry eyes, slouched painfully low in that seat. People looked by, pity in their eyes. Was it really that obvious that my girl was dying?
2/15/2010 c29 29litgrl-luna
im so mad! i deleted the email saying u updated! gah! okay well this is on chap 29 and 30. im not a fan of drama but this was an interesting chapp and 30 was, well 30 was kinds flat compared to this, save for the opening
2/15/2010 c30 4iheartshoes
ive been a silent reader all this time. i read TLIW too. im sorry for not reviewing before - ive not had my account for long though.



you have your own unique, recognisable way of writing that just reminds me of sienna :)

this is pretty much gonna be a review of everything.

i lurve sienna. despite her cutting, she sounds lovely.

riley was such a babe in TLIW, i prefer spencer though. i want a spencer! :)

ill be sure to review now!

2/15/2010 c30 lilaclia
I hate you for making me believe that she was dead. But I laughed at myself, because in the beginning I actually asked myself if it was a dream. Out loud too, my parents stared at me and asked who I was talking to. I said myself, and they quickly walked away. Okay, I am a firm believer when I say I want Sienna to end up with Spencer. But she can't help herself when it come to Riley. the past is still strong, and he is the FATHER of her child,. That's BIG . And it brings them closer together. I found it pretty sweet when he said that he already loved Arie, even though he hasn't actually met her yet. I like Riley's POV, because it showed why he ran off. And that he still cares deeply for Sienna. Sienna disappointed me, she went and almost killed herself from cutting too deep and too much blood loss. Not good at all, and she did it because Riley said he no longer cared for her. Wedding's still on . Wow, Spencer. is amazing . I admire him. Even if he IS fictional. Any girl would love to have him. he is to die for . It's great how he's till able to take Sienna back even though she went behind his back, and messed up big time. I love how Sienna still had the willpower to try to crack a joke when she was in no position to, I'd like to tell myself she did that to cheer Spencer up. Six days until their marriage, wow . I wonder how it'll mess up, I still stick strong to my theory about how Sienna will run to Riley at the end and leave Spencer at the altar, which would be cliche, but it happens and I love when it does. I love your writing skills, they convey emotions so well and the tone of the story needs just that. great job ! Too bad it's almost over . :(
2/15/2010 c30 Hemii25
I think it's a bit pathetic how Riley left after his mess. Where the hell was he going? And it really bothers me how Spencer is so forgiving. I mean SERIOUSLY! I'm so happy Riley loves his baby. That's what I've been waiting for. Now, you keep writing! Or _I_ will stab you (aha, stole your line).
2/15/2010 c30 3dontneedyou

You're so mean. :(

It would make everything so much less complicated for you if Sienna did die, though, so ha whatever.

Riley's a stupid, jerkface, asshole and I wanna kill him. Honestly, why would he...do that?

And I hope Sienna ends up with herself then. No, I'm just kidding. I'm joking, okay?

Sienna should end up with...whoever she ends up with.

Okay, so I'm really tired right now and I've got to go clean out my bunny's cage, so I've got no idea what I'm talking about, and I think I have to go.

2/15/2010 c30 2HelgaBertoni
Loved it, update soon!
2/15/2010 c30 3ShadowBrilliance
What a coinquidink! I'm listening to 'Before the Storm' by Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus. WHat? It is a good song. And perfect for the first quarter of this chapter, or half. You should listen to it when you get the chance. No more birthday count! YaY! I'll just tell you when the big day's comin'. =) Update soon!

(Note that I didn't say much about this chapter, hahahaha, well, because there isn't much to say 'cept, YAY SPENCER AND SIENNA ARE TOGETHER AGAIN AND HE KNOWS ABOUT ARIAUNA!)

-I Heart ?-
2/15/2010 c29 Alanisaur
Dont worry, I wont. I have super glue! ;) This chapter made me cry a whole bunch and it made me scream at the screen! I was so sucked into it! It's so sad. I feel so sorry for everyone in this story. Their lives are so messed up. Thats whats one of my favorites about your story. You can have all these twist and turns, but it doesnt seem like it pops out of no where. Thanks for the update!

2/14/2010 c1 Stpdroolingfool
I actually thought chapter 29 was a bit far fetched.. I mean how could this possibly happen, I mean dont get me wrong i love the story just it is strarting to seem like your trying to hard like the Spencer hiding his sister and Sienna hiding her daughter and therre suppost to be getting married? and Chritian being a exotic dancer and bi and having a crush on Spencer?

Not really trying to be rude or anyting I LOVE the story! Just sayin'
2/14/2010 c27 2righthere431
Wow that was intense! What are they going to do now?
2/14/2010 c29 1HeartsOfDiamonds
Yay! At least one of my theories was somewhat close. i knew Christian was somewhat gay aka bi. if she chooses spencer, i'm going to kill her. figuratively of course. -.- but uhh, just go for riley for crying out loud. update soon.
2/14/2010 c29 3dontneedyou
If she ends up dead, I'm going to be so effing mad! Ahaa.

From here it doesn't really look like she's going to end up with anyone. I mean, what the hell? How could you do this? Poor Sienna.

No..she wouldn't kill herself, would she? She has a daughter that would be like, what happened to my mom?

All secrets and such were revealed, huh? Very interesting chapter. DIE SIENNA DIE! Why did I just write that? Kinda weird...

I don't understand Riley. Why does he do that shit? If he loves her...just let her know. I know he has all that complicated emotions and weirdo thoughts and what not, BUT SCREW THAT. Ugh.

Okay, goodbye.
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