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for End of the Road

6/28/2004 c1 8justhere4now
Creepy, I like it though, well done, really makes you think about wheter everything really is as it seems
2/19/2004 c1 15CarrieTheVampire
that wa really great. weird as all hell but cool at the same time. where the fuck did this idea come from? mind if i make a t-shirt out of permant markers with that parking lot slogan? try reading some of my stuff, i know its long and all but its good.(at least thats what im told.)
see ya round,
CaRRiE the VaMpiRe
8/10/2003 c1 25Faerie Corpse
This was very different but I liked it and I hope you will continue it.
7/24/2003 c1 Grimsister
whoo hoo! Creepy!
5/3/2003 c1 9Bitter Thursday
Kickass story! I really like the 'parking lot of life' idea, and in my opinion it was very well written. I agree that the ending did seem a bit rushed but it was excellent. =)

4/26/2003 c1 1I Zombie
This could easily be an episode of the Twilight zone. The ending seem rather rushed, but other than that the story was damn good.
4/21/2003 c1 7R.A. Sears
Allow me to point out some...Typos! "three day prior" should be "three days prior"

"were everyone" should be "where everyone"

"were he proceeded" should be "where he proceeded"

"Anyway, uh, We" should have a lowercase "w" in we

"friend get back" should be "friend gets back"

"drive in silence" should be "drove in silence"

"all of this up" should be "all of this out"

Okay, now that I've pointed out all the typos I could find as I read through it, allow me to comment on the story itself...

AH! This is all Matrix-like and freakin' creepy! My dreams are never this subconsciously scary, they're always outright gorey and the like. Stuff like this makes you wonder...

Are we really living the lives we think we are, or is this all just somebody's dream we're living in? Or, if you wanna get all Twilight Zone... is our world and solar system much smaller than we think it is and we're really just living on some ashes from some huge race of giants' cigarette?

Man, I love stuff like this, and at the same time... it scares the crap outta me.
3/23/2003 c1 47emem
Emma: Nice! Very, deep...Yes. I like it...Kind of scary, though...and true almost, sort of...
2/12/2003 c1 16ElvenRanger

Very cool story. I liked it.
12/29/2002 c1 55Creative Deficit
whoa, this is so good, so original, this is just about the best thing I've ever read here! Wow! This is a true zinger, I'm still in shock

very well written, it kept me very interested, which is hard to do. Jeez, that is just so darn good and freaky and good and mysterious and good and thank you! this is very very good.
7/10/2001 c1 2HackeySackVibe
a little confusing, but i see where you're going with this. Very awsome!
5/29/2001 c1 DeliaofDaine
Ok, wow. That's all I'm thinking right now. Except where did you get your inspiration? "You've just lost all status in being a guy, you know that, don't you?" made me laugh, because I've been in a car with the living proof of that statement.
5/13/2001 c1 Queen Kakia too lazy to sign in
Whoa...freaky. I like it. Why a parking lot?

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