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for Regan Saves the Drama Club!

9/26/2010 c15 2alamodie
I really love this story, and hope you choose to continue it!
8/18/2010 c15 natalie
I can't even tell you how happy I am to have found this story.

It was getting way too exhausting weeding through the romances between a girl with dark hair, alabaster skin, and like purple eyes or some shit and the boy she'd been in love with forever but could never be with for whatever cliche reason.

So basically, thank you for being original, and thank you for developing more than just the main two characters, having realistically imperfect characters, and being awesome.

Thank you for giving Regan friends who serve more of a purpose than to say things like "you should tell him how you feel" and be there when she cries.

Thank you for not writing from another character's point of view because you don't know how else to portray their feelings.

Thank you for being a good writer.

Keep up this story; it's good.

I think you have real promise as a writer and I hope you keep doing it forever.
7/6/2010 c15 9Sakina the Fallen Angel
Eek, someone needs to go save the twins as well as the drama club! Loving all of the crazy pairings that are going on in here, hehe. I wants a Gideon :3

~ Sakina x
7/6/2010 c14 Sakina the Fallen Angel
Eek, long time no review from moi! As always, I found it really easy to dive into this story, and even though there was a lack of major lulz, this was still a great chapter as you hinted at a lot of backstory here, and it was nice to see some parallels between Regan and the twins. Ah, I hope you get back into writing~

~ Sakina x
6/10/2010 c1 NB-writer
I am on my floor laughing. Your story, why well written, started off a little boring.

Don't get me wrong, your characters make being in a counselor's room entertaining, but it wasn't what hooked me. Having the drama teacher brought away by cops, well, I will give you mad props.

Nice work, though it took me a while to realize it was a girl as a main character.

6/6/2010 c15 110cassandove
I see some Tyler/Regan love here! And no, they're totally NOT MY FAVORITE COUPLE BESIDES REGAN/BLAINE! AND THE TWINS! I mean, WOT. xD And as a younger sibling, I can say that you handle Devon and Regan's relationship wonderfully... Devon's a lot like my brother. :)

And I had my suspicions about the twins being abused. :( PLEASE HALP THEM.
5/26/2010 c2 4lookingwest
From RH

"I don't know why, there's just something about her. "Should I… should I knock on the door?"

-Edit: there's something weird happening right here. I think, and I could be wrong, that you need to close your first dialogue with a quotation after "her" and then you need to start "Should I..." into its own paragraph.

XD Tyler is hilarious. And so is her manslave Gideon.

So overall, I didn't find too much to be nit-picky about grammar/spelling wise, so I liked that this was well edited and polished. I think you had a great use of sentence structure and your sentences stayed constant throughout, instead of very short or very long, for instance.

Content wise I liked it a lot too, it was really funny! I haven't read something with so much blatant humor of FP in a long time. Much too long time! Tyler was hilarious, hopefully we get to have another scene with her in the future! And yay, AP Lit! I'm excited to see where you'll take Miss Hughes' character. With her community theater background I'm sure that she'll develop more when the play starts. And I'm very sure that they'll be much more balanced humor throughout the story too-you're very talented with it ^^
5/26/2010 c15 6Devil's Playground
Wow, I love this. One thing I think you did an awesome job with in this chapter was the tone. I mean, it shifted a lot between kinda angsty to humorous and back again numerous times, which easily could have been overwhelming and whiplash-y... but it wasn't! You did it very well. I mean, hell, just in the first portion with Regan and Devon, you transitioned the argument to joking around so smoothly. It was very believable - especially since Regan is such a moody teenager. ;D I love her anyways, though.

Speaking of Regan and Devon, I absolutely love their relationship. It just feels so... real! And the dialogue between them is great. It flows so smoothly and there's always more to it than what's on the surface. I'm curious about what their relationship was like growing up together. And the end of that scene was just too cute. :D I love Devon, and he really seems to care for his sister.

Awwe, the poor twins. D: I'm curious about how that's going to go. If they do go to the recital with Regan and Blaine, I can imagine that's going to be pretty interesting.

And awh Tyler. :3 I just like her more and more as the story goes on, though I can't even begin to explain why. She's so weird and creepy yet cute. Kinda like how Regan is so socially inept yet strangely charming, haha. I remember a while ago you say that you internally approve of Tyler/Regan, and omg, I can so see it. They'd be excellent. XD I'd read that fanfiction any day, f'sho.

And God, I have no idea how it took me so long to read and review this. D: Sorry for the delay! But I lovelovelove this, as always!
4/18/2010 c15 12lianoid
Ch1. I really like this opening sentence. It has a subtle humour to it. Your writing is very impressive and this story reads smoothly. The pace is wonderful and the sparkled bits of wit are enjoyed immensely. Ha-ha! I love the conversation between Tyler and the boy, over the cell phone. Clever, clever.

Ch2. “I almost declined, but then I remembered that social interaction was often considered to be rather helpful in the process of making friends.” Ha, this chick sounds like me. Face-to-face social interaction? Oh man do I have to? ;) – Side note though, I would remove the second “I” and “that”; the sentence might read smoother that way.

Ch3. Fourth paragraph: Do you mean she “wasn’t” gung-ho? After Regan suggests Godspell, the sentence that begins with “Blaine was thrilled.” I would personally get rid of the “thanks” at the end. It just sounds odd somehow. I love Regan’s mom. She seems a bit... what word am I looking for here... scatterbrain/ditzy... either way I like her. Cute ending to this chapter. Gotta love wishful thinking.

Ch4. Yet another charming line from Miss Hughes: “If you ever want to know what it’s like to hate your favourite book, just tell a bunch of high school kids to write about it.” Brilliant! Absolutely hilarious. I love how opening Miss Hughes and Regan’s mother talk about Ms. Windsor being a pedophile. You’ve turned a disturbing situation into a comical topic. I love the Mary Poppins reference. (Side note: Will you [two] quite finish)

Ch5. The sentence beginning with “So, ah, why don’t you tell me a bit about Gideon?” The third sentence, change “so see” to “to see”. Another wonderful chapter with side-splitting humour. Fantastic, I love it.

Ch6. The scene where Lucas is introduced, sentence beginning with: “It made sense that Courtlyn was friends with him...”, last sentence: “He was just beautiful and I was looked like...” Remove the “was”. Oh man there are so many clever lines throughout this story I just want to take out a notepad and jot them down for later amusement.

Ch7. Third paragraph, first sentence: “I couldn’t help but wonder why Caleb was seemed to...” Remove the “was”. Ninth paragraph, third sentence: “It’s always bad to miss during the last...” I think you’re missing the word “school” or “class” after “miss”.

Ch8. Sentence: “I hate you. I hate all of you. Elizabeth, help you brother!” Change “you” to “your”. Sentece: “Alright, I am going to assume that this everyone,” (It’s near the bottom) add “is” after “this”.

Ch9. Paragraph beginning with: “I shrugged. “No reason...” I replied,...” (Middle of page) last sentence: “...so I thrilled when I saw...” Insert a “was” after “I”.

Ch10. In regards to your AN: You’re welcome. Thanks for writing such a kickass piece!

Ch11. First paragraph, last sentence: “Courtlyn waved to me as helped...” insert a “she” after “as”. Sentence (near bottom): “You can stop approaching me like I’m a wild animal,” I informed him, taking the few steps needed the close...” Change “the” to” “to”.

Ch12. “Can you do that? Do you think have the ability to approach another human being, initiate conversation, and then ask them about their feelings? It might be a little difficult for you…” – Oh my god, another brilliant quote to keep me content for days. Friggan hilarious!

Ch15. Oh man, I’m kicking myself in the head right now for taking so long to finally read this. Your writing is amazing, the flow, pace, character developments; everything! And your sense of humour is incredible. Honestly, I have so much fun reading this. Upload more soon, I’m eager to learn more.


P.s. Sorry for taking so long to return the review love. ;)
4/13/2010 c15 99Dreamers-Requiem
I keep switching between liking Tyler and finding her really annoying; such a great character, and nicely written. Great interaction between Regan and Devon, captured the sibling love perfectly. As always, good chapter, and nice work at building up the small hints that something's wrong with the twins. I just hope they're alright!
4/13/2010 c15 6MantraMagazine
I can see this story clearly playing out like a manga when I read. Every element is there, except for the art of course. I have to say, Tyler is the craziest:

"If you're here to see Gideon, then I will gladly leave and give the two of you some time alone."

Haha, how did you write this character? She's both mad and amusing. Thanks for updating! Oh, and sucks about her brother. Maybe things'll get better? You know, some awesome gig that propels him to semi-stardom. Like William Beckett, no?
4/12/2010 c15 1Synaptic Imagination
Regan and Devon's interaction is definitely fun and interesting to read, I want to know more about their childhood together, I can imagine there would be some interesting flashbacks there.

The situation with the twins adds a bit of suspense to this chapter, I wonder what's going to happen when they're invited to go along and I'm still curious as to what Caleb's problem with Lucas is.

The part at the end with Tyler actually made me laugh when i read it, she's just so odd and Regan is just well odd in a meaner sort of way. The dialogue is always fun to read and shows that yes, Tyler is a bit creepy.
4/12/2010 c4 8Kobra Kid
Wow, that Mrs. Hughes is insanee! haha, watching Princess Mononoke (btw, I love that movie!) But anyways, awesome chapter! I really like the whole cellphone exchange thing, since I know how that goes. 0.o. I also like the twins, even though they can be creepy. x3. Great job on this, and I'm glad that you returned! :D.

~Broken Cross

P.S. RFTA is now officialy edited completely! I would love your opinion on it. But now, I'll let you deal with your damn allergies while I go take my allergy medicine. x(.
3/12/2010 c14 Palm Tree
You were right about this chapter being a bit darker, and just as I expected, I loved it. I love the backstory you gave the twins here so much it’s crazy and I just love the both of them that much more because I want to hug them so hard. GAH. I’m never going to get over your characters and how wonderful and developed and unique they all are. The little mention of Caleb messing with Regan’s adorable hat. Courtlyn opening up to Regan about what’s been bugging her. It all just further build up my impressions of all of them, even Blaine (LOVE!) since, although he was absent, he was discussed. OH. And the lovely Devon too! ;o;

Overall your pacing was good, but I do want to point out that the chapter seemed to jump from one issue to the next in a rush, like from Courtlyn’s jealousy to the twins’ being withdrawn to Blaine then back to the twins’ only with their family life. I think if it was taken a bit slower and progressed more gradually, it would flow that much better.

As always, your dialogue was incredible, and your ending scene has to be one of the most adorable I’ve read. The ending line, as well, was awesome as it highlighted a big realization Regan had after the chapter’s events and thus her development as a character. Really, I loved it and I hope your next update is longer so I can dedicate even more time to loving Regan!. 83

(“’Let's talk about the rationally, shall we?’”)—talk about this rationally?

(“…gave up on trying to get the three of us to talk like we were a capable of being the least bit mature.”)—The “a” in this line is unnecessary.

(“’ I suppose can continue our conversation, Regan.’”)—I fairly certain that there’s a missing word here.
3/3/2010 c14 1Synaptic Imagination
I had kinda figured it was something to do with Blaine, just a hunch really. I'm glad the air has been kinda cleared between Regan and Courtlyn, she seems to be the only truly nice, yet not creepy, character so far, I'm sure she has her hang-ups, but still.

The twins home life sounds unpleasant to say the least, I get why they're so close now, survival, pure and simple. I get the feeling Caleb's black eye was from his father, what exactly he punched him for is another story however.

Devon's going to have figure something out now that his band's hiatus is permanent, I wonder what he'll do with his life, guess I'll just have to keep reading to find out :)
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