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2/4/2013 c2 2Danica West
...aaaand here I am once again! I just couldn't help myself. I read that you'd edited this and added a little extra, so I just had to have a peak and the next thing I know, I'm glued to my screen :) I think this is like the fourth time I'm reading this story. But it will always be my favorite, I just love it and all the characters! I'm on chapter 3 now and miiiaaw.. when Alec is being all handy and stuff.. I'm drooling just by the picture in my head.. I mean, a hot guy, in a police uniform... while drilling and measuring and being all handy... I want that picture on my calendar (the same picture on each month, please!) I've always had a thing for men who know how to build things :) Luckily for my boyfriend he's a carpenter and I've found myself drooling over him when he's been fixing stuff in the house haha :)
There's just so many scenes in this I love. I laughed out loud when Ben is fanning his face, thinking Alec can't see him - priceless! I wish this could be made into a movie!

..And brussel sprouts! I've never been crazy about them either, but I got all hungry after reading the way Alec cooked them.. yummy! I must try that.

"Maddie and David" HAHA! Ben is so right, they kinda remind me of them, the way they always taunt each other, and then with all the sexual tension. Moonlighting really was a great show.. but unlike moonlighting, Alec and Callie are still great once they get together..

Ah, how I love this story.. and you deserved to hear it from me from the 3874th time :)
8/13/2012 c2 372898
Congrats on your newest addition! Boy or girl? :-)
8/13/2012 c2 1Midnight113
Wow, how funny, I was just thinking about this story yesterday and I thought, 'I want to read that again'. And low and behold, I get this message in my inbox, lol. That's awesome to hear, I'll definitely go find it on Wattpad. I actually think Wattpad is pretty decent, they have some pretty cool stories over there. Thanks for letting us know and I'm really, really hoping you update your other story soon (really soon!) ;) Congrats on the new addition and the promotion - good for you! Keep up the amazing work! :)
8/13/2012 c1 nikita1589
oh thank god i found this story again, really love it! you're a great writer :)
8/13/2012 c2 nomoreupdates
Hello! Congrats on your baby! Little girl or boy? That's amazing!

I still have to read your stories so im thinking now would be a good time :). Miss hearing from you!
8/13/2012 c2 flunkybubbleshorts
Good to hear! I'll be looking forward to be able to reading The Inn again! (I've been missing it so so much).
Congratulations on both the baby and the promotion :)
8/13/2012 c2 SmokingEngraved
. . .
This was (and still is) by FAR one of my most adored stories on FP (if it isn't favourited, sorry, I'm lazy... In fact, I'll fave it naow XD) and OHMYGOD I can't WAIT to re-read it!
Much thanks (again) and congrats on the kid!
7/7/2012 c1 Guest
Oops sorry for the last comment :) I mixed my tabs up and posted it on the wrong story, sry for any confusion I caused
7/7/2012 c1 Guest
I love All Time Low :) 3
6/3/2012 c1 Amy
You should try wattpad(dot)com! Can't copy and paste there.
5/13/2012 c1 SmokingEngraved
5/2/2012 c18 DA-chen1

Really lovely story!

5/2/2012 c14 DA-chen1
Yeah! Really hot stuff :-)

Like them both together- like that.. harharrr..

5/2/2012 c13 DA-chen1
Great, I really love them! :-)

4/30/2012 c2 DA-chen1
Great story! I really like your style! ;-)

I thought about it, Humboldt isn't the murderer of her friend!

It's evident.. but Alec didn't see it!

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