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3/1/2021 c13 Xxx
It leaves me feeling satisfied.
3/1/2021 c13 Xxx
So far this story is absolutely beautiful, the way it was written . This is a masterpiece in its own . I am at a loss for words . It’s perfect .
10/26/2014 c12 Grespitchied
The way you display her makes her complexities really reach through and it's very humorous and enlightening to read. I wish there was more to the story but I'll doubt you'll be updating soon so I guess this is it for me. It's been really great reading this! :)
10/26/2014 c10 Grespitchied
7/28/2014 c12 1DeacccctivatedAccount
More, please. Most definitely.
3/4/2014 c12 4thedarkone19
I can't wait to read the rest of this story. please upload the next chapter
7/4/2013 c11 1ParanormalLove
Seriously?! Two years?! Bro, I-I thought we had something special! You just leave me hanging like that? Come on, I need more! In all seriousness, I really do like this story. The style is different and exciting and all your works that I've read so far are pretty impressive. It's amazing, the varying versions of your stories. They're very fun to read and get a laugh out of me which I thoroughly enjoy. You're writing is definitely refreshing in my opinion. I miss reading stories with no-shit-taking characters that learn they aren't so cold and deal with things in a way that makes you crave more. Honestly, even if you leave it at this, I'm still going to love you. I already love you. Creepy, sure, but dude, you're awesome. Keep on writing because if you don't, the world will implode in to a vortex of the unknown and a paradox will suck up our souls.

P.S. Great story!
1/28/2013 c11 1DeacccctivatedAccount
Seeing as you updated this about two years ago, the chances of another chapter are slim. But care to prove me wrong and come out with another one? Seriously. You have to be the most epic writer to ever grace this site.
2/5/2012 c11 3herondalechick123
YOU MUST UPDATE SOON!omg i just started getting into your story and was all pissed when you cut it off at chapter 10. am i allowed to get my hopes up for a chapter 11 soon?
10/1/2011 c11 10xXAtelophobiaXx
You need to get on it! It's been like... 6 months or so since the last update, you gott aposts more D:
8/15/2011 c11 kaymonkeygirl
Crap you need to update soon! I'm like dieing to know what is ganna happen!

7/25/2011 c2 7Yuuenchi
Okay, color me squeamish, but yeah I think your use of profanities hovers on the gratuitous, and we're only on the first full chapter. And yeah its an annoyance, nevermind that how Harley talks and thinks is exactly what I've heard from my peers and the HS crowd. And yes I'm moaning about it, but no, I'm not going to stop the reading. A minor irritant does not blot out the overall necessity to follow Harley. Especially when she's this good a read. Da** but that's so unfair of you! So far this is definitely a dialogue driven tale, whether or not its Harley's interior dialogue, her running dialogue with the assumed reader, or her verbal interactions with (Although, on the other hand, for once it would be nice to read about a non-dysfunctional family situation *grin*). And yes you're going to have to bear with the dork who reviews as many chapters as possible, because each chapter is in essence a separate work, unless you actually wrote the whole thing up first, and are merely editing it afore you upload it for our viewing pleasure. Don't worry though, I hope to give you a real review soon (though I prefer to give full review only when a tale is completed).
7/17/2011 c11 2Kaylax3
Love this to be honest:), when you going to continue it:O?
6/12/2011 c3 Guest
I find it funny how the first thing you tell people that read your story is not to be bitchy, that flamers are the nazi's of fictionpress, and basically "I don't want to hear your opinion on my story if it's bad." But then, you're main charector is bitchy, is a flamer in real life, and speaks her opinion whenever she likes. Quite a contradiction. I'm sorry to say that I don't like reading the works of hypocrits, so I'll be leaving the story without looking back. Have a nice day, ^_^ .
4/3/2011 c11 Sodnekdnskhjb
This is really good! Are you going to continue it? I really hope so! Please update! Can't wait to find out how this all works out for them
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