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12/3/2009 c13 originalripperwrites
loved it
10/22/2009 c3 Cecilia A
Hm... interesting. But I'm confused already... Gah. Still too fast. :D

10/22/2009 c2 Cecilia A
Again, fast. A facebook game? Are you writing down what's going on in the game while you play, or did you just steal the general concept of it?

10/22/2009 c1 Cecilia A
O_o First of all, it's in bold, it's underlined, and it's in italics.

That might have contirbuted to how I feel that it went pretty fast. Were you trying to do that? It's really good, but jeeze, slow down a bit, yikes... :P Good intro, though more backround would be nice. :)

-Cecile (Formerly Harlow.)

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