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11/14/2009 c1 1Hardyng
Ah, les GCSEs. What fun. This reminds me of mine, except, you know, I'M DOING MINE NOW. *headdesk* Well, I'm kinda not, since I've got sciatica (yay me) and I haven't been to school for six weeks PLUS half term. *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk*

Anypoodles. I'm considering writing a load of ocncrit here (because I was an English teacher in a past life) or not, since I just did mine with my class last term, and watched them all go bananas over the concrit Miss Watson gave us. It was JOYFUL.

So yeah, I just think that it was a nice little extract that worked really well, and if I had any advice to give it would be step the description, especially the description of emotions and what not, um, and maybe try and vary your descriptive/writing techniques a bit more.

Acutally, I think I might post my coursework now, if I can find it...



Whatever, that was cute!

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