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for Over Coffee

2/2/2012 c1 Lizray
Beautiful story. Truly wonderful. I would have loved to have heard Claire's reaction and what she had to say though. Anyways very well written its obvious how much she loves her.
10/27/2009 c1 2sunshinernnr
I liked it! The POV of the roommate was really interesting and touching. I did get thrown off a little bit by the switches in POV, however. Maybe there's some way to demonstrate a switch? Also, I get that it's slash but did the ex-fiancee have to turn out to be gay/bi, too? It just seems unrealistic that everyone would come out or realize their underlying bisexuality at the same time.
10/24/2009 c1 1Mak Hertz
1. It's strange to see her in a good relationship with her ex. Though it sucks to be her because no matter how much I thought otherwise, there would still be times when I was convinced I had turned him gay.

2. "make a pot of coffee and ask your roommate." - confusing advice for her, I'm sure.

3. Her roommate is rather obsessed, but at least she doesn't seem too creepy about it. Just cute.

4. I feel so bad for the poor roommate, but I think she probably should've said something earlier.

5. Well we agreed. If someone had said something earlier, it would've all worked out a lot better. Good story, very subtle again...well kinda... but definitely very different from your first 2 stories. Anyway, it was well written and I'm glad they got things straightened out in the end. :) I guess she "turned" her fiance gay, and he did the same for her. haha. Great work. Keep it up!

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