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for Kiss of Twilight: Betrayed by the Dawn

2/26/2013 c1 11tamarbastet
The previous review was from me, my computer decided to log me out for whatever reason... But I stand by it: PLEASE UPDATE!
2/26/2013 c4 Guest
Dear Michelle,

I am a fairly new reader of your beautiful stories. I have read most of them in a couple of days. Your stories are exciting, beautiful and exactly a read I was looking for to spent my days. What I am going to ask you now will probably not come as a suprise: PLEASE UPDATE! You are an incredible good writer, lots of talent and you write compelling stories. Please don't leave me stranded here on this climax! If I had so many fans as you have, I wouldn't let my readers wait 2 years!

P.S. If you still have trouble finding publishers for you books, why not publish them yourself, there are various websites where you can do it even for free, like . I will buy your books! I am your fan!

so enough said, you know what you should do: write! And make me happy!

Lots of love from Amsterdam:)
2/22/2013 c4 Guest
i saw your stories a few days ago, and have been trying to read them non-stop!
they are AMAZING!
all those publishers who turned u down must be crazy
but please please please update!
its been two yrs :'(
please update
thx :D
1/13/2013 c4 2Universal808
Wow. This is a very intresting outcome.

I've discovered your story OSTSG, been hooked up to it, found out there was a trilogy as a sequel... well, you get my point. I really love the character development in your past works, and now I'm very intrested in the bargains that Melina makes. It's very intresting that Melina would be able to bring Eve back to life... I remember, when I found ut Eve was going to die, I was screaming and lashing, refusingit to be true. And now this... Just wow.

I really do want to know what the price is (Obviously high) but it may be highly dangerous. Truth be told, I LOVE Eve. Favorite character in the book! She always helps Helena in decisions and is such a good friend. It's hard to think that she used to be nothing more than an object until that one fateful day when Helena stepped into her life. I really hate that people treat servants or maids like garbage. I have a maid back at home, and we treat her like family. In fact, I thought she was an aunt at first. Which is one of the reasons why I LIKE EVE.

But if she dies, and Melina does not bring her back I will KILL YOU. No, I won't. Cuz you won't be able to finish the story. And please update soon! It's already the year of 2013, and this has been last updated 2011! I CAN'T GO ON ANY LONGER. Actually, I can. But pleeaassee update soon!
1/8/2013 c4 2Lauren Stargazer
I found your stories recently and fell in love with them. I know that it has been over a year since your last update on this story, but I still hope that you'll update soon. Keep up the fantastic work and please update.
11/25/2012 c4 Nicole
PLEASE update! My happiness depends on it
11/22/2012 c4 Eisette
I realise it's been, what, a year since you updated? So I don't know if you'll even see this, but...
I just wanted you to know how much I love this story. I ADORE it. I first read it just after you'd started the second book, I think, and I was in high school - I think it was a huge part of why I chose to be an author. The kingdoms and their interactions inspired me to create my own fantasy novel, and just at the end of the second book, I rediscovered it and reread. And now, I have reread it all again.
I don't know how to describe the feelings I have for this story. It's so touching, and amazing, and heart warming and emotive and... Oh, I really have no words! The character development and characterisation is so well done that I feel like all authors could learn from this, the storyline is so intricate, the kingdom and history is so well done and detailed, and the storyline is ever-changing and exquisite. Every time I find it, I have to immediately read through it all because it is so bewitching and fantastic that I have to revel in it all over again! It's half two in the morning, because I just could not stop reading when I rediscovered it this afternoon.
And I really hope one day you return to this story. And if not, I just hope you see this comment at least, because this story is so amazing and now so dear to me that I just wanted to tell you how much it's affected me, and how much I love it. Basically, thank you so much for writing this and posting it - I honestly don't have words to describe just how thankful I am and how much I love it.
Best wishes and much love, Ei x
11/12/2012 c4 Dotpoint
I have read this series from the start! You're such a great writer!
Vinnie is so awesome. Helena is sweet and innocent, but lately, a darker side has been revealed...:3
10/13/2012 c4 18Koi19
Perhaps I'm mistaken but I find it odd that Helena is so upset by Vincent's choosing to give up his child when her own deal pretty much entails the same. Or am I remembering wrong? And I seriously doubt Melina will bargain for Eve's life. I hope her death isn't too horrible.
10/1/2012 c4 Kathadoodle
As I saw you updated recently (even though it was just an announcement), I decided to re-read this series. It's just as great as I remembered and with such enchanting characters. It is still a little haphazard timeline wise, which leads to confusion, and the narration gets a little lost in the dialogue at times. But those are minor, to my major issue is that you have pretty much abandoned this story. I really think you just need to finish it, even if it is not perfect quality because it's hard for your readers to stay interested when you don't throw them the occasional bone. I love your work, its truly magical and very sweet, but you need to finish this series instead of dragging it out over another 4 years or letting it go unfinished (you put so much work into it and that would be a real shame). I hope you don't feel harassed, annoyed, or anything this is truly because I care about the story and want to know what happens. Please update soon.
9/8/2012 c4 1bumblebee jars
Let it be known that I LOVE this story. Seriously, if this was published, it would be in my permanent connection. I think you have a wonderful plot going on here - I'm hooked! And your characters are solid, which is great for an epic like this. I love every character of yours, especially Helena and Vincent.

You've created a very established world here, and I love that I can picture the map of the continent in my head while I'm reading. You also have amazing spelling and grammar, which is always a plus for me. So, thank you for all of these positive features. It's the simple factors like the aforementioned ones that make stories a masterpiece. And yours, ma'am, is definitely a masterpiece.

That said, I realize you're busy, so I won't beg you to update. But it would be nice to wake up and find an alert in my inbox. :)
8/21/2012 c4 raniailana
:( I want an update. I have been waiting for it for about months now. :''(
8/15/2012 c4 Catimi
Please please please don't stop writing and updating !
This is an amazing story with amazing characters and I absolutely want to know what will happen to all of them !
8/3/2012 c4 Danielle
I've gotten halfway through the second book in less then two days and I have to say I love it, completely and utterly! It reminds me so much of my favorite book (Ella Enchanted) but yet so different! I just don't know if I would rather quit now of my own accord, or wait around for the rest of my life for an update! So the question of the day is, Do you ever plan on finishing this book? Or should I just leave now?
7/31/2012 c4 the.closet.writer
I spent 2 whole days to read OStSG and both KoT books, and I really really need to know what happens next. Will there ever be an update of this story? Please please please update, I don't usually enjoy this type of story but I can't help but wondering what will happen to Vinny and Helena.
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