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for Kiss of Twilight: Betrayed by the Dawn

7/26/2012 c1 Guest
I hope you can update soon, it's getting really interesting
7/25/2012 c4 HiddenReflections
I can't wait for you to update Betrayed by the Dawn, I want to read it so much, and I notice you haven't update it since August, and I wish you would update it soon, cause the story is getting so good, and I can't wait to read what will happen next. Please update it soon.
7/20/2012 c4 UbiquityEssence
I came across a book and it reminded me of your story. Not the plot just the fairytale theme! It's called "Kill Me Softly" by Sarah Cross.
7/16/2012 c4 Guest
please update this soon, your series has quickly become a favorite of mine.
6/19/2012 c1 Lazy-Teenager Syndrome
Hi(: Honestly, I have not read this part or the 2nd, i just finished the first and it was ahhhhhmazing(:, but I don't want to keep reading if this part(The End!)isn't done, cause I don't know it doesn't seem right. I have added you to my author's alert thinger for whenever you update. Just want to say that I'm rootin' or yah!(: I seriosuly hope you update because, as you've been told many times in your reviews, you are seriously and fudge awesome-tastic writer. Honestly, so good. So I am really hoping you'll update(:, if you still read this please do. I know you are busy but you are sooooooo(x100) close to being doing. You've written 2/3's of this story. FINISH IT!xP Please(: Kay, uhmmm...that's all? Also, in your first part of KoT, just wanted to let you know I loved your Q&A parts, they were always so...friendly?...no that's not the right word, they were always written as if you care and i love when author's do that, makes 'em even more cooler.(: Kay, now that was really all, bye(:
5/25/2012 c1 ellectf
I absolutely ADORE this story. I think I've read through it multiple times by now. I'm sure life has impeded the updates for this story, but please don't take it down.

I have full faith that you'll finish this story one day. You're so close - this is the last leg of the story. I've fallen in love with these characters and I would hate to never find out what happens to them in the end. So even if it takes you years to finish this story, I will stick with it until the very end. I hope that one day you're even able to publish! I would buy it (multiple copies!) in a heartbeat.

Please don't abandon this story, even if you only update sparingly.

It truly is one of best things I've ever read :)

5/7/2012 c4 dying4more
I have read the first two books in one setting and I'm dying for more! If you read this please update soon. I love your stories
4/22/2012 c1 1Bookworm-At-Starbucks
Okay, I admit that I have not read this chapter yet and all but I would like to ask, Michelle, Darling, are you ever going to continue? I mean you are what now? 27? (From your profile and I added 3 years) Darling, be straight forward and hang the HIATUS sign on this. I love it, Book one and two, but I've been dying for book three. THE KISSS! It's been three years since you last post a chapter, I get it. You are probably not friends with your beta anymore, I get it. I also get that you might have a job now, got bills to pay, a social life to keep, a love life to nurture, but seriously, I rather you removed the whole series then let new readers like me get disappointed because I feel like I was cheated. I rather that you published this trilogy so I can grab a copy than mope, cause right now, I'm disappointed that I'll never see the couple I rooted for from the beginning confess. I'll never see Helena call Vinny by his name. I spent 2 sleepless night to get through the first 2 books so I feel kinda cheated.

I thank you for your work. Your time. Your consideration to these characters, but I think it would be more merciful if you killed them at the end of the last book because we will never know now what happened. Your one of the good authors out there. You have the potential to go pro because most people find it hard to even finish a story. Be proud you finished two that has high quality writing. Please upload what you can and keep onto that dream you had when you open this account. Finish this. Take it down then send it in.

Your Fan,

4/1/2012 c4 StuckInTheSky
I don't know whether t's just me, but the story feels weird without Vinny in it. Anyways, has Michelle completely abandoned this story. I really hate open endings like this one!
3/22/2012 c4 DrippingRubies
I really loved this sires. It's been forever since you updated. I have waited for monthes. Do you pln on finishing this? Because I really hope you do.
3/13/2012 c4 amazed
omg this is amazing writing! please please update this story soon because i really cant wait to see what will happen :)
1/29/2012 c4 2MuffinsRoxSox
Omg. This series is amazing. I love Alex and Dru will always be my favorite main character, but Helena is alright too, I guess.

Eve is the bestest best friend in the world. Why do you have to kill her? WHY?

You should update this. Yeah.
1/13/2012 c4 2Chryseilas
im sure you would have heard this so many times already, but really your stories are amazing. ive always been an avid fan of fairytales, and your ability to make such drastic changes to them but still keep them so (dare i say it?) timeless is amazing. and i'll be selfish and say that i hope that you wont go and get these published because then i'll never get to read them again and again for free :DDDD haha im just kidding.

well my mind is bleeding from my second chain read of your series within one week (including OSTSG) so ill just sign off with another "i cant wait for the next chapter!"

love chrys :)
12/30/2011 c4 1Vickeetoreeuh
Hi! I really love you writing and stories and was wondering if you were planning on continuing this story. I understand people tend to get busy in life :) let me know!
12/12/2011 c4 3elphaba731
Why did I not get an email that this had been updated? Shame I'm only reading this chapter now! But it was absolutely lovely, as always. I really want to know what happens next!
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