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for Kiss of Twilight: Betrayed by the Dawn

11/25/2011 c1 Rosedreamer101
i think i'll leave the link to this series on my computer's sticky note app. how long do you think it'll take for you to finish this story?
8/22/2011 c1 Rania-VH
...I need the chapter 4..why do it have to end so badly in chapter 2...pls. ranting add the next chapter..are you really busy?..PLEASE have time for your readers..:)
8/21/2011 c4 1SourTofu
God bless internet thievery! ;p

but, um...holy cow! that was a lot of information in one chapter! not only that but poor eve! melina sure has plans in store for them and on one hand i can't wait to find out what, but on the other i'm nervous as to what they might be.

ps. i already miss vinny ;( lol
8/15/2011 c4 2Lost in time of Dinos
I do have to say first of all is that these stories are ADDICTING seriously I would just read and read and read until I've finally finished all that I could. I love this story about Helena and the one about Dru and Alex. I love all the characters even though there were a few that I just want smack like Cindy for instance and Vinny. Question though who is Phoneix again? I was reading the notes in the 2nd book towards the couple last chapters and they mentioned- well talked about Phoneix. I realize that I couldn't remember when they mentioned Phoneix and not that I think about it was it the time when she meet Doc and Mary? I'm probably going to end up rereading the series again. Probably. But I still can't wait to read everything and how it's going to end. :)
8/15/2011 c4 2Yadil
Suspense is killing me, so many questions unanswered. There's so many things Helena seems to want to change. Vinny's first son, Eve's life, will she bargain with Melina for all of these? The price would be horrible for things like these. I cant wait to see what her decisions lead her to.
8/14/2011 c1 RaniaIlana
Pls. Add something...I am really dying to read more...Would Helena really get her own even legs?.
8/9/2011 c4 Holly

This was amazing!

I am falling in love with Bliss, too. She's just so carefree. I love it. XD

Anyway. I admire this story very much, and I screamed out loud when I saw that you updated. No joke. My mom had to come up because she thought I was being murdered or something.

Keep writing!


8/9/2011 c4 imwithyou
Thanks for updating! I doesn't matter how often you update, just that you complete this story. A story with a plot like this is worth waiting for. 3
8/9/2011 c4 redcristal
Thank you for updating!

I love your story and was a bit scared that you stopped randomly without saying anything, but i'm glad to see it is not so :)

This chapter was quite a handful.

Now we know most if not all of what and who Melina is.

This makes me super super excited!

Especially that part about her being able to bring people back to life (or more like the implication that she could possibly bring people back to life...)

So stoked for your next chapter~
8/8/2011 c4 LondonLi
Thank you so much for the update! I'm glad you're updating, no matter how sporadic! Thanks so much for the new chapter.
8/8/2011 c4 3raindrahp
Thank you so much for updating! This is still the best story I've found on fictionpress, and possibly the best I've found anywhere.

I hope you update soon, and good luck with your internet problems.

8/8/2011 c4 1chrissy.qld
ahhhh its been soo long! :D when i got the email, i literally jumped out of my chair in excitement! please dont be too long again, i absolutely love this story! 3
8/7/2011 c4 Helenor
Hi Ranting!

I know I said I would review the other chapter after I reread the stories again, but when I saw you updated, I couldn't resist reading the new chapter. I will review the other one too, I promise. (also not sure if you've changed the other chapter or if I'm just going crazy)

Is Bliss related to Helena? She called Miranda her aunt and isn't Miranda Alexander's sister? I really need to read up the other stories again.

Hmm, so Eve might not stay dead if Helena might be willing to trade her life for her first born? Is that how Melina will get her to agree? Very interesting.

I'm glad we got to see the story behind Melina, Lycan, and Eriwyn. Though I do want to know how exactly Eriwyn died. I really enjoyed this chapter, as always.
7/23/2011 c3 Holland's Salutation
I'm too lazy to log in, so you can contact me via this name if need be. :)

So. I read this forever and a day ago, and I loved it. At the time, this was not updated. So I recently remembered that this story did, in fact, exist, and I went to see if you'd updated it.

When I saw that you did, I screamed so loud my roommate looked at me strangely. Anyway, this was amazing! I love Meline, and I love Vinny. Helena isn't my favorite character, because she's so annoying, but that's what makes every story great! (No, actually, Vinny carries it all on his shoulders. XD)

So I had to re-read the other two books-which were lovely, by the way-and then re-read this before I remembered everything. I still need to re-read OSTSG to get it completely. However, this is one of my favorite series ever. Like of all time. In the history of the world.

And then I read the spoilers, and I know that Eve is going to die. I'm also guessing that Vinny is going to be on the verge of death, after Helena's awake, because she'd need to be awake in order to save his life. In exchange for his life, she's going to give Melina her first-born kid (cough son cough) who will fall in love with Melina and save the Lands.

But enough of my gushing about how amazing and awesome and wonderful and fantastic this story is, no matter how much it deserves it. I'm so sorry that you had a bastard boyfriend like that, and I wish you luck with your new one. I can understand your lack of writing enthusiasm, and I hope your life only gets better from this point on. It's really a lovely series that you've written here, and it'd be a shame to see it go unfinished.

Just remember: Never, never stop writing! Or doing something that you love! But mainly writing. I hope you have a nice day, and that your writing mojo is restored as soon as it deems fit.


7/6/2011 c3 redcristal
Helena is quite the drama queen ^^

Why the rush to leave just because she found out Vinny traded his first born child to save his father?

It's not like he betrayed her or something.

Still as irrational as always. How old is she now? 16? Shouldn't she be a bit more mature than this?

Did Eve know that the ballroom floor was a mirror or did she just want to act surprise to cheer up Helena?

I don't remember if it was just Vinny and Helena that discovered it back in Absence of Light...

I like how Eve is now, much more relaxed. It's amazing what Dominic could do to change her up ^^

Though they're not gonna ever end up together huh :(

Your story about the three is a bit confusing.

Why did Arianna want Melina? Did she even want Ciel or was she just using his love for her to get Melina?

Why didn't Arianna go with them to the cave if she was the one that threatened the hag to reveal its location?

"she knew that she'd die either way, but she'd rather die with everyone than die alone" - is this the hag? Why wouldn't she die alone?
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