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for Kiss of Twilight: Betrayed by the Dawn

3/23/2011 c3 ellectf
I am so far beyond happy that you've updated this! I adore this story, it's my absolute favorite :)

I'm sorry to hear about all of the stuff that you've had to go through, I'm glad you've found someone who will treat you right though :)

I look forward to starting to see your work again!
3/22/2011 c3 createavacuum
GAH! I nearly had an orgasm when I saw that you had updated… anyway, great chapter! I'm so excited about this!
3/22/2011 c3 ebs12
it's hard to escape real life sometimes. I hope all gets better. Update soon
3/22/2011 c3 7EFaye

i can't tell you how excited i was when i checked my emails and saw an email saying there was a new chapter of Kiss of Twilight! :D :D :D :D

this really cheered me up to.. i've been having a bad couple of weeks so thanked you for updating! :D

i really liked hearing from Lycan. he's an interesting character. i kinda suspected that Melina was more powerful than she made out to be; she was just much too cocky for her own good. but the cliff hanger was mean! D:

i wish vinny had made an appearance! hehe
3/22/2011 c3 3elphaba731
Another phenomenal chapter! Welcome back (:
2/9/2011 c2 kawinkydink
i didn't realize you rewrote the beginning the third book/end of second book! i definitely prefer this direction of the story :] please update soon. there's only so many times i can reread your story and still try to wait patiently for the next update. teehee!
1/29/2011 c2 Guest
WHEN will u ever update? i hate cliffhangers..!
1/24/2011 c2 1ANG3LIC D3MON
HI! just like to say i love your stories and i've been following up on them. please add more chapters because they are so addictive! =]
1/16/2011 c2 Eisette
Helena was ever so grown up in this chapter! (I know she panicked and ran, but other than that, her determination and thoughts were y'know.. mature? I don't know xD)

! I discovered Prelude the other night and haven't been able to stop reading everything up to this point. I know you're busy with everything (and this hasn't been updated in months :[) and I don't want you to feel guilt-tripped into updating (I'd rather wait for a chapter that you enjoyed writing ^^) but whenever you do update, I will be thrilled :)

I adore Helena's resolve in this :) And Vinny being Vinny.. xD

Also, OH NOES EVE D: I didn't read the chapter in which she died in Absence of Light, so I don't really know what to expect as far as Eve's death goes, but I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the emotions :) I really adore drama and emotion, I have no idea why xD

Oops, tangent. Anyway, can't wait for your update :)
11/28/2010 c2 UnderTheBonfire
Hm,Wonder how things will turn out now...also one question what happened to the gun helen had? Did she use it already? i`ve been wondering about it xD
11/11/2010 c2 Si-Sidera
Please, please, please update! D: The suspense here is killing me... You can do it! Finish the story!
10/8/2010 c2 jasminangjiamin
heyy :]

i really hope you can update soon,

your stories are one of the most memorable one i've even read :D
9/18/2010 c2 PoiPounder
I am so loving this story!

I can't wait for the next chapter so you need to update soon!
9/7/2010 c2 21songbirdalice
definantly looking forward to an update soon :) from your loyal follower, lovelytoxic.
8/15/2010 c2 3Ivymax1234
Since you haven't updated since May...3rd, I guess that means you started optometry school... I hope you can update sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, I'll just read your other stories.
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