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12/29/2011 c3 6Jayded
Hello felicia13,

The poems you wrote were very interesting and sent very vivid messages. I think you should try another writing exercise like this one in the future.

You reviewed one of my stories a few years ago, and I wanted to tell you that I appreciated the criticism. The story I wrote was for an English assignment (I think). I rather enjoyed your comments and wanted to thank you. I was also wondering, since I can't message you from your profile, if you would be willing to read and edit a story I'm writing. I need some help, and for someone to kick me in the but about getting around to writing a more coherent story instead of just random memories and musings. Please let me know if you're up for the task.


P.S. LOVE the name (it's my first name, actually) lol. 3
10/26/2009 c3 57empathic life
Oh, dear, Felicia. Another awesome little poemette. Your imagery never fails to astound me. Definitely loving the alliteration in this one; probably my favorite part. :D But then the last two sentences are just the perfect conclusion. Agh. You make me sick.

Hope you don't mind me spamming your inbox with reviews. Love you. - Alex
10/26/2009 c2 empathic life
I really liked this one, even though I've never read Brave New World (I've started it a million times, but always get distracted). I like how it started off with the jerking movement; kinda sets the tone for the whole piece. The fourth line looks a little out of place to me, but the line itself is awesome. :D I LOVE the paradox of the last sentence, how she moves faintly into the brave new world... Oh. Just awesome. :D
10/26/2009 c1 empathic life
Oh, I loved Grendel. Definitely one of the better books we read. Very short and effective piece. Certainly conveys the mood of the book, and also captures some of my thoughts whilst we read it. So yeah. Nice to see you on fp. ^^

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