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7/22/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hello! I would like to invite you to join our platform to present a good quality story to our readers! Kindly send me a message if this offer piqued your interest!
5/18/2016 c1 OscarJLaw
oh nooooo

I hate it so much when this happens once I really like the story.
4/3/2015 c19 Blueivies
The last chapter is so cuteeee, hope that you'll continue the story :)
8/20/2014 c1 HMLYSIA
i love this storyy . but i really want to know the development of jerome and ilse after that kiss . :(
7/10/2013 c19 aurora101
I know its been a while but please please continue
6/21/2013 c19 the vcg
I loved the story, you did a great job.
1/4/2013 c19 27058
I rly hope u write an epilogue
4/16/2012 c19 1ClaryLovesYouXD
:D...yay (=...uodate soon if you please (:
1/24/2012 c19 Alenor
Oooh, nice story. Is that the end or will there be more?
8/14/2011 c19 5Mags2110
Love the story, hope you keep writing!

8/11/2011 c10 Mags2110
Hello. In response to your comment at the beginning of the chapter, yes there are mistakes in your writing, but you never misspell anything, and your writing style makes up for your mistakes. I love the story, by the way. I think it's original, and I also think that regardless of your english mistakes I can still follow along easily. Keep writing!
2/6/2011 c19 1claireponcherrii
please please please update! ive been reading this over and over! this deserves much more reviews... please update soon! i want to see more drama and romance!
11/28/2010 c19 1CV-S
I love your story! I really enjoy reading it, and the transitions between different scene. You have a unique way of making your readers want to read more. Good job.
10/14/2010 c19 Sweatered5Hatchets
New Reader!

I love this story, it's great and there's always a twist, and it also kept me guessing and keep reading the story. I love the chemistry between Ilse and Jerome. And is this the final chapter of the story or will you post more chapters?
9/21/2010 c19 audrey
this has to be one of the best stories i have ever read since discovering this website. it has a nice unique plot and so different from all the other romance work out there. keep up the great work! you have a wonderful way with words, and how you allow your characters to grow and create relationship shows your depth in writing skill. i look forward to reading your next installation!
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