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11/27/2009 c12 Mel
I love this story. I absolutely can't believe that English is not your native language. If you give up on this story because of some horrible comments its totally not worth it. keep up the good work:D
11/27/2009 c12 1Kid of Colors
Aww poor Isle. Its about time..

Please update :))
11/27/2009 c1 5holihua29
love the story...keep writing!
11/27/2009 c12 Natalie
I really love this story :), please update soon! I couldnt believe it when I just read that English isn't your first language, so congrats on a doing such a great job on this story so far
11/27/2009 c2 2righthere431
Lol it looks like Ilse made a good first impression ahaha. I love a guy with black hair and blue eyes!
11/27/2009 c1 righthere431
aww poor Ilse!
11/27/2009 c11 E

I'm glad reviewers helped to wash away those nasty comments! You have done fine! Learning new languages is a challenge that will last you a life time. I took four years of Spanish in school and I couldn't do this in Spanish at all!

11/26/2009 c11 twilight24
Aw, I'm so happy that Nina and Didier were so happy over the pregnancy! I would've expected them to decide on abortion or something b/c of the contract, but I'm happy they didnt. And gosh! Dupont was saying so many things that made ME wonder if he liked Isle in the same way as she likes him or not. And that whole "I really like Germans" comment made me laugh. I just wish I knew what he was hinking right now.
11/26/2009 c10 Anya
I just read your author's note at the top of this chapter, and it completely shocked me! Yes, I have noticed some grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes, but I would NEVER have guessed that english wasn't your native language! The mistakes you have made are mistakes all writers make - don't give up on the story becasue of picky readers! I adore this story, please keep writing!
11/26/2009 c11 Ishita2u

I'm so glad that u feeling better now.

U mentioned a quote by Churchill. So, i thought i'd share saying wid u in Gujarati( a language in the province of Gujarat, India) It goes : "when people start talking against you, thats when u shud realize that u doing good in life."

About the story, i'd that its shaping up gr8. But plss give some insight abt Jerome's feelings.

And pls pls pls give Nina a happy ending...

Plss Update

11/26/2009 c11 1J.M Llewellyn
LOVE IT~~! continue soon see yha!
11/26/2009 c11 GracelesslyFalling
Okay so I love this story :D It's very well written and I was amazed to hear that people were criticizing your English. I for one find it amazing you can write so well in another language I for one would have many more grammar and usage mistakes than you have in your story. Please keep writing. I am very interested to see where this goes.
11/26/2009 c11 2akaCHEEKS
he knew he wanted to say he likes her a lot and that he worries in vain instead of jorg. and who the hell is sending you mean private messages? those assholes! ignore them. this was an awesome chapter! you just gotta work on your grammer a little bit. you have a habit of using past tense when its supposed to be present tense and vice versa. just saying ;)
11/26/2009 c11 1Kid of Colors
Boy there is drama! I love it haha. please continue :)
11/26/2009 c11 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You
its a thanks giving miracle!

happy gobble gobbole day!
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