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11/17/2009 c9 ReaderofSorts
Hey, I love this story ! The plot is really developing well ! Update soon please :)x
11/16/2009 c6 greenonthecurb
Hi! I love the story idea but I have a few points of contention

1) Your grammar. I know that English is not your Mother Tongue, but still you should use a proofreading software or something of the other because after a while the reader loses interest. :)

2) Your protagonist seems weak and frivolous. When Jerome yells at her, she doesn't say anything or seem to have the presence of character to defend herself. I understand that in this situation your character is upset but to make her seem more like a heroine and less like a cheap romance novel character you should probably give her more depth. Also, the thing with her German boyfriend makes he seem self-centred as she is leaving him to wonder where she is. I know that she's upset because that moron (hehe I hate soccer too :D) chooses sports over her, but the fact that she doesn't give him an explanation makes her seem immature.

but there are really good points in the novel too :)

I like how her boss is so no bullshit, it really does portray how the real, working world is. Also, we can see Ilse's perception of Nina clearly- she doesn't know what to make of her.

good luck! :D
11/16/2009 c9 twilight24
aw, no! she cant leave just like that! and gosh. it was kinda her fault for saying the brother thing. It sounds like something I've once said, and I think it can be fixed. And I cant stop wondering what he was about to say right before that stupid lady had to start screaming out his name! And wow, he's a bit bipolar. One moment he'll seem really nice to her, as if he really wants to get to know her, and another, he'll seem so distant! But overall, i absolutely LOVE this story! It's nice to read a soccer romance after so long!
11/16/2009 c9 1Kid of Colors
Please update soon. The end of this chap is so sad haha. Can't wait to see how things end up!
11/16/2009 c9 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You
lovelovelove it!

can't wait for more!

hope you update soon!

its really gonna irk me now i wanna know what he was gonna say so bad!

why is she such an idiot! calling him her brother! what is wrong with her?
11/16/2009 c9 pille-ip
ooh. drama...

I like it... I need more of it... much much more... please, pretty please... :)
11/16/2009 c9 7Chasing Happiness
How could you leave me on such a cliff hanger of will she won't she leave. gah.
11/16/2009 c9 Feeding Ground
That was a nice long chapter! Worth the wait! I almost started to panic thinking maybe you were going to stop writing.

It was nice to have a chapter that was dedicated to the interactions between Ilse and Jerome. Its cute the way they talk to each other! I could have killed that blonde girl at the end of the chapter who ruined their "moment" together. Oh well, I guess that we will have to wait for the next chapter to find out what Jerome wanted to tell Ilse.

What is Jerome going to do when he finds out Ilse is going to quit? Or will Jorg or someone else convince her not to. You left this chapter at a terrible end! The suspense is too much! Can't wait for the next chapter! Please don't make me wait too long!

P.s. Every time you mention I particular song, like Lady Gaga a couple of chapters ago and Madonna in this chapter, I am always listening to a song by them or the song you mention in the chapter - its creepy! Lol. I love your taste in music!
11/16/2009 c9 Deeps
please postt the next chapter soon i can't wait to0 read what happens
11/16/2009 c9 Ishita2u

Waiting for more.. i guess there is nothing more to write but i want to encourage u to update more often...

Your loyal admirer..

11/16/2009 c9 Xiaolu
So, she admitted she's in love with him. It's maybe a bit too soon but why not. :) She's also quite impulsive but I can understand since she seems so insecure about herself. So, she's going back to Germany? :) Maybe Jerome will react then. I'm sure he feels something for her even if she pisses off sometimes. *laugh*
11/12/2009 c8 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You
lovelovelove it!

cant wait for more!

hope you update soon!

there are a few grammer errors but other than that it's a great story!

11/9/2009 c8 twilight24
aw, I love how that went! yes, they did have their small tussle, but in the end, everything was just great! And I liked how he admitted that nothing went on between him and Nadine. And it seemed to me as if he didnt [lay well because of the little fight between him and Isle right before the match. And it was sweet how he decided to spend his last day free with Isle. Maybe they'll actually bond a bit when they're out together. :)
11/9/2009 c8 Feeding Ground
Yay! I was starting to get a little desperate for this chapter! Its good to see that Jerome and Ilse are heading towards "friendship" :P Can't wait for their adventures around Paris in the next chapter! Keep up the good work!
11/9/2009 c8 2Chloeee
Lol took awhile to read the 8 chapters. Great story so far! Loving it...Haha gotta go for a shower now and get to bed...Stupid morning class...-.-
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