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9/7/2010 c18 4MaPluie
Ah, I've been waiting for your update for weeks now! Haha!

Anyway, I feel bad for Ilse. I mean, John betraying her trust, then Jerome acting cold towards her. I think it's a tough time for her. I can't wait for the next chapters wherein there would be more interactions between Jerome and her.

And yay! for Jerome for not blaming Ilse for what happened to him. Wootwoot! :P

I'm really curious about what Nina have to say Ilse. I suppose it is something related to Jerome? Yea? Haha!

Please. Please. Please update soon! I'm really in love with this story. And I want to know what happens next. XD
8/31/2010 c1 moonstar
i love this story keep it up you have great immagination and you are a great writer i can't wait for the story to be complete i love it

8/28/2010 c17 6BulletWaterfall
So i read your author's not about people not liking your writing style. Well, I love it! it adds to the story. The story start out as about her being an interpreter, so with some words being messed up it shows that somethings do get lost in translation...

But i love it! keep writing don't let them get you down!
8/25/2010 c17 4MaPluie
Okay, I've got to say that I love your story and it really kept on my toes. Seriously, I like it a lot. (Probably because the MC reminded me of Yoann. Except with the blue eyes. Haha!)

I've got to say that I was a disappointed with Jerome in the end. I mean, how could he do that to Ilse? I have different thoughts of why he asked John to pass that message... like he wanted Ilse to forget about him. Or he is really an arrogant jerk that wanted to blame Ilse of what really happened. Though, I really don't agree on the latter. I mean, if he "truly" loved her, he wouldn't blame Ilse of the accident because, first of all, it wasn't her fault, and second, it was his idea to go on the ride. So, really, what's up with that?

I really liked your story. And for the past few months, I don't review much here in FP. But I think you deserve to know my thoughts and I really wanted to let you know how I feel about your story.

On your grammar... yes, it is not really perfect but knowing that English isn't your first language, it's really good. There are a couple of errors here and there, but a help of a beta, it can be cleaned up and that will make your story better. :)

I really do hope you update soon 'cause I'm not really sure what will happen. This story is very trivial and unexpected that I don't know what's going next. So, update soon? Yea? haha :))

Wish you all the best for this story. You really did a good job. :)
8/25/2010 c17 iman1234
finally an update for my favourite storyy! keep it up=)
8/25/2010 c1 Breathless Knight
The World Cup is for soccer. If you mean futbol, which is the Spanish version of soccer, then that's alright.
8/25/2010 c17 2DisturbingThePeace
You're back! Yay!

It sucks that Jerome" sleg broke but he didn't hae to be sch a jerk to Isle. Gosh! and just when I was really starting to like him a lot.

I'm really glad you're updating again. Maybe, you could update sooner? ;)
8/25/2010 c10 2scuttler
Darling, this story is wonderful! I just read your author's note, please don't take the harsh criticism to heart. I think it's a wonderful story and I commend you for writing a story in a language that is not your native language.

I want to extend an offer and it is up to you whether or not you want to take it. I will be more than happy to go back and edit the story for you for grammar mistakes. The content of the story is great, sure there's some grammar and vocab mistakes, but I don't think it really takes away from the story. Let me know, I would be more than happy to help you because I feel that this story has a lot of potential and you know how to tell a story :)

Don't be discouraged, this story is great. I'm adding it to my favorites right now :)
8/25/2010 c16 Madame Cardui
'Second, the night before the semifinals he broke all possible rules and risked being expulsed from the World Cup just to be with her: isn't this a proof that he loves her? He risked the dream of his life to show her he cared about her.'

Nope. The captain of the England football team had a meaningless one-night-stand with the girlfriend of his team-mate just before the world cup. It wrecked the team dynamics so he lost his captaincy. I don't think he loved her, I think he probably had no self-control.
8/25/2010 c1 4MaPluie
I haven't actually read yet the first chapter but I just want to say something.

The first thing I thought of your story was Yoann Gourcuff. Lol, because of Paris, gorgeous and World Cup. haha! Is that bad? HAHA

Anyway, I'm going to read now your story cause I'm really curious about your story. :)
7/26/2010 c16 cookiewolf
I LOVE THIS STORRY.And its realistic and not cliched=) please update soon
7/26/2010 c1 cookiewolf
aww lol shes gonna have alot of fun i can just see her enthusiasm lol ;)
6/29/2010 c16 1failwithpride
6/28/2010 c1 failwithpride


6/15/2010 c16 AlexionMichaelis
Cute! :D

I really like the plot and the emotions that all the characters displayed, and the complexity of it! Great job! And I really hope you update soon!

I'll be looking forward to reading it! :D
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