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8/14/2016 c20 Jay
Bloody Brilliant! : )
1/5/2016 c20 eunanma
It's nice but the story shouldn't end with Rian and Kel apart, at least they should tell each other how they feel..
9/23/2013 c20 16Amber Akasha
I loved it, congratulations on writing a really compelling story.
I'm having a hard time accepting Val, though, I like Kel a lot and hope him and D'rian get together, and I'm also still very curious over the name thing. So I guess what I'm saying is... when can we expect the sequel? :)

I don't want to bug you though, I know writing takes a lot of time, just wanted to let you know I'm eagerly awaiting the continuation of Silver Eyes.

3/22/2013 c6 6Veneya
am liking it so far... I had to review now rather than towards the end due to shortage of time I'm unable to read it all in one go. And it seemed rude favouriting it without a review :D
1/4/2013 c15 bob
TY for the story,

It has been very interesting so far and Ive no idea why you dont have much review so here's one!
8/6/2011 c20 1littleanemonefish
Just though I should say, I want Kel and Rian together, now. Val is so the safe, domestic choice, and I'm not a fan of those.
4/30/2010 c20 1Klalista
LOL damn. well, i'd like the freedom and all, but i'd probably just crash into someone or something (purposefully) and therefore waste monies. and i'm a recluse so i don't go anywhere. yay!

yeah, i saw it. && oh. i kinda guessed as much from the names lol. always thought templates were easier to use, though, since i've only html'd (a little). haha, nice. i just learned html by myself - much like anything else i ever did. i kinda gave up when it got all confusing and i ran into tables _ i'm like, "what so how do i make it not look like a table? wtf fuck this /quits/"

and yay SE is done
4/14/2010 c19 Klalista
whoa! i think i'm going to try that out. D now, to kidnap an unsuspecting victim! /rubs hands together/

well, if the vampire story was original and not so very cliched, i'd like it. that applies to basically anything i read c: i have interview with a vampire from anne rice. i never finished it though _

edward. LOL. i don't like edward in the books or the movies. LOL TINGLING SOUNDS? jesus. vampires explode into a puddle of dust only to be whisked away into the sunset by the coming wind. lolol. well, my friend is an avid twilight fan, but she can take criticism of it very nicely. she even reads shit that makes fun of it and laughs. c: so i dunno what it's like to be rabidly glared at by twifans. O: twilight is like, an angst machine. i read a story on fp and jesus christ it's so angsty. i'd say it's angstier than twilight, but i like the fp story more.

i didn't know that. O: i don't see what's so awesome about harry potter. i read about the guy who played h.p. in the movies. he sounds like an arrogant brat. i don't like anything to do with harry potter, now that i think about it. D: prob explains why i'm not reading it... lewl.

most yaoi mangas are cliched? ALL OF THEM ARE. except for that one yaoi whose title i forgot. ah, i see. barnes and nobles needs to get a sign that says "Slash/Yaoi/MM" and have a nice, big section dedicated to said title. 8D they'd make a lot of monies.

LOLOL. i like the busrides when we were in nyc, actually. mostly because my legs were dead tired and i fall asleep during the super long drives to places. yeah, when we visited ellis island, we found out we couldn't go on the statue. my besteriest buddie evar wanted to go around the statue anyways, lawl. but majority ruled and we left.

haha, the next time i check my email, i see a new chapter of SE, so i was like, WHOO. then i read your reply and saw this last paragraph, and i was like, "lawlawl, plans actually succeed for once!"

how long are your challenge ficcies? like, 32859832 chapters long? that'd be nice... haha, sex with skellies. /purposefully asks you do to that now D/

anywho. so, about the rp i asked you 32859320 reviews earlier. i love royalty (mostly kings and princes), as i've told you. and i avidly read the ones on fp, but god damn it, the prince is never the uke! except for this one story that 4srsly needs to be updated so i can jizz to it. i kinda want to write my own story, but i dunno what kind of love interest would go with my kind of princey. plus, i'm not very good with personalities, actually. i only have... four. the bubbly, the aggressive, the slave/uke, and the wily. and my besteriest buddie forevar isn't into the stuff i am, lol (how are we friends?).

tl;dr, are you interested in being the man in the relationship in a story i just thought about last hour?

&& haha, i feel kinda useless talking about things other than SE even though i'm reviewing it. but i comfort myself by thinking that i'm going to help you edit it later... mebbie. D:
4/10/2010 c18 Klalista
/sobs/ someone ate my mung bean cake and gave me the remnants... my family is so twisted.


k, so. i read your newest chappy a days ago but i didn't reply cause it usually takes for forever to formulate proper reviews. and apaprently i can only formulate them when i have heavy metal blasting or if i'm rubbing creamy substance upon my body. D:

perfect games ftw. at least i'm masochistic enough to get every item/armor/whatnot in the game. 8D

haha, plotholes. god damn i hate those whores. so, in regards to plotline/holes and editing, i'm gonna ask you if you're gonna build off your old story. by that, i mean go back to your chapters and add more stuff to existing paragraphs, move stuff around, remove some other stuff... or are you going to like... type up new paragraphs for chapter x and replace chapter x with the new typed up shit, etc. /am really confused now/ i'm not sure if i asked you this before... ah, damn you, memory!

i think being a real author would be a pain. especially if you're popular and then you're just choking on fanmail. you can't even see your house anymore cause it's full of fanmail, etc, rofl. i wonder if you can publish slash stories...? i'd totally buy them and my mom's all fob-y and asian-y so she'll be like, "LOL ANOTHER ONE OF HER WEIRD BOOKS /ignore."

ah, we went sight seeing. half of the group of people there consisted of the black chicks and their group/clique and the other half is us white people (plus asian) and our outcastiness. i swear we're practically ripping throats open on the busride, LOL - which, by the way, numbed my ass, legs, and perhaps brain. it's decaying!

our hotel was in nj! c: it takes us like, 45 mins to get from NJ to whatever part of NY we were gonna go sightsee. we had this mall trip and i visisted hot topic and, for once, it was not in vain! i got me a new pair of trippies AND THEY'RE NOT OUTLINED IN RED /dies/

mkay, anywhoo. sorry for the late, late, late review. and depending on your answer for the editing and how you're gonna go about it, i'm gonna go copy pasta your old chapters into MSword and start slicing it apart before sending it to you.

btw, you still need to get back to about your guys and their reactions. O:
3/13/2010 c17 Klalista
2/12/2010 c17 tmelange1
Great continuation! Bravo! I don't get the feeling that the story is choppy. I get the feeling that the relationships are choppy, which is a different beast. Good luck with it.
2/7/2010 c16 tmelange1
Bravo! I look forward to reading more of this story. Although, I must say I still stupidly rooting for Rian and his knight. lol I don't really like the feeling that Rian's affection's seem to jump to any available pretty face - the Knight, then Kel, then the other fae. It's almost as if he's just willing to fall into a relationship with the first person who reciprocates, instead of their being a special connection. That's why I'm sort of stuck on what I thought was the original pairing. lol I'm still enjoying the story, though. I'm just trying - not too successfully - not to get attached to a particular pairing because I can't decipher your intentions! ;)
2/7/2010 c13 tmelange1
I definitely like this story, though I was really hoping for D'rian and Asahi as a pair. They make such a cute family, and I'm already vested in them as characters. lol Bravo!
2/7/2010 c2 tmelange1
Great beginning. This story has pulled me in... Bravo!
1/4/2010 c13 1Raiya-shi
Thanks for the update! Valan was so cute! hehehe
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