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6/11/2010 c6 32Jeannie-Redd
Ok so...

I'M DYING HERE WOMAN! It's been FOREVER since I've re-read any of these stories and now that I have the time I WANT MORE UPDATES! *sigh* We need a phone call and I need bragging rights instead of the Verizon lady. ;)


12/30/2009 c7 10Robyn Night
aw, poor Casper not being remembered by Ro! :'( I can't wait to hear more about these two- they've got to be my favorite of the group! :D Looks like the story's definitely starting to take off! I can't wait to read more! :D :D
12/30/2009 c7 smrae
great chapter girly! First thing I noticed was the tension between Fin and Lysander...just saying a feel a future pairing coming! love it!
12/30/2009 c7 Forever too lazy
YAY! You made my day/night/morning whatever this is. I'm happy now =D however as always I want more and can't wait for the next update. I still can't get over the "Stacey" reference. Cracks me up every time. Anywho, LOVE the update and all the lovely elf jokes. Miss you dearly

12/1/2009 c6 Fin
What no Author's Note? The Fuzzball's not the ONLY one who likes them you know... =P

I'm glad you finally updated and a liked the subtle changes. Seriously post more woman I'm dying here or at least give me a call sometime and hopefully I'll be able to answer and if not leave me a LONG message =D


12/1/2009 c4 11forever.unbroken
Before I finish reading this chapter -

it's trials. I before E. As in they trialed them before they killed them. You said trails more than once :)
11/29/2009 c5 19Hydie
w00t! I like!
11/20/2009 c5 still too lazy
YAY! I want more...! As much as I LOVE the original version of this story I'm loving the novel version even more. In answer to the question you asked me on facebook, NO! Kitty's name should remain since that's pretty much a canon thing for this story. Can't wait till you introduce the world..*sigh* I miss getting PHONE CALLS and BRAGGING RIGHTS! Anywho, WRITE WOMAN WRITE AND UPDATE ASAP

Mucho loves, hugs and stay away from drugs ;)

11/20/2009 c2 zeecrazyeggbloos
just started reading, figured i'd throw in a quick comment: it's really cool! i'm interested in the characters! i never read this is as a fanfic but it's kind of cool to try and spot the connections. haha.
11/16/2009 c4 Hydie
rofl. poison skin. Hey, this is really good! keep it up!
11/16/2009 c4 Too lazy to sign in again
YAY! Ok, so was it a typo when Casper calls Seth "TY" near the end when trying to get him to leave the room?

I'm seriously loving the new stuff you've put in here and can't wait for all the new twists and turns you've planned =D


Loves and mucho hugs

11/16/2009 c4 smrae
So someone found their muse! Love it you xmen freak haha It's a great plot and I like the characters can't wait to see what happens next!
11/13/2009 c3 rainbabie
Ro is like Rogue! Love this chapter! Can't wait for your next :)
11/13/2009 c3 smrae
And the plot thickens haha Ro is my favorite! lol so far at least. I'm excited to see what happens next! And who is this Ethan! Update soon girl
11/12/2009 c3 32Jeannie-Redd
YAY! It's funny even with the subtle changes applied to the story I still find myself remembering all the lovely details of the old story. Hehehe I like how you made E a "demon man" instead of a Canadian...I was wondering how you were going to remedy that. =D Still as always WONDERFUL UPDATE! now WRITE WOMAN WRITE AND UPDATE ASAP! =D I love you and miss you dearly and if you would ever call me back or answer your phone I can get bragging rights instead of the Verizon lady.


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