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5/9/2011 c6 CharlieTehUnicron
This is so good I'm gonna cry
11/18/2009 c4 3No reflection
I could answer his question 'yes Jesse you are crazy'.

And I think I am going crazy too, because did all that really happen, I mean with Mr Buttons? I am so confused. Please let me know.

Are you planning on carrying on this story or not? I think he should try to escape and fail a couple of times but once he is successfully out... um ran out of ideas. But if you do need any help with ideas contact me :)

Oh and please check out my story 'vengeance', thanks. XD
11/18/2009 c3 No reflection
Talk about psycho Dad! Nice touch with the flashback.
11/17/2009 c1 No reflection
This chapter was good, I liked it. Nothing tragic has ever happened to me but I could feel his pain, good work. I don't have time to read your other chapters at the moment but when I do, I will drop a review. :)
11/12/2009 c3 1Mask of Words
Such a well written piece. I so enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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