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for Guy, Interrupted

2/17/2016 c1 inactive0202
I really liked this story, you are an amazing author. Please keep writing., I need to know what happens next.
1/13/2016 c1 ioubnote
Please write a sequel. I love Liam.
5/30/2010 c1 102Kristen Wallen
That was so fucking hot! Great story! I think Liam liked it a little. And I think Rafe is an asshole. But, still, all in all, it was a really good story. :D
5/23/2010 c1 Late
Sorry I'm so late with this review, but I wanted to let you know, I found this somewhat interesting. Though I doubt you're going to continue it at this point...
12/11/2009 c1 Me.Want.Eat.You
D: Poor liam! I'd bitch slap Rafe fo'sures :L Can't waaiit for the next chapter(:
11/9/2009 c1 Wanabet
Can anyone say room change request? keep at it
11/7/2009 c1 25Esquirella
OMG! What will Liam do now that he's rooming with a rapist?

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