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10/6/2012 c16 3CurryBunChan
holy shit. first i find out i have schizophreniform disorder and now i cant finish this ah fucking mazing story cuz your dad doesnt like the fact that you love and write ah mazing gay stories. well fuck me sideways! someone needs to slap him and show him how many people are mad because you cant finish your stories:L *takes deep breath* ugh. id die if i couldnt write my gay smut, even though i have no computer to share em on. i hope when you move or get away from him you continue writing your stories, and if you already are then i feel fucking stupid and hope you ignore this rant
9/15/2010 c16 4Alexilaihorox
D: That is incredibly sad to hear! T_T I love this story so much! I hope everything works out(or has worked out) and maybe someday you can come back to us :D
5/25/2010 c16 1Ellesra
Aw. Then I guess it is no use checking your last story? Oh well. You were, and probably are, a brilliant writer. I hope you will have a chance to continue writing in the future, even if it will not be gay porn.


1/26/2010 c16 Chronically Creative
Can I just imagined that they lived happily ever after somehow. :(

(I was supposed to put that in my other review...but forget. So, hey, let's put it here.)
1/26/2010 c16 BansheePanda

Well shit. I wasn't exactly expecting this. Hell, I don't think any of us were. I don't think there's much I can say to tell you how much you'll be missed. You've been a good friend, an excellent writing companion, and a dedicated author and reviewer. I hope thing's work out with your friend, and your GPA gets back up there. (I know mine is pretty bad, atm. I have a .75 GPA. x_x)

I hope you can come back to us one day. We'll miss you. =[ *I'm* gonna miss you!

If you wanna keep in contact, you have my email. I'm always available to talk.

Take care, dis.
1/3/2010 c15 2Night's-Freedom

Will Chris admit to it cause I'm one of those "give ppl the benefit of the doubt" lunatics and as much as I want to COMPLETELY believe Gavin the fact he turns into a scarey shadow creature may be stopping me lol not tht I think anything should change, the story is WAY too awesome for me to even THINK of it being any different but I can't wait to find out what happens so I hope u can update soon!


Have a gd week!


x x x
1/1/2010 c15 BansheePanda
Wowza! That's some intense shit going on there! Extremely amazing chapter. Beautifully written, and the length was a bonus. ^.~ Tyvm for this update before I go back to school. Thing's don't seem so horribly boring in my life right now. =]
12/27/2009 c14 BansheePanda
Woo for the sexing! Awesome chapter and no big on what you call a late update. =D Still loving the boys. And I can't wait for the next chapter, even if it is an infodump, because it's fascinating, and I feel bad for your poor boys. =[
12/21/2009 c13 animebuddy
A part of me wonders why I didn't start reading this story earlier, but at the same time I'm glad I waited till now. All the stuff that's revealed in this chapter is like... oh my... just... AWESOME. This story is so freakin' epic and I adore your imagination. Gavin's situation is interesting. And Corey's a bit clueless, because Gavin seems pretty obvious with the dreams and the stuff that he can't tell (or I could just be really wrong). I'm excited to see where this story ends up. xD
12/15/2009 c13 BansheePanda
T^T I sad. I like Gavin, and I feel horrible that he's dead. Poor baby. [huggles Gavin and Corey] Poor, poor babies. =[

Good luck with your finals! Hope you're doing well. :3
12/15/2009 c13 cocorolla
*jizz* WOAH. JUST. WOAH. That's. *deep breath* *exhale* Awesome. xDD

12/9/2009 c1 acorn2oak
Great story! Very spooky, exciting!

This latest chapter's twisty cliffhanger is nail-biting...seriously.

Thank you
12/6/2009 c12 zoo-bie
Ah, I think I just had a minor heart attack. D: I should've seen that one coming. _"
12/5/2009 c12 cocorolla
...Nearly pissed myself at the end. O-O SO EXCITTEEDD FOR THE NEXT CHAPTTEERr har har. :3
12/5/2009 c12 BansheePanda





Shadow! Has a name ? !

Er, um... I don't really have anything to say about this chapter except WOW. Totally amazing. Totally, just... just TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS!

I wish I had something better than cookies to give you for this. 0.0
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