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for What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You

12/4/2009 c11 2Night's-Freedom

Aw man I love this story lol. I hope u can post another chappie soon cause I'm SO looking forward to finding out the solution to this mystery and I can feel it coming closer with every chappie :D EXCITED :D lol

Well, have a gd week!

I hope u can post soon!


x x x
12/4/2009 c11 BansheePanda
Yayness! Update! [feels guilty] I still haven't finished the update for WIM. Your productiveness makes me feel like a bad writer. =[

But I hope we get another update soon! I is very excited to find out what happens next! Love da Corey and his incubus shadow thingy!

Love for you! (And cookies!)
12/1/2009 c10 1Angelface.17
This story is Amazing! In fact your the first I ever reviewed. The stroy is so alluring I found myself reading the chapters again and again as if more words would pop on to the screen. It's very engaging, to the point were I'm screaming at Corey to do something.

Anywho great job. I hope you write more soon.
12/1/2009 c10 zoo-bie
I really s* at giving reviews, but I also really love this story, so I better keep the author happy~! ;3

And is this intense or what? I find myself completely caught in it, fascinated in some morbid way. The shadow (I really don't know what to call it) fills me with dread, I feel frozen with terror), but at the same time I feel like he/it draws me in. It's like he/it is pulling at me, compelling me to get closer.

And yeah, it's effin' hawt with all the smexin'. Nothing like sexual situation spiced with some fear.

Just my thoughts. ;3 Please keep up the good work with the story, you're doing a great job! And good luck with your paper. Try to survive.
11/30/2009 c10 2Night's-Freedom

Well, I'm thoroughly confused lol.

Oh I wanna know the answer to the mystery. This story is so awesome and unpredictable. I love it when u can't figure it out but I hope u manage to update Friday cause I SO wanna know the answer! lol not tht I expect the answer in the next chappie but I'll be one step closer nd tht's kwl by me :D

Well, have a gd week and gd luck with your paper!

Hope this review made u happy!


x x x
11/30/2009 c10 BansheePanda
o0 I'm sorry you have a paper due. They suck. BUT, tyvm for updating your stories for us. =D I'm really liking both of them. Obviously. And I will keep leaving you reviews, because that's what I do. xD I'm waiting for Friday. Good luck!
11/29/2009 c9 BansheePanda
o0o What a strange dream. Is the scary monster feeling sorry for his sweet? Or is this something new?

Oowah! I can't wait for the next update!
11/29/2009 c8 cocorolla
I like the creepy shadow. :3
11/29/2009 c8 BansheePanda
Lmao. I love it when charries get minds of their own. I still love he creepy shadow thing. I hope there is more sexing with it soon, even though that sounds really weird. xD

Thank you for the update. =3
11/27/2009 c7 BansheePanda
Yay! I will gladly share Corey. xD He is so lovely. And I really like this chapter, despite there being no sex. Lol. You're building suspense really well, and keeping me hooked. I look forward to the upcoming chapters. =]
11/25/2009 c6 Night's-Freedom

So, what do I think so far you ask? I think it's INCREDIBLE. The description's truley amazing, I love them, adds to the whole eeiry feel, it's perfect :D

I suppose all there's left for me to say after that is that I hope u can post again soon :)

Have a gd week!


x x x
11/24/2009 c6 BansheePanda
[checks limbs] [checks head] Everything seems to be in order. I guess that means I survived, right? xD

Another awesome chapter. Of course. Cookies for you. And lots of... I don't know what. But good things. Very good things. Because you're such an awesome writer and I love all of your work. Corey is still mine. xD

I demand more sexing! Pwease?
11/23/2009 c1 Night's-Freedom

Well, u are a VERY gd writer. Tis all I think I need to say :P

Have a gd week!

Off to read the rest now!


x x x
11/20/2009 c5 7thoughtlessminds
Interesting...you need longer chapters! :)
11/19/2009 c5 BansheePanda
D= Short chapter! Abused Corey! My poor baby!

D= D= D=

T-T I don't know if I can survive until Sunday...

[curls up in emo corner with thumb in mouth and cries]
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