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for What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You

11/19/2009 c4 7thoughtlessminds
It's good! Update soon!
11/19/2009 c4 BansheePanda
Wo! Love! And updates! Yay! Yay! You've made my day!


This story always makes me want to cry. It's so scary. I loves it!

And the new words! I love words!
11/15/2009 c3 BansheePanda
D= Oh my gods! This is seriously a scary piece! You write so well! I'm uber jealous of your horror-writing skills! Please bless me with your gifts, o great god of horror!

D= T-T

I ned more of this story. And of Materials Needed. I really really really ned more.

Loving the vocab lessons at the chapter heads. More more!


Er, the yay made no sense. But more please!

Please? You love me right? So more? Please?
11/9/2009 c2 BansheePanda
Ack! A totally wonderful chapter! Please update again soon, because I think I might love this story more than Materials Needed. T-T

[loves Corey]

11/9/2009 c2 25Esquirella
Intriguing start!
11/8/2009 c1 BansheePanda



That was...amazing! I can't wait to see where you take this! Because violence is freaking awesome and you are a wonderful writer.

More please?
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