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for Max's Global Warming Quest

6/22/2010 c8 2Serekei's dice
This was kind of sweet in a slanted kind of way. You engaged me with your unique imagination, a flea named 'Flea' and a friend...it's nice setup, reminds me of my recent childhood. Global warming...you put it in a way no one else could have thought of, especialy the prologue, that made me smile. Max and Flee...I was rooting for them. Then Max died and that made me sad =(

Otherwise I give you a total thumbs up for actualy completing a multi-chapter story, a feat I have sadly never managed to do. Congrats.
11/16/2009 c1 Catnip-Packet
Ooh...the prologue reminds me of the scene in 'Fire and Ice' where Leugy dumps all the crystals into the hole. I like all your stories but what do you keep saying 'sorry' for?

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