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10/6/2010 c3 marijee
Presley's family is close and they seem to love Chase too. I enjoy the way you write these characters.
10/6/2010 c1 marijee
Yay! Chase is here! Lookes like Presley's dad approves.

Oh and I liked the conversation with Tyler. Kids do worry about their parents and family dying...especially in a case like Presleys.

Well I was sad to see this was on hiatus. I do hope you finish it, but I will continue reading what you have.
3/13/2010 c10 chng234
i m so happy for them
3/12/2010 c10 1Kcoarra
I cant get over how cute they are together.
3/12/2010 c10 zoba20
aww what a cute chapter...i so hope they will be able to be pregnant.

thanx for updating
3/12/2010 c10 metallicdiamond
Theres no quotations so i'm pretty lost on whats a conversation and whats snippets of what is happening
2/23/2010 c9 3wispofair
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this story! I love it! The brothers' relationship is so dynamic and I just adore it. And Presley and Chase's relationship is so sweet even though they have so many issues to get through. I love this story and can't wait to read more.
2/19/2010 c9 zoba20
oh no i had suspicions that she really could have been pregnant and miscarried and i was right :(

but i'm glad that presley and chase talked things through and that wyatt and janie are together again.
2/18/2010 c9 1Kcoarra
It sucks that she lost the baby, but at least she is still in remission. I am so glad that Wyatt and Janie got back together I love them together. Great chapter cant wait to find out what else happens.
2/18/2010 c9 jenniesmith
Oh so sad, yet happy at the end. What a chapter! Love it! I can imagine that it was difficult to write but it came out beautifully!

Happy writing!


2/18/2010 c9 chng234
kinda feel sad for chase n presley. they lost their baby
2/16/2010 c8 jenniesmith
Holy crapolie! I am dying for a chapter... sorry, I know that has to be annoying!

This chapter literally leaves me shaking in my seat. I am so worried now. Amazing writing as always!


2/16/2010 c8 chng234
hope presley is fine
2/15/2010 c8 Kcoarra
I cant believe you left off like this. I want to know what happens so bad. Uh it is going to bug me now. Anyways its is still a great chapter.
2/15/2010 c8 lolitashoe
Possibly a miscarriage?
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