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1/7/2010 c10 Stretch19
i think the way you've jumped between the past and the present and the future with the story works well for the characters, like there's always some inspiration for at least one of them. only part i was disappointed with was there wasn't much of alex but i get the story is supposed be how they fall for each other. be interesting to see how you end it.
1/7/2010 c10 3disgusteddiscussion
I cried.

Harder this time I think.

Jeez, I'm a bawl-baby, but I was grinning the whole time. Still am grinning . . . I love this . . . I'm glad you're giving us an epilogue - I don't think I'm ready for it to over :)
1/5/2010 c9 28
hey hey another awesome installment:)

i really like how this story is actually really dark at times, and i don't know, i just feel that this let's us see other sides of the emotions displayed by the two characters :3

so keep up the awesome work \w
1/2/2010 c9 disgusteddiscussion
I cried.

I know that feeling - of thinking you're going to get something out of your system through creative channels and it just digs in deeper and then when you let it out there's noting left. But I'm so glad we got to see that Damon really does care - makes me happy.
1/2/2010 c9 42Catherine Julia Jefferson
Stunning chapter. Beautifully phrased. This particularly stood out:

"And, on the tracks of that thought, came the fear. For in that moment, I realized I had lost myself: not only had I surrendered my body to his, but also my soul. In that moment, I had laid my heart, soul and everything else that made me Leander at his feet. I was no longer Leander, I was Damon’s Leander. And I was scared."

And more, of course, but I'm too lazy to copy and paste all of my favorite parts.
1/2/2010 c9 Poptart Guava King
I really wish I'd heard that song.
1/2/2010 c9 anonymous
OOh I got chills reading this chapter. I can't it is almost to its end. Hopefully Leander doesn't stop playing his violin and now that I think about it, Damon is a bit of a romantic. Whoo!
12/31/2009 c8 3disgusteddiscussion
I honestly don't know what I want to happen . . . Sad it's almost over :(
12/30/2009 c8 anonymous
This story, though it may sound corny and cheesy, is profound. I love it, it is so heartbreaking and touching at the same time. You writing style is awesome and I can't seem to find any fault. I hope you continue to write this plot because I am hooked. Damon is so possessive and it is frustrating that Leander won't do anything about it. Help him. hehehehe
12/29/2009 c8 28
i really love this story:)good luck with finishing it, and i can't wait for the next chapters^_^
12/28/2009 c8 orenjibeat
What? It's almost to an end already? Nu... D= Well, love, s'been an awesome run so far and I doubt I'll be disappointed ;] /side note

Well...was I the only one who /didn't/ see this coming? I mean, wtf, where'd all this come from? lol. I thought maybe he was just being overly romantic, but this is way out where. If this turns into one of those abusive things, I think I'm gonna die, lol. Patiently awaiting your next update!
12/28/2009 c8 1LimeSmoothie
Um. Some people will hate me for this but Damon's a controlling douche :\ Leander deserves better (?)

No clue how this is going to resolve...
12/28/2009 c8 AWalkingWonder
I agree with Goldfrapp. Damon is way to controlling and Leander is always doing what he wants without a fight. Maybe in the next chapter he'll say no? o_o
12/28/2009 c8 42Catherine Julia Jefferson
Poor Alex!

Also, the title is definitely perfect for this story.
12/28/2009 c8 Hellogoodbyee
"who felt the need to baptize the sheets"

Haha, I love this line.

Leander is kind of pissing me off. He's letting Damon control him. It's bad! This isn't a healthy relationship... yet I love it. :D

Still have a feeling something bad is going to happen. Ah, I can't wait till the next chapter and yet I can because that means it's almost over. :(

Damon better say the three words. So excited!
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