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1/28/2010 c1 7AnnalizebethMadrid
Who'd have every thought that the lines "I'm horny" and "Me too" could be such an adorable end to a fic! This whole story was fantastic to read!
1/21/2010 c1 ghurl00
Jake is such a sweetie!=) Cute!
1/18/2010 c1 10Sabreal
This one-shot is amazing :)

You managed to encapsulate an entire story arc in one chapter...most people are unable to do that with ten times your word count.

And it didn't seem rushed at all...which makes it bootilicous and bonafide in my book! =]
1/9/2010 c1 forbidendreamer
luved hw u ended da story in 1 go...lukin 4ward 2 ur other stories..keep writin,btw i luv jake:D
12/21/2009 c1 5FaerieGirl17
I really loved your story! Jake is so sweet!
12/19/2009 c1 Michelle
Best story ever. Enjoyed every second of it.
12/17/2009 c1 2Aqualblue marine
i love dis one-shot its so adorable really! i love it thank u 4 sharing dis wth us :D
12/16/2009 c1 14Beautiful Destination
Love this story! The emotions are drawn out very well, and I'm glad it has a happy ending :) Great job!
12/11/2009 c1 k
really really loved it
12/3/2009 c1 1Demain Soir
I have nothing to say aside from that was amazing. Definitely being added to my favorites.
12/1/2009 c1 Jade
So amazing

Jake's such the perfect guy- a badboy who treats her right. Isn't that what everyone wants?

And on a smaller note, I love her name, too. Not many people use the name Maggie, although you'd think they would
11/29/2009 c1 8pattEcake
You have no IDEA how amazering that was! I swear, I was just like GRR, AWW, GRR, AWW, GRR, AWW on and off through the whole thing. Anyway, I really like it, and it's going on my favorites :D
11/29/2009 c1 DreamCatcher101
That was so cute!

I love the whole thing, and especially how you ended it! Great job!

Jake is my dream guy for sure! lol.
11/29/2009 c1 googoopanda
i absolutly loved it !
11/28/2009 c1 Lizzy11
okay i will be totally honest... this one shot deserves a thousand reviews... it is the most thorough one shot story i have ever read... please keep up the good work =D
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