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8/12/2013 c35 Evildoer
Honestly you last updated the day after your 17th birthday not many people are willing to wait over two years for an update they probably all forgot about this story, soooooo update soon
8/1/2013 c1 7E.Nelson
Add more detail to this chapter.
4/3/2011 c35 9bballgirl22
happy belated b-day! Update soon
3/13/2011 c5 Star'in'da'Sky
This story/Chapter is so suspenseful! i cant wait to read more!
2/2/2011 c34 2LDS Dreamer
I loved it! So cool!
2/1/2011 c33 Soonafter100
Couldn't log in for some reason, but I am Soonafter100..This chapter makes me really want and need answers, please post a new chapter soon, i love this and want to hear more!
1/17/2011 c32 LDS Dreamer
Okay, Aiden is starting to freak me out.
1/16/2011 c32 2Soonafter100
WTF? What going on? Okay...ME need next chapter...ME NEED ANSWERS...PLZ post SOON!
1/9/2011 c31 2LDS Dreamer
I have to ask, is she Andromenda?
1/8/2011 c31 2Soonafter100
It not a lame ending...I have like a thousand quesions burning in my mind (That is something u want the readers to have) (cliffhanger)...I want to know, Is Aiden hiding something deeper? Who is the true villan? Was that girl that texted her about Aiden telling the truth? What is what I think is going on is a set up? Or is it like it says it is? I can't seem to get answers, the only way is to keep reading this story, and believe me when I say, I AM GOING TO KEEP ON READING THIS!:)
1/8/2011 c30 2LDS Dreamer
OH Wow. Scary much?
1/7/2011 c30 2Soonafter100
Hum, I am so like, in shock, I am finding out that I hate cliffhangers, my stomach is all in nots...I am like WHAT GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?...I am SO SO SO SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER...Hopefully some answers will be known.
1/7/2011 c29 Soonafter100
I just keep on getting MORE and MORE excited about this story!...Love this new chapter!...so on ends for the next chapter!:)
1/7/2011 c28 Soonafter100
I read this story, and I LOVE IT, can't wait for the next chapter!
1/6/2011 c27 2LDS Dreamer
Were you going to update this? Or was this really the end? 'Cause if it is, I want to know what happened. (Awesome story By the Way).
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