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10/27/2016 c4 James B
How does somebody write this far into a story and then abandon it? I want to know what happens to these people.
12/23/2010 c4 skywiseskychan
Well, I like it. Clearly it gives away a little bit of the metaplot from your other stories but is fine otherwise. I'm not sure yet what you mean by calling it a grandfather axe story, unless either the main character is in fact Sam's grandson, or, the Sam you refer to being smothered was in fact Sam Axe. Anyway, I'll definitely keep reading this as well.
2/9/2010 c4 vanicent
Awesome so far, the characters are well fleshed out and the pace is a good fit as well. Can't wait for more.
12/18/2009 c1 37I am Lyhegnot
This chapter reminds me strongly of a book I read once, I think it was called Friday, (pretend thats italicized) I was wondering if you had read the book or if it was just coincidence. Other than that great job!
12/4/2009 c1 stormbringer951
Hey. An interesting little story, as far as I can tell. The cybers and gens of Gen13 in the far future? Is this the same universe as your Gen13 fanfiction, or is this a possible / alternate one. It's certainly interesting, and I'll see where it goes
12/3/2009 c1 AJ.Abby
This future of 2069 containing a cautionary cyber sisterhood is looking very interesting.

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