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5/3/2012 c5 26PermanentNewGirl
The ending was a little rushed i thought but otherwise great
1/2/2010 c5 pixilated

Personally I really liked the concept and wished you had dragged it out and made it into a full fleshed story that was twice as long. I just don't feel five chapters did it justice, it must have been fun to write though.
1/2/2010 c4 emotionsareoverrated
haha. cant wait till next chapter
1/2/2010 c5 MegGrayson
I love it! I kinda really really wish you would continue it...i love the concept...please? Is there any point in beggin? haha. good story, even if you dont continue
1/1/2010 c2 5CuriousContradiction
Chapter 1:

I really like the title. It's short and simple, but still very intriguing. Beginning was cool too. It was a normal image but made me want to keep on reading. I'm not a huge fan of physical description all crammed at the beginning of the first chapter, but I did like how their images and clothing choices seem to match their personalities. It would just be nice to see it scattered throughout the chapter more, that's all. The image of the two girls running away from these Goth kids made me smile (because I'm weird like that, okay?) The ending was unexpected too. But hey, I guess it worked!

Chapter 2:

Oh dang. Mr. Death Metal makes another appearance.

Chapter 3:

I thought the Dare rules were hilarious. Nice work informing the readers without being too historical.

Chapter 4:

I feel like things did move a little quickly, but the whole argument, especially Suz's rant/confession, was well-written. It was silly-angry, haha (definitely confirmed your category of this story: humor). Oh Suz... don't throw it away like that. I believe you will make a happy ending though. :)
1/1/2010 c3 truebleu
I am attached to this story.

How long will it be?

12/31/2009 c3 MegGrayson
Awesome chapter! can't wait for the rest. I really love the story line youve kept up and the order in which you present. Way to go!
12/14/2009 c2 FullOfQuestions
I like it. But I'm a bit confused :)
12/1/2009 c1 MegGrayson
ha! i loved it!

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